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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Business Thursday: Income from piracy!

As a New Year Resolution, on every Thursday there will be no ideas or theories, just simple business ideas that you can implement. For today I have two, neither of them is completely safe, they need some pirate blood in your veins to work.

The first is the pirate version of the good old jetcan bot mining. In the original version you run bots with Hulks filling jetcans that you collect. You shouldn't do that, botting is against the EULA. It also leads you to be suicide ganked by the Knights of the New Order. Do the pirate version instead! In this version bots of other people fill jetcans that you 1 day old alt flips. Then your main, fleeted with the alt (or partner) tractor beam the cans into the Orca and fly away with the booty. I managed to "mine" with 150M/hour in Outuni Ice field due to the 100+ botters polluting that place. The flipping mechanic was changed, you can't put anything into hostile cans. But your can take from them to your own jetcan. You need to set the safety to yellow (on the flipper, not the Orca) and others can shoot at you as you are a suspect. Use a cheap frig or noobship with a zero-skill alt. If you can't fly Orca, you can use a standard industrial or a Noctis+Freighter combo.

The second pirate business needs a real pirate partner. I cooperated with the Blood Raiders, the Guristas are just as good, I can't talk about Angels, Serpentis and Sanshas but probably they are cooperative too. Besides having a rich lore and the tendency to kill TEST botters (and sometimes even honest ratters) faster than Pizza could ever do, these wonderful beings have a perk: Drug Manufacturing. No, I don't mean to manufacture them like a real pirate would, I mean the skillbook named "Drug Manufacturing". It's sold by our friends for 20M each. It's sold in Jita for 26. In the other hubs 28-30. So if you are living nearby any of these pirates or dare to venture in their space or have a good wormhole connection then go to their stations, buy their books and haul it to highsec. I made 2-3B every month while being in TEST doing this. I collected the books with a covops frig and hauled to K6 myself where the TEST JF services got these to Amarr or Jita for mere 5% cost (Hi, Dovi and others!) where I could sell them for 25-50% profit. Since I'm no longer in TEST, the business is all yours!

In yesterday's post I replaced one table with a chart and recognized the importance that there are not just "ganked PvE-ers and PvP-ers", but there are "average" people in the middle. Using this the outcome became much less offensive to WH PvP-ers. While the ruthless hunters are a minority, the average people, who are not "carebears" are in large supply in WHs. Also removed the last table since the CCP data was for accounts and mine for pilots so same-account pilots compromised it.


Anonymous said...

it's even more hilarious when you do it to someone that's not afk.

Anonymous said...

Can the miner attack your main's ship too or just the 1-day alt?

Gevlon said...

Just the alt. The main is no suspect.

Agent Trask said...

Hmmmm ... Can the hobo alt sell his kill rights to the Order if the nasty miners kill his shiny Newbship for flipping their cans?

Anonymous said...

Do you need to flip the contents of the miner's can into your own can, or can you tractor the miner's can right into your orca?