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Friday, April 13, 2012

Proof that World of Tanks is rigged

Update: due to the undying interest in the topic, I did a more serious research in the topic, read that instead!

I wrote that I have the hunch of World of Tanks being a rigged game, where via matchmaking, tinkering with penetration (and probably hit) chances and damage numbers the developers guarantee that everyone remains close to the average in terms of kills and wins, so no one quits either because of "too easy", nor "im pwned by nolifers lol".

The title is misleading because I still don't (and can't) have a real proof. What I have is something that very much correlate to my theory and has one alternative explanation only: that I'm one of the very best players of the World (which is unlikely). My girlfriend and me started new accounts. No money was paid and we only play with Marder II (and to reach it, Ltractor and PzJager I). The idea is that the Marder II has 128mm penetration, therefore it can penetrate everything it can face if the match is unrigged and even if its penetration is halved, still can penetrate everything but T5 heavy front armor. Its gun dispersion is small and and the minimum shell damage is OK too. So unless the rigging is extreme, like more than 50%, it can stand up to anything the matchmaker can provide. So the Marder II can ignore rigging and has the results that an unrigged match would provide.

What results am I talking about? This:

Yes, top 5 reached with a tank that can't be stealth-nerfed. And the matches were weird too. They mostly started by 6-8 tanks on our side dead in 3 minutes. I guess they were the average players who were near 50% win and "deserved" a loss. They had no chance against the enemy average players due to decreased penetration, hit and damage. Then the enemy started to die, since the remaining of our team (besides AFK-ers, bots and leeches hiding in the corner) were also good players who were placed to the team for a loss. I often saw awesome play, not just from my girlfriend and me, but from random teammates.

The ultimate proof would be to start buying gold ammo and play with top tier tanks showing that the same results are reachable if they can't nerf you to the level of average players. However I'm definitely not in the mood of giving money to this company.

This game could be awesome if it would be fair. But now it's just annoying that we have to carry AFK-ers, idiots, griefers and suffer undeserved losses to allow the terrible players to enjoy undeserved victories. I understand that to be successful, the game must allow bad players to play. However there is a simple way for that: rating system. Everyone is matched according to his rating, bads against bads, goods against goods. This way everyone would have around 50% win rate. Of course the XP and credit rewards must be higher on high rating and it won't be loved by bad players. So we have to somehow force the company to make the game fair and to prove it by providing detailed combat log.

How can we force them? By having a Marder-strike! Let them know that you want a fair game by playing exclusively on a Marder II! It is already extremely fun, but if other good players enter the T3-5 arena, it will be real good fight. Totally free, as a Marder II can easily provide enough credits to pay for repairs, ammo, consumables, even upgrades like camo net and oculars. This way they both see that we love their game and that they won't see a penny from us until they fix it. Strike!

EVE Business report: Friday morning 8.0B (0.1B gifts 3 PLEX behind for second account, 0.1B spent on Titan project).

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energybomb said...

you, sir, just started a shitstorm of first order.

I am actually quite impressed. What you just did is....enormous.

Hope people catch on to this. The future is very very interesting. My money goes that this will get an official company response.

Anonymous said...

I don't quite see who would benefit from a change. The players seem to love the current system. It is a third the age of EVE and how no pve yet it has grown to be dramatically larger player base than EVE.

If they could more clearly point out who the bad players are so that each moth the worst 5% could drift away, then it seems like they get less money and the players get less content.

MrStrange said...

Seems to me your analytical data is not sufficient to make this kind of conclusion.

I can find some big flaws in your arguments :
- Win rate of the marder 2 : Simplest explanation is that the marder 2 is a very good tank for it's tier. Its actually pretty popular and in the hands of an experienced player sticking to low tiers (high proportion of newbies), can pull extraordinary results.

- Variation of the hit/penetration rate of your T9 TD. This one is actually very strong, but I'm guessing you have a very small pool of results. As you are facing very differents ennemies each time, you need a high number of matches to confirm the trend.

- Impact of a good player on a match, based on your wow experience. In WoW, an experiences arena pvper has three times as many hit points and at least twice the DPS of random joe. Plus god-like resilience. He's the Maus in the tier 2 battle. in WOT, the best pvper in a random match has the exact same tools as the rest of the team. Even if he is very good, he will still suffer from the limitations of his team mates and bad luck. The wow pvper can take half the ennemy team on his own.

Fawr said...

Are you sure that you aren't just seeing the matchmaking system take its time to work out that your new tanks are really being run by someone experienced?

Just like an experienced team of Wow gladiators suddenly switching to alts would have a really good win ratio until the matchmaking system worked out how good they really were.

Peter Petermann said...

totally going to play marder II this weekend =)

Anonymous said...

well, keep in mind that is one rating, of many. win/loss is a stat that is quite meaningless when compared to the rest of them. when playing the low tiers, it is full of people who are just learning the game.
the game is very successful with team play, so if you and your girlfriend were teaming up, its very easy to rack up a win rate like you have.
you will not have a win rate like that with tier 6's and up.
by tier 8, well over 50% of the player base has a fair grip on how to play.

Frostys said...

The marder was voted on the forum for tank must likely to solo an enemy team so it is indeed the best choice for this experiment but you are still wrong imo. More and more "wtf no pen shot" claimend by players are being explained by good player on the forum on a daily basis and the integration of game replay recording made it even easyer as people can see what happened and apply game mecanic to the event.

Kelindia said...

For those that thing his win percent will go down you are likely wrong. With the recent patch changes there are new skills and perks available that would dramatically increase his win percentage. Things like having your commander tell you when you are spotted is huge in a marder for when a bunch of KV's are rolling towards your base at high health. There's also another gunner perk that allows your AP round shots to have increased chances of modular and crew damage which is huge against M22 locusts who can be very hard to hit and may light you up to arty.

I expect if he continues to play that his win percentage will only go up. What would be interesting would be to see how high that percentage would be if he did pay for all the possible advantages. He could run a platoon of three marders. Gaining 50% more experience would get you ther perks I listed above so much faster

Anonymous said...

Each side has to bring newbies and good players together. The good players have to carry the newbies and afkers. That's the only way to create a 50% team win ratio. Of course, that's why hardcore players talk about the survival rate as victory, not just simple team victory. So that your survival rate of 62% is really your ability, and your victory of 84% is the aggregate of the team's ability. The newbie contribute towards 22% of your 84% victory. That means your team without you have a win rate of only 22%. Without you to carry the newbie to boost their team win rate to 50%, then the noobs will quit the game.

Xenoph said...

>And the matches were weird too. They mostly started by 6-8 tanks on our side dead in 3 minutes. I guess they were the average players who were near 50% win and "deserved" a loss.

So you're saying that these players died not because they were stupid to rush out and get shot but because they were destined to be losing?

Bullshit, especially in lower tiers. There is much more to WoT than just penetration values.
It's about map tactics and critical decisions in certain situations a battle makes you face. (Also he doesn't seem to know about weakspots.)

If you're stupid, you will be stupid with well penetrating gold ammo too. Rigging penetration values only alters one aspect of many in a battle.

Gevlon said...

@Xenoph: and don't you think that in half of the matches the enemy should have lost half team in 3 mins? Why "always" us?

Anonymous said...

If this proves anything it would be that Marder II is less overpowered than T1 Cunningham which is used to gain 95% win ratio. ;)
For me it proves only that playing in platoons in low tier battles gives you more advantage than later on.
Did you try doing this in less powered vehicle? I think results will be very close.

Anonymous said...

Did you saw the shitstorm started on their EU official forums when someone posted a link to your first arthicle ?

The thread is here

Aureon said...

League of Legends has hidden rating-based matchmaking.
Not hard to implement.

Anonymous said...

RedTide platoon stays at the top of victory rate. Did they stop playing to stay at the top of the victory/battle ratio?

scotth said...

Maybe the game is rigged, and maybe it isn't. The arguments and 'data' presented require ignoring too many variables, and a number of leaps of faith to support your hypothesis.

However, this study does reinforce the hypothesis that players tend to attribute high win ratios to their own skill, and low win ratios to external factors beyond their control.

Kristophr said...

Looks like the folks at WoT fixed it.

Marder IIs now get shoved into upper tier fights.

Anonymous said...

I'll confirm that the game is rigged exactly as Goblin describes. I've noticed the exact same symptoms he has described regardless of what tank I play. I recall being 20 games over 50% and then I ended up losing 20 games in a row until I hit 50% again and guess what started winning again until I get slightly ahead then a big losing streak all over again. Examining the game play I notice that when I'm far ahead of break even my shots bounce, miss, richochet more often. My IS8 gets 1 shotted regularly, I've seen opponent's tanks destroyed only to come back to life, and seen my tanks take mysterious damage until death. The last one I've seen a few times where I will be sitting behind cover far away from other tanks then next thing you know I get messages like my track is hit, we're damaged, and crap. But all the while I took no shots from anything. No hits, explosions, near explosions, dings, or anything. The tank literally fell apart before my eyes without taking a single hit. The other thing I noticed is that when I fall under 50% I play superb games. I'm taking and making shots that shouldn't be hitting or doing damage. I'm doing 50% damage to the frontal armor of a Maus in my Patton, miracle shots like getting someone at 700 meters and one shotting them somehow, or ammo racking someone as they're driving by through a 1 inch crack. If you pay really close attention everyone will notice these and they occur in a pattern and on a frequency that is impossible to ignore. As I'm writing this I was 47 games over 50%. Guess what... for some reason the other side always kills first and wipes out half my team before we even get 1 kill. And now I'm only 35 to games over. That's right 12 losses in a row, one of my tanks died mysteriously again, most of my shots miss, bounce, or richochet. And the other team seems to be able to destroy my tier 8-10's in about 2-3 hits in every game. Hits to the track takes half my life, while my hits to other people's tracks do 0 damage. I even bounced 4 times off a M7 priest with my Patton.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the voodoo that there are hot and cold streaks in sports, win /lose, hitting, free throws etc.

Streaks happen. Collect the data and see if your "winning and losing streaks" occure more or less than what would be statistically expected.

For example if you are an average player (50th percentile) then:

The probability of consecutive wins/losses is:

streak chance of occurring
2 .50^2=25.00% 1 in 4
3 .50^3=12.50% 1 in 8
4 .50^4= 6.25% 1 in 16
5 .50^5= 3.125% 1 in 32
10 .50^10=0.0977% 1 in 1024
20 .50^20=0.0001% 1 in 1048576

If you played 32 "sets" of 5 battles (160 total battles) you would statistically expect 1 streak of 5 wins or losses.

Show me the data!

Anonymous said...

I simply can't agree or disagree to this speculation.....what I have seen is that by changing tanks as soon as the losing streak starts i.e. 3 matches, I get a lot more winning than losing on a regular basis. And from the original description, the marder 2 even with gold can bounce when hitting at extreme angles to relatively weak armour. Add this to the dispersion to the top gun means that at long range you simply cannot pick a weak spot or even a flat surface, you may hit a 30mm side at 2 or 3 degrees, it will just skip off and not pen.

Anonymous said...

I always bounce rounds off the M7, ALWAYS. It does not matter what angle i shoot the bloody thing on the first shot will always bounce. And bouncing kill shots happen all the time!!! My best kill tally in one match is 9. I have missed out on ten kills many many many times as my rounds will just bounce of my 10th 11th or 12th target. The worst was sitting on 9 kills and shooting five times at at T57 side on at 200 mtrs in the open. Miss bounce miss bounce bounce... How exactly does a 76mm projectile fail to pen 10mm armor? What did i have, a spud gun? Played over 1000 matchs in my marder. hate the nerf by the 7.5 patch. And convinced the game needs "adjusting".

Anonymous said...

WoT is rigged big time.

I played 2 months and paid 70 euros on goods.

Never ever did my win chanse increase. Always 51% winnings and 49% loses.

Moment i had some wins i would end up with total morrons next 10 games which would be lost then.

This game is nothing else but Russian Communism. No one will be special. No matter how good you are you end up with 50%. Would you play a game which forces you to lose 50% of the games ? While a 5 year old kid that plays WoT also wins and loses 50% of the games.

No matter how good you are. If you would be a top 1% gamer in World Of Warcraft. In WoT you always be a 50%.

Anonymous said...

Last Anonymous is just Bad@tanks.

Have now got 1.5k games on the NA server. Running at 64% win rate with avg exp of 816. (Freshmeatiest)

I use tier 7-8 heavies mainly (with my T29 at a 73% WR). I have not found any bias in the system to make me lose.

A lot of the previous good points by Gevlon are now redundant, as you can buy Gold rounds with Credits (though at an inflated price).

I can buy an extra penetration shell for the T29 at 4k credits. I will lose money using them, but am happy for that when I face a Tier 9 tank (this is a tank two levels higher than my own, the max I can face in this tank).

Good application of the mechanics of the game (use of cover and hulldown positions are the biggest) will keep you winning.

Being unable to check your map, driving into known firelanes when no red dots are around and staying still with no arty cover will account for most people losing and blaming the game.

Anonymous said...


sometimes i am a real sniper. It is not important if an enemy stays 100 or 350m away from me. 4 from 5 shells hit.
Five games later with the same vehicle, on the same map it seems as if I forget what I learned. 4 from 5 shells flies everywhere but not to goal.

Its random, ofcourse, but why is it per game and not per shot.

Anonymous said...

nearly having 2 tier x's i have noticed that my shots may do 50-75% of the damage stated the shells can do yet i'll be hit all the time at 100% damage from the enemy tank.
the game feels stale in that whatever tank im in chances are it will die on 4th shot received, is7, ferdi, m103 lights etc.

every time the game has been updated something gets worse and at the moment it is 0% damage hits.

just make the game fair, if anything maybe add the average efficiency of the teams combined because so often you see a 15-2 victory unless the game is full of bots?

so many times as arty you see tanks stop pixel perfect for cover.

something to look for when you are 1 on 1... see if you die with 1 block of the reload to go :)

Locust said...

Game is rigged? No.
What it does is mitigate skill level in two places:

1)Randomness of shots/penetration/module damage. You can't shoot more accurately than your gun allows. You can miss, bounce or not light up the engine regardless of skill level.

2) In a random battle you're just 1 dude in a team of 14. No matter how good you are you can only pull so much weight in the match.

3) Your impact on the battle can be further lessened/increased if you're in a lower tier tank facing higher tiers or vice versa. Which is also random.

In other words the game does a fine job of making everyone more or less equal in the long run. And it's legit.

With these three in place you'll always end up in the 46-55% range unless you play in a strong group of 3 all the time. And even that won't help that much.

Rigging the game would just be too complicated, and unnecessary since Wargamimg get the same results with plain and simple probability and statistics math. It would also be crazily risky if shit hits the fan.

tl;dr game is designed so you can't be the hero all the time in random battles, in the long run all players perform roughly the same. You can't have your "I'm superior and you're all scrubs" shit there so deal with it or better yet - quit as you did :)

PS. However this means that team strategy and coordination can have a huge lasting impact on the game and mitigate randomness, so it sounds like Clan Wars are the place to be. You just have to be the team commander and play an RTS, not a grunt driving just one tank :)

PS2. Girl playing WOT, good for you, sir!

Anonymous said...

Haven't all of you thought that it was rigged not in the sense you say it is but by a closed group of bullshit "pro" players, minions of WG, and they will lose or win a match depending on their whims.

Its like corrupt politics in real life where the ones who get the high win ratio are the "popular" people. I bet the ones with high win rate are either:
1)one of their "pro" minions.
2)a new account that they're trying to make "feel good" so that you will think "this is fun I get more wins than loses" I think I'm gonna waste my money on this shit.
3)someone "important/useful" that they want to "feel good" about the game. (ie. media, etc...)

Haven't you noticed many times that its a won match and still the opposing enemy won by some obvious throw away? or that your win is much too easy at other times when you did not even do a thing? (now that they know this they could make steps telling their "minions" to make it "not so obvious" make it "look" as real as possible.

An example was a game I had where my tank got destroyed early so I spectated the game. It came down to 3 vs. 1. The team I was on should win it 3 tanks with at least 89% health (IS, Pz IV and Grille) the sole enemy was an IS at 3% (three percent!) health. To make a long story short it was obviously a "thrown" match to troll people, "maybe" specifically me. I still feel a headache when I think about it.

There are many examples and I had them on replay but haven't you also noticed their old replays can't be used once they patch? Now they will reason - "replay or it never happened". I think its intentional that old replays are unusable once they patch so people wont have proof its all a sham.

Also all these random IGNs who seem to know everything and other times are as dumb as shit, which are in reality multiple/troll accounts of WG "pro" minions, and when they use there "main" accounts - that usually have clan tags belonging to popular clans they just mop the opposition like its a foregone conclusion that they would win?

Its all a show. Haven't you noticed random igns, supposedly "noob" accounts always say "hollywood"? they could even track your IP address so they know its you.

Its all a farce, especially at their SEA server where they have all these sadistic corrupt minded monkey minions making it too obvious (maybe they don't get paid enough to eat shit).

They make it easy in the low tiers so that people would think "I could be good at this" and you shell out hard earned money but then after you spent and they don't like you in whatever way then starts the trolling (ie. TKs but worst: thrown away games)

You suddenly wonder why your in an "unnatural" losing streak and of course you feel depressed. "They" could be hinting you should buy a premium account so you could platoon with some of their "pro" minions. Use "gold" rounds or join powerful clans that are for sure "company" minions.

But then its all bullshit since they control who wins and who loses and they don't care coz these "pro" minions are using their junk accounts when they play to lose (maybe 95% of the time to make it not so obvious)

So now your thinking - well then lets be "friends" with these "minions" so we could have a nice winning record and maybe become one of THEM! well go ahead and try but then that would be just bullshit and wheres the fairness in that?

The game is great but as in many things it seems that greed, politics, sadistic tendencies and corrupt elements, etc... always take over. Maybe after they read this they're gonna make some changes to make "the show" "less obvious".

Anyway, you can ALWAYS play it for FREE so you won't think "WHAT A WASTE" if and when you get trolled.

Anonymous said...

I play only Marder II. I couldn't agree more with rigging accusation . But most of the rigging comes from match making.
If the game was fair after large number of games with a same tank your tank would be ranked as 8th on average. After 200 games that I wrote down my mean rank was 10.5 with a standard deviation of 3.6.
Tell me that is not rigged game please.

Minigin said...

this is ridiculous. this game is not rigged, each gun has variation in its accuracy and pen ranges.

this means that while more often than not you will pen soft spots on tanks, every now and then you will bounce even off very weak spots of armor. this usually will happen if the tank is at an angle which makes a bounce likely but it is certainly not limited to this.

more than this im sick of people making conspiracy theories as to why they are bad at high tier tanks.

its very simple. there are a bunch of us running around who know the game a lot better than you do and we dominate those tiers regardless of how bad our team mates are.

if you arnt well above average your w/r in high tiers will naturally suffer because there is a slight imbalance in terms of competent (or i should say mildly competent) players in higher tiers.

if you play nothing but t2 then yes you should mop the floor with people because you are mostly playing against new players or bads.

im sick of people who come to high tier matches spectate me and pass judgment on how im playing and when you look at their stats they feel entitled to their opinions because they have a 70% w/r in their ms1 after 500 matches and a 45% w/r in anything higher than a t7.

well guess what. its not the same game at high tiers. stop spouting conspiracies and learn the mechanics of the game. its not hard.

Anonymous said...

Wot is far from communism bro. Its a product of capitalism in
good and bad.

kivanen said...

I hope that you don´t have right, because that would decrease my plying motivation radically.
But I have seen some strange things happen, although I haven`t suspected anything this far.
Sometimes it seems that teems are not even. One time our team had three or four tier 3 tank and other team no one. One time tier 3-5 fight other had least one heavy tank KV-1, we had no unless we count vickers lll(lol). One time I shot (with vk3001p, 88mm) to T-50 which had 1% left, nothing happened?! One time I shot with KV-1 another KV-1 long range, it lost 50% by two shots, later i met same kv-1, which had now left 4 % of life, I shot 7 times to turret and to side hull and nothing happened, it still had 4% left. Very often my team is in couple of minutes in situation 2-14 or something like that. My winning rate with KV-1 and PK3001p was about 55% after about 250 battles. Now (after about 280 battles)it has moved to 48 with PK and to 51 with KV and it has been much more difficult to be on the winning side with my other tanks, on the other words my(our) team has lost 70-90 % about battles.
These were my not so scientifical(subjective) observations.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to look at my team score to know if we are going to lose. If I miss some easy shots, such as fully aimed and the shell hits the ground then I know MM has nerfed my team to lose. Vice versa for a win. This happens at least 95% of the time.

Von Tyrconnell said...

Only been playing about two weeks, and I know all about the difference in armour etc., but the game does feel a bit like online poker, there's a spooky feeling that all is not evenly matched. Of course it's rigged.

Anonymous said...

I found this post because I have been noticing the same things. I have seen patterns in the game for some time now. Some days I win almost every match. I will one hit tanks at full health and finish with 8 destroyed tanks. Other days I will be up against the very same tanks and I am doing 20 or 30 damage and missing most of the shots. There is no way I could be randomly loosing by a land slide for 5 hours strait one day and winning all day by a land slide the next day. I have also been looking at other peoples stats and have noticed they are having the same thing happen.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what all the fuss is about... even if you join a battle but do nothing at all, it will still be a 14 vs 15 battle, so your chances of winning are still pretty close to 50% even if you have zero skill. (roughly speaking, I'd say the chance would be about 14/(14+15)=48%)

Note also that the average win rate of every player combined has to be 50%. So someone with a high win rate has to be "compensated" by people with a low win rate. This could be one person with a very low win rate, but that is unlikely because of what I said above. More likely is that this one high win rate person is compensated by MANY 48% win rate people (because you can't get much lower than 48%). So my guess is that there are a very large number of players with a win rate slighly below 50%, and all of these are "close to" 50%. And that's why most people are close to 50%.

Anonymous said...

no its not MM or RNG, its "traitors" in your team. This can be done in different ways using alt/troll/junk accounts.

How would you know that 1 or even several players in your team were playing from the same place as some players in the opposing team? That they already agreed upon which team wins and which team loses.

Haven't you noticed that some players in your team just DO THEIR BEST TO LOSE. These are power tripping assholes, especially in SEA server, those corrupt pieces of shet monkeys who try to manipulate supposedly "random" games.

Thats where platooning can help vs playing alone coz your up against not just the opposing team but also "traitors" in your own team. Its bad if your playing alone and the odds are stacked against you since your up against smthing organized.

Try playing an account solo and never have "friends". Be as low profile as possible and you will notice some "bizarre" things like why is it that when your tank is stock your win rate is high but then you fully research the tank and now its hard to win in it - its not just "luck". Somehow these pieces of shets are manipulating this game to suit "individuals". Yes its not MM or RNG its a mafia of sadistic/manipulative assholes.

So fuck them and their game I hope they all starve to death.

Unknown said...

I find the whole argumentation to be self-defeating. If anything, you proved that there is NO rigging. After all, that rigging should have tried to keep you down to 50% too, not just the rest of your team. By achieving a far above average result you demonstrated that there is no such mechanism that holds you back. You speculated that those good players in your team were there to be dragged down with a loss. Yet you most often managed to pull off a win despite of this. This directly contradicts the thesis that you were supposed to lose. Either there is no rigging, or it is ineffective - demonstrated by your example.

Half of one team dying early is normal in the dynamics of a low tier game. Subsequently a few remaining good players can often turn the tide.

Here are my girlfriend's statistics:
She has no background whatsoever in FPS games, yet with a bit of tactical assistance (me sitting next to her giving advice) she easily achieved 67% win rate in her low tier matches. It even exceeded 70% at some times.

Anonymous said...

Seems legit.Reached tier X(while paying-cant reach it without)and started a new account playing only tier 1-2.That't it.I regret giving money to this bullshit and above all it started like a fun free to play game and after progressing it only makes you anxious and poor.I was nostalgic of the good times of fun i had playing in low tiers and then magically WG started exploiting my addiction to a fine game by making me pay to win or even progress struggling.

Anonymous said...

There is definitely some sort of team unbalance mechanic in matchmaking.

I'm either on a godlike win streak or a losing streak from hell.

I have also noticed that if I play between the hours of 3am to 7am EST that my W/L goes up dramatically.

Why? My theory, based on what I observer through XVM during streaks, is that MM seems to place CW folk with other CW folk on one team. The other team is usually made up of scrubs.

When calculating the probability of consistent 20 win or loss streaks I would think that the probability is in the millions.

With so much of the player base all experiencing the same things then it can no longer be attributed to random occurrence and must be attributed to mechanics.

MM aside, my friends and I have also noticed what seems to be a performance nerf/boost cycle. This seems to be based on previous recent performance.

All in all the MM system is WOT is garbage. Maybe it's exactly what WG wanted but as a player who's generally dominant in all video games I don't like it.

I don't like the idea of my fate being pre-determined by a garbage system that's designed to boost the ego's of garbage players.

People troll these kind of topics on forums because they are those exact people. Or they reside within a clan who engages in a lot of CW and aren't typically subjected to being stuck with the bad teams.

Whatever the case may be i've experienced both ends of the spectrum. At one point I had a 57% W/L... left the clan and stopped with CW and now i'm sticking at 50%.

Ciocan said...

I have the real profs: screenshot and game recording.
What are chance to win that game? Zero...
I have a recording, but i am to lazy to upload, my hummel shots outside the target and some shoots i even don't see where are hit... They are outside of the screen...
Another observation is that after my premium is ended i start to shoot very bad: missing target, ricochet, penetration without damage...

Anonymous said...

I also agree, WoT is rigged in many ways.

From my experience, the teams must not be rigged. WoT has a large idiotic playerbase (mostly children and old cunts).

I think there are 3 default setups for your tank before the match starts:

--> Normal, which means you do average damage and average penetration, your gun hits average, probably your armor bounces average

--> Bad, which means your gun does very little damage, penetration is down by maybe 25%, you experience ridicolous bounces and misses. Your tank will be set on fire by every shot, no matter where the enemy hits you. This game is set to be lost.

--> Good, which means your gun does above average damage and penetrates very well. Your tank bounces most ridicolous shots, your guns hits most ridicolous shots for full damage. You set enemies on fire, crits, etc.

After all, i need to say that even with the "good" setup your team can loose a round, there are several reasons for this (like suiciding, afks, clever enemies) and the opposite.

One more point is funny: I don't read here many comments against that rigging-theory, most do agree. On the other side, when such a topic is posted on the WoT forums, one will be flamed to death. It seems WGs employees are advised to keep such theories away (mostly with the RNG theory, 25% statistics shit). And well, it's nearly impossible to proove the opposite despite players experience.

Sure there are players with 55% or 65% WR overall. But WG can't nerf them anymore, because bringing such players back to 50% would mean constant looses, which would probably mean they would stop playing at all. And still, as mentioned above, even with "bad" setup a good player can win a round (but i know it's damn hard work then when your shots don't hit, don't do damage and your tank catches fire every shell).

Anonymous said...

...and these 55 and up percent players could well be WG minions or accounts specifically set up just to show rigging to disprove rigging accusations, remember ITS AN INTERNET GAME THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!

and btw the "bots" could even be WGs own or some clanners minions as well setup to ensure 1 side (there side) wins.

I know of "food" clans specifically set up to lose to "boost" main clan accounts. There are also "bounty hunts" where clans specifically target certain players. It is true that there are "favored" players.

You notice the win streaks where you do almost nothing and win? well they "gave" you these wins, and also when you do your best but your team seems to be all trolls (which they are) and you frustratingly lose? they deliberately lose games for you.

So if your looking for an uncorrupted game look smwhere else and starve these assholes to death by not giving them any of your hard earned money. Also spread the word of the Bullshit that is WoT now resorting to taking lunch money from kids.

Unknown said...

WoT is....well Idk whether it's rigged or not. But I've experienced something unusual in WoT. In a 6-8 tiers capture the flag battle, we're overpowered with IS -3 n' tigers , and our enemies only had shets, medium tanks, n' a bunch of M6s.

After awhile, when I was winning 8 vs 7, all of a sudden, my teammates acted like newbies and spreading like crazy across the map considering that they've killed 2 or 1 tanks, n' leaving all of the enemies inside the flag area with only me defending the flag. Only me defending the flag with T-150.

But what a fooking miracle, that time my shots hit 100% damage against their T34 frontal turret armor. FRONTAL T34 TURRET with my 107mm. I managed to kill 4 of em' leaving only KV-2 , M6,and a hellcat.

All of the sudden, my shots missed n' missed n' bounced and leaving me with low health then died -__-

And how fooking unfortunate that our IS-3 shots at M6 legit side armor, LEGIT SIDE ARMOR at 90degrees, with his derp cannons and did 0% damage knowing that M6 has a low side armor, and look how easily M6 can penetrated the frontal armor of IS-3 with his stock cannon -__-
And of course we lost.

Looks like the mechanics that they made doesn't work quite well in some matches including this one, and They should fix this matchmaking too real quick, or else, people won't give a fuck to this game n' just randomly leave.

Anonymous said...

I like many others have noticed patterns emerging regards our own personnal quality of play, i dont need facts and figures to know thats not the shot i fired, i can accurately predict wether we win or lose after firing my first shot, or if enemy first shot on me is an ammorack, lol, i know a lot of you hear me clearly, my main issue is those that just dont see it, i have never considered myself intelligent, but it seems i have an insight that many others lack, or refuse to believe, the game has changed over the last 2 updates,

Anonymous said...

"Win rate of the marder 2 : Simplest explanation is that the marder 2 is a very good tank for it's tier."
You sir, do not take into account that on average other marders in the other team would nullify any advantage.

The only real critique is the low # of games. Do 1000 and then we'll speak.

mikeathome said...

Did you noticed that they did take out the hitrate out of the official player statistics?

Well, here's my theory: It was taken out because it supports your findings.

I have 8k battles, my hitrate is 68%, my WR is 47%. I am not a good player, but every battle I hit about 10 shots avg. and my avg. damage is 630. I play only Tier VII/VIII/IX. If everything is balanced I should be around 1200 min! I have sometimes 20 battles in a row were I can't pen shit, even with an E75. After the first two shots I know who will win this battle.

I have ~500 battles since I bought premium (which I now regret), and during these 500 battles my WR is 33%. All of a sudden I became really bad. My overall WR already dropped from 47.5% to 46.98%.

They collected my money and now frustrate me out...


Anonymous said...

I play on WoT europa, I noticed the same pattern, probably from reasons of being profitable, WoT has a somehow moderating matching script, if one suddenly is going up in performance simply moderated to a lower position by simple altering tank status. All is under control of money maker logic.The premium players who pays wot,must be mantained in the game, so the medium players, the noobies are also kept between win easy and tragic loss , allways wot wins and premium players

Anonymous said...

If you feel that something is wrong, stop paying money for this shit. I mean WoT could have been a nice game without manipulation...

But, like someone wrote above, it's like a show, like Wrestling for example. It's all pre-calculated before the match begings. Some are OK with this but those who are not stop paying for WoT!! I want that this company will go back in making browser games like tetris etc.

Anonymous said...

havent anyone noticed the wierd bounces when a tank is at low hp(especially russian)?And you on the na dont have the polish and cz players...But i have to agree that this game is somehow rigged because of the strange bounces and misses or no dmg hits when you had a win streak.I also compared stats when i was on a moron team,guess what...the other team had MUCH better stats all the way.

Kevin89 said...

this game is definitely rigged , the latest trick is massive lag spike right at the critical moment, also have had my tank controls interfered with as I was about do something that might change the game. Tanks that sit on ridges and you cant hit them. The phantom hits that cause damage. Lose tracks when they are not visible. easy shots that should do damage and do nothing, and on and on. This is just software that emulates a game and has nothing to do with skill, I am a pretty good player and pay attention to all kinds of things but my win rate never changes or improves. strangely enough tanks that I didnt like or felt not good about are 50 + win rates . Not forgetting the absurd battles where you cannot hit or damage the enemy and everybody is dead after five minutes

Anonymous said...

the wot company starts to look like the greedy blizzard entertainment,
do anything to get the last few bucks you have.
I also noticed that for some reason my upgoing xp point drop by team missmatches(completly), one kill shots while i do not see them at all(yes i moved positions), low tier tanks do extreme damage to my tank while i have more armour and am 3 to 4 tiers higher then to what he has, and once i shoot at his tracks or weak spots nothing happens.
Next i latly noticed a slow motion in the game slow responce in reaction time to my tanks(takes 2 sec to repond to what ever key action you do, even shooting).
From tier 8 and beyond realy sucks, i meet tanks/arties that can hit me from the otherside of the map, while there are no red teams in the area at all to be able to spot me(boom dead in one shot).
Tanks that hit me while behind rocks/solid houses or even in valey where no one can see me or hit me(boom dead by invissible enemie).
And there are more expamples the few weeks, yes weeks i went up in xp ratio to 50 % suddenly i lose the games one after the other while i did not play any different as before (dropping to 46 % win ratio).
I noticed that i been entered i a game with complete idiots who all either go on one way, or shout to mutch (80 % of the last few weeks).
One game i had killed 6, and lose the game, xp points below 300, come one get real, you should get xp point by hitting enemies and not if you win a batlle or not.
This was not so before the last update.
So in general as what i noticed, the game is rigged big time, and am wondering how long it would take until someone else starts to notice this and stops playing wot for good.
The way this goes now i am thinking of removing the game for good and never play it again.

just a few things to mention and what i noticed in the game, as soon you pass a win ratio of 48 % you are bound to lose 3 out of 4 matches, and get no xp point beyond 300, meddals yes points no.

Anonymous said...

its great that someone has exposed this. I have had run of 15 consequestive 1 shot I am dead games, then in the next game fire somewhere near an opponent off in the distance and its a one shot kill. I have had a suspicion that there is averaging going on. I suspect something is going on!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the same issues several previous posts have illuminated. The infamous matches where the enemy is literally shooting nuclear tipped rounds at you-and when you shoot back you're lucky to hit or pen anything. What frustrates me the most are the tanks that 'disappear' when you have one more shot to kill it-I know camo is a factor but come on; the tank was in the open at less than 40m. Unless it has a cloak shield it shouldn't disappear. If WOT had some competition that was legitimate, the questionable damage and MM mechanics would be fixed when WOT started losing players.

Anonymous said...

Its all good because in about a month War Thunder brings out its ground vehicles - which will make WoT look like a steaming pile of elephant shit.

Giving WoT some competition is likely all that is needed, they will HAVE to make things cheaper and better to play to keep the fanbase.

I agree the game is horribly rigged. There are times in my Obj704 where I'll be a huge win streak talking 20-30 games in a row then all of a sudden the BL10 with is 215-358 penetration can't even go through 50mm armour at 90degrees. I'll get 1 shotted, lose all my modules and crew in a matter of seconds of being spotted (I have sixth sense so know exactly when im spotted)

The times when I've lost like 10+ games in a row then all of a sudden my OBJ704 is facing like tier6-7 tanks and breathing hellfire similar to some sort of God-like deamon ready to wipe the whole team out by itself single handedly.

I find it very hard to believe that others haven't experienced these things and if you do the math with statistics - going off my hit ratio with say the ISU152 and OBJ704 the average damage dealt by these tanks is insanely low. My hit rates are well into the high 70% and on the ISU152 is over 80% - yet average damage of like 300-400... with a gun that deals out well over 750 on a penetrating hit... not to mention it can pen any tank in the game, oh yeah that statistic sounds legit.

I've played 5.5k matches - ITS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that in the last 4-5patches the game has become unbelievably rigged. I remember back like 2 years ago, this game was actually good fun and even playing tier7-8 my W/L ratio was up in the 65%+ now I cant get it above 51% whether I play low or high tier vehicles it ALWAYS satys at around 51%...

Anonymous said...

I think its also a matter of common sense. One day, Hetzers blow up most things and then the next day they are bouncing shot after shot off of Valentines. Yes, its rigged.

Anonymous said...

I concur the game is clearly rigged (7K Games) and I commonly experience the events as described thru out post. Sometimes the Tank performs well other times its trash. In trash mode even Gold bounces off the softest targets. Hope they fix game.

Anonymous said...

This game has gotten ridiculously frustrating to play. Rigged, nuff said

Anonymous said...

This game never will be fixed. As originally they said: it works as they like to work.

Btw just google wot and bot problem and you will see how bad is the situation, and they have no intention at all to fix anything.

Anonymous said...

I know you are correct here. It's a money making franchise. Upgrading tanks only gets you into higher tiers so heavier stuff is shooting at you. The balance remains the same all the way through. Tier 1 and 2 are no different than tiers 8,9, and 10.

At times you can go out with a KV1 for instance and kill everything you shoot at, and nobody can hardly touch you. Take that same tank out a few hours later and it's all reversed, you can't even scratch anyone and they can all one shot you. Yes, I have been one shotted more than once in the KV1 by smaller lessor tanks.

Anonymous said...

ok guys I have a 3800 rating after 6 months of playing, since 9.0 if I receive 1 shot someone is dead or something is broken it happened 5 times! 5 times in a row! on my t 49 dead driver 1st shot low damage, the other team has 5 people with 27 k battles and my team has 2 players with 18 k battles especially if I platoon, they are definanitly doing something, don't take my word for it you can check it yourself but they are causing my friends to stop playing because we cant carry the team the idle bots and the afk people and the retards in general cmon WOT fix MM where you only fight tanks 1 teir above yours and put the same nuber of good and bad players on both teams equal thanks guys GLHF!

Anonymous said...

I came here out of frustration that I suddenly started performing much worse with all my tanks. Either I suddenly play like shit or my tanks are behaving differently.. good article, you may be right!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm relatively new to the game maybe 6k battles but after reading several of the comments and experiencing some mighty strange things in the game myself I have to agree that WOT is playing it's own kind of game here! Come on, are all of these folks whiners? Are they all just making this crap up? Really!? I don't think so. From the missed (really!) shots, to the game over in three and a half minutes and the other team or yours isn't missing even one man?! To your tank sitting behind a huge and suddenly blowing up in your face!! WTF!
I was in my tier 1 Renault NC-31 way back in the beginning with only a min or so left in a losing battle. I came face to face with two T18's, one in front and one behind. I one shotted the one in front and turned and did the same to the one behind. WTF was their reply. Accused me of using gold rounds which at the time i wasn't even sure what they were! lol! I've experienced the win/lose streaks everyone mentioned. Don't understand the MM at all sometimes!!! Also noticed my first battle in a new tank MM put me top of the list. Hmmm! It was a long time after that that she was ever that good to me.
And I have to say I truly believe there is a lot to what everyone is saying. Not that anyone would admit to it! Sure there are kids that play that are no doubt more skilled than I am at 59, great! More power to em! There are also folks that eat, sleep, and dream this game. Whatever! I think all anyone is asking for is JUST MAKE THE DAMN THING FAIR! And I think we know the definition. Yes there are always variables there has to be. Don't play around with it. It's a great game, but some of these strange happenings aren't because of "variables"! I have no stats, no proof, just my experiences. Do I really need more? Stop effing with a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... OK I've been playing for years, mostly arty as my computer lags like crazy when there are too many tanks around, and I can tell you most games whether we'll win or lose before first contact is made. Your win/loss ratio is far more based on tactics and deployment then anything else. I play a few scout tanks, and have most of the tier 2-8 arties for all four lines. I get a wide variance in effectiveness, but I learn which arty is effective against which tanks, so I improve with a tank the more I play it. I have bouts of win streaks, and losing streaks but that's just statistically inevitable. If you really believe there's manipulation, get a team of 3 in a platoon, open two accounts and play a t1 tanks, on one account play to the best of your abilities. The other like a 4 year old uber noobs. With 3 tanks negated over enough battles to apply "handicaps" if the win rates continue to be close then there might be something to it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I came here out of frustration that I suddenly started performing much worse with all my tanks. Either I suddenly play like shit or my tanks are behaving differently.. good article, you may be right!

09 September, 2014 15:20

Are you playing a tank that has been "nerfed", like the T18, which now it seems can be actually hurt a bit by other tier 2 tanks now.

Anonymous said...

The game is rigged to make stupid people look bad at tanks. 30k battles on SEA EU RU and NA. How well I do, seems relative to how stupid I play. Read wot's patent on MM, the root of "it's rigged!" comments come form the patent, if you win a few games, you'll end up near the bottom of the battle list more often, that is a good thing, if you win too much, you should enjoy the extra challenge.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say as a person who is leaning towards the idea that there are codes affecting balance in WOT and "rigging' the game for financial benefit, I am really appauled by the WOT forums when someone approaches the subject. How is wargaming not stopping people from just mocking the OP every time he puts an honest argument forward. It just looks bad on wargaming that they allow people to reply unconstructively and with no respect for the OP just because they are supporting the company. If they had proper ethical standards they would stop any comment which is merely a "piss-take" of the OP. Sad..

Anonymous said...

Been playing for over a year 8 k worth of games and a few things I have noticed ... The "invisible" shot ... aimed to full sure shots just go right on through the enemy ... does not hit the ground ... does not bounce. The just plain disappear (This is not an uncommon occurrence) In response to the issue of your tank moving on its own and not responding to your controls. This I have noticed in the past couple of months only. The whole rigging thing is something I really did not pay any attention to until the last couple of weeks. I have been steadily going up in all categories with smarter play and attention to details (cover, angles, not playing like Rambo etc etc) I have had lengthy points (two to three days at a time) where in a two tank platoon we cannot buy wins (winning like %20 percent or less out of the matches) despite at times crushing half the other team or personally getting the mastery badge, top gun, high cal and so on, but the thing that gets me is the matches that are a 15 to 2 or 1 loss this rarely happened when I first started the game and almost never in a low tier match. I am not saying I am the greatest but I am not the worst and no way should I legit be losing battles all day long in such a lopsided manner. I am grinding for weeks to move up on a few stats to have this demolished within a couple of hours. Whether or not it is intentionally rigged I do not know but something is not right.

Anonymous said...

world of tanks patent US 8425330 B1

Anonymous said...

My win rate took a nose-dive the day my premium account ended. I was almost always in the top 3 in damage for my team, but the other team had twice as much damage. The second night after my prem account expired I had a 10 game losing streak. This has never happened before. Co-incidence? No way am I giving any more money to Wot. I prefer to let my win rate fall to 1% than give them another dime.

Call_Me_DARKNESS! said...

It is rigged sir, IF you have 50% or more win rate, they will make you lose, and lose and lose, after they've lowered your winning rate, they'll make you win a a little and if you win 1 or 3 matches, they'll shove you up into high tiers again! FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM ALL! I'm switching to Armored Warfare As Soon As It Releases!

Anonymous said...

WOT is shit.

I have over 6k battles and a 5500 personal rating. Since i stopped paying for a premium account I have dropped to 50% win ratio. Nothing pens, everyone pens me. The game is totally rigged, I have never seen a game with more unexplainable BS in it. Tonight I had a 26 game losing streak on my Waffle....!!!!!! Unheard of that I couldnt hurt a thing. I'm done with this crap game and the crap players that are playing. Dear WOT developers go fuck yourself, you wouldnt make a dime if it wasnt foor 13 year olds with dads that will buy them anything.

Grommet said...

What the statistical pedants fail to grasp is the big picture. We can argue all day about numbers but let me give you a big one - 600,000,000 dollars plus - that is a conservative estimate of the amount of money WG earned last year. The primary objective of WoT is to earn money.

To do this they must have a game that attracts a lot of players, and encourage them to spend money. Hence gold ammo - doing away with the need for aiming. Job done.

The same must be said for win ratios. The vast majority of players will be mediocre or worse at this game. Yet I see no 10%, or 20% users. One could argue that this stat is modified by WoT being a team game - it is a good point - but debatable. What is not debatable is that having users losing a lot will impact objective #1 - no one likes being 'pwned' - and WG knows this - hence they use a 'random' team selection mode, and use an RNG to decide shot efficacy. Who hasn't shot high and wide and seen the tracer going astray only to see the target then light up and the announcer celebrate a hit? I know I have, many many times.

The process of 'balancing' so that weak players get to taste victory is clear - otherwise there would be a wider spread of win rates over thousands of games rather than the ten to twenty points we see. This makes business sense even if it slants the game - but WG are not here to make a level playing field, they are here to make money.

It is not fixed in the sense of a pre-determined outcome - they just use the matchmaker and the RNG profile to load the odds. Statistical arguments can only chase their tail here, Ockham's razor is more appropriate.

Follow the money! And all becomes clear.

Good luck and try to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple... It's rigged. Hackers galore, teams are never matched. They are to cheap or the do this on purpose... I feel they uneven the teams on purpose, just to piss off players and get them to buy bigger. I've been in battle and I was killed and 3 seconds later the player that killed me was 6-8 spaces away capturing the base. WoT asked me to provide them with a video. So WoT wants me to video every game so they can deny anyone is hacking. They state there are NO REAL HACKERS...WTF are they UNREAL HACKERS? The company is just like Kixeye, GREEDY, CHEATING, BASTARDS, that STEAL players money!

Anonymous said...

O this game is so rigged. You can se it in arty, one battle u can not miss, the next you can not hit a thing. They do not want u to be good at this game. They are a Business, game second. They just want your moneys first. The old 8.0 game was much better and fair.It will never get better. So said. it was a good game.

Anonymous said...

Late to the party I know..
AW is supposedly coping WOT.. This and many other FACTS is undeniable proof..

Hmm.. I wonder why he didn't get a crazy low/high roll (<-- 'New World of tanks not rigged yet')? I mean this game is way more consistent.. Why is it that a lot of games in WOT end up 5 to 15? Because certain teams that have 3x Gold users Premium Accounts etc are set up to lose.. Why is it that about 450 Thousand players have 47 percent win rate but only a few thousand have a %65+ w8? You people are so stupid.. You can not believe that WoT is not rigged? They bring up the bad players to a good w8 so they do not quit and get frustrated and bring the good players to a low w8 so they have to use more equipment such as Gold shells.. Gold repair kits.. Most of all they don't give a shit what you think about they only fix the fixed nerf the nerf buff the op. Vk B was buffed 3+ times it has a stronger LOWER plate then UPPER. T110E4 was nerfed 3+ times. FV4005 was made to attract people to an awful tank. VK B is only still here because they want a few to buy it so they can replace it with the Maus Prototype. This game will FLY threw the roof compared to WoT that is until they rig it (hopefully not) And if you don't believe that WoT is not rigged.. Statistics do not lie keep fooling yourself

projectEV said...

The problem with games like WOT is that almost everyone in this forum, developers themselfs and most or the world was born and live in socialist system where "everyone is equal" for general happiness. We can see its unjust, but most of the people have no concept of true freedom or fairness because they were born as slaves of this Marks&Engels red nonsense.. thats why so few can even let themselfs think, that there is something wrong with the WOT and will take the right pill.

Pay2Win said...

Shot in one CW 3 non-penetrating (not bounces, all hit, and none penetrated) shots in a row to a WTe100 with E100 using gold rounds invalidates somewhat your theory that rigging has some kind of limits. Have you noticed that when you play a game when your crew reaches 100% crew you always win? Even the shots you fire aiming wrong can hit a target.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm not a good player,I play for free to pass time. I usually die early in the game but have had some very successful games. I don't pay to play and use an old laptop with no comms and poor graphics. I have noticed some streaks where I seem to play very well and at other times I couldn't kill a wheel barrow. I've been in matches against players 3 tiers above me where I couldn't do damage at point blank range. The game is set up to keep you playing, remember it is a business, designed to make a profit by getting you to send them money in hopes of winning more often. That means no one does so bad that they feel hopeless, and no one does so well that nobody wants to play against them, so your chances of success are dependant on your past performance and how much money you put up. Because the game is about profit, period.

Unknown said...

If there was a way i could add images i would show end results for a few of my games.
I did start noticing that when i have a loss i would look at the players on my team and see that their dmg for at least half of them was 0, yes tier 10 heavy tanks, medium tanks and tank destroyers of tier 8 to 10 would have 0 damage and would be dead in just minutes after the game started.
I have taken photos, in some of these games i would deal in excess of 5000 dmg, at times 2,500 or 3,000, really trying my best, but my team was at 0, it would even be as bad as me having dealt more damage than my entire team combined, and to me that it just so bizarre
I really have had enough of the game, it is rigged, i have 18,000 battles, and as i play i notice how things just dont make sense, it starts with losses, bad rng and bad teams, and it goes on for months, and then you suddenly get really good hits and damage and really good teams, and it keeps swapping, keeping me at a solid 55% win rate.

Just Me said...

We just a stronghold battle last night and half of us could not aim on the enemy tanks...I would snipe in and go back out but every time my aim would go away from the tanks. I thought my computer or server was acting up until I brought this up to the team. Over 50% of us could not aim at the enemy team tanks. They won hands down. This was not the first time this happened for this situation. Just saying...pretty strange.

Anonymous said...

How about games where bots are managed by WG to 'adjust' the outcome? This is how WG is rigging the outcome I am sure of it!

I am on that theory since a few months now, and I finally had a game that reveals this machination from WG. In fact, it is so overt, that is is covert!

And I have the replay of this gem!

A 1900 games red XVM player in a ST-1 fully upgraded (40% win rate) that stops and wiggle in place (repeat of the same movement continuously) after we secure the win in the next few minutes. Wait a minute! A ST-1 in 1900 games with such a bad rating, how can that be possible???? That's what peek my curiosity and made me followed him (I was dead, so it was easy to see everything he did).

Oh did I say that the ST-1 player's account was only 10 days old too, and that in those days, he would need to have played 8 games per hours non stop just to get to that 1900 games played?
And even in that short time, it is possible for a very mediocre player to even get an ST-1 and fully upgraded over that? And who is idiot enough to set a bot on a ST-1 also is quite strange.

But the fact that he just 'stopped' playing suddenly when the win was certain is what gave it away.

That my friends, is how WG decides the outcome of games. Notice also that those 'WG bot' are very resistant or seem very lucky with their shots in very critical moments.

Start monitoring these 'false red' players closely and see how they perform.

Anonymous said...

Wot is obviosly rigged to make bad players stay in the game and pay more to WGN. It"s comical how naive people are but it"s very easy too fool Children. Invisible tanks, shells bounching, missing not penetrating. I even start to suspect there is even a time/visibility delay so the enemy can shoot you first Before you even see them. Naive players think team is bad. How naive can u get really? WGN"s first priority is not to be fair but to earn Money. It didint take me many games Before i started to suspect someting weired and when I googled....supprise I was right. Another funny thing is that my damage an XP is Steadily rising but my winrate is stuck att 50.40% ...very suspicous haha... Obviously the MM doesnt like me to win to many games. And don"t forget...WGN is a Russian Company with far to many Putin clowns in Power.

Anonymous said...

World of tanks is one of the most over rated games on the net.
They let hacks on the game then say their is no such thing.
They let the most crap players play, Mostly on your team.
They DO NOT put players of the same skills fighting the same.

They pay their uber mod/hacking class o play.

You cant sue them since they are not a US company and they ban your account if you
try to sue them.

I play for one reason to put the screenshots and videos on a independent page for all to see what really goes on in the game,

The less money they make the better, Maybe they will start to fix their issues but then with better Tank games coming on line they will be a remember game soon.

Unknown said...

There may be some fixing going on. But if there is its very limited. I offer this evidence. I played my first 7-8K games with very bad tactics and had a 46.5 % win rate. Over the next time frame of about 4-5K games my win rate is about 54% In fact I am within 100 games of hitting 50% wins, covering both losses and ties. I have streaks, I've been over 80% and other nights close to 30% but the game does not seem to be reacting to my play ability by deliberately dragging me up or down.

Anonymous said...

I have been suspicious of this for a long time. Noobs don't get it. Only after you play over 3000 games can feel the game adjustments. It's simply obvious. I know a friend that started a new account thinking he could get his win ratio better. You would think since he played over 10,000 games in his first account he would be unstoppable. Well He's played 2000 battles now and his win rate is 56%. Think about that. Take a tier 8 match I had today. I had a nice three kill 1400 damage game and an easy victory. My enemy was comprised off various tanks and all in my tier. The very next game with the same tank I was against 2 /3rds of the enemy team being tier 9. Also my team clearly had noobs in it as 2 didn't even have names selected yet. They had the generic player number. Look I love this game and it's to bad I find myself playing it less and less. It's not fair that that the makers of blitz nerf my tanks and adjust team matching and pen when I play. For this reason I stopped spending money. Ever notice when you buy a premium tank it usually dominates for like ten games only to become a regular or in the case of tankenstine and absolute boat anchor. Far from special.
The rush you first get dominating with a new premium tank feels awesome! And you want to buy more gold to buy newer tanks to feel it again. It's a scam. You don't have to stop playing but don't be a fool. These are games that are designed around our very basic human Instincs and emotions. WOT blitz thanks for the survey you asked me to fill out the other day. Seams like your developers are noticing people are not happy with your involvement. Butt out and just maybe I'll spend some more money. If not its just a matter of time before everyone is on to you. People start monitoring your stats and look at game reports. The proof is all there. Also use your common sense. It's a business. They want your cheddar. My solution. Go back to consol and PC gaming and leave these freemium games alone. bTW check out you tube for the South Park episode about freemium games. It's stupid funny but allot of it is true. Cheers!

arros64 said...

This what kills me, the gigantic # of people that that have little clue that ALL business model MMO's, not just WOT, manipulate players and game play. They are in the business of making money and maximizing profits.They simply wouldn't exist otherwise and don't give a tinkers damn about fair game play where players actually can succeed or fail based entirely on their merit and skill or lack thereof.Success/skill is carefully doled out entirely based on how much money people spend and with what regularity, giving players the illusion they are better than they really are. This ego stroking generally keeps people happy and spending money.Like any business, regular paying customers are treated better than tire kickers and WG does that by not sending players flowers or fruit baskets in appreciation but by enhancing their gaming experience with better and more favorable MM,ability to do damage,ability to survive hits,harder to hit with spg's and so on.Players with WR in the high 50%-60% are spending a lot of money to be there.Given an equal opportunity with exactly equally, non throttled performing tanks, there would be a lot(obviously not all) of non paying "free" players that would give a lot of these "pro's" a run for their money if not completely run circles around them. I've been video gaming for about 40 years and to see how MMO's operate,makes them the worst thing to ever happen to video gaming.

Anonymous said...

After playing for a few months I got the same feeling that WoT is rigged on some level. Since feelings usually are misleading I went and check the stats on my accounts and indeed they looked like something was rigged. Then a simple search online revealed this page and others. I simply cannot imagine what is this company thinking by doing this. This game could be fun without this pervert matchmaker. I am not ranting or anything. I for one I just stopped playing WoT once I realized how unfair the matchmaker is. Is just a pitty since the game could have been really fun.

arros64 said...

It's not just the MM that is the problem, Individual tank performance varies and is actively "throttled" battle to battle and player to player that is entirely not based on a random number generator that is the same for all. No one tank performs the same for all players. All players battle to battle performance is very carefully monitored by WOT and players are "pidgeon holed" into a base line tank performance "RNG" and from there it is actively throttled up or down to ellicit wins or losses, high or low damage done games to control stats and win rate. Thats why account sharing is against the rules in WOT, because if you have 2 players of wide ranging skills, it fucks with WOT's algorythms that measure and set the base line characteristics of your tank performance and MM. Your T29 heavy,for example, will not have consistently the same performance characteristics necessarily as other people with a T29. Players in your basic PR range will have similar performance ie. able to deal damage and survive hits. You against lower PR players will more consistently have better odds and against players with higher PR you will have less odds even if you all using the exact same tank. Best I can figure at this point is that totally playing for free and I mean totally, never having spent a dime on the game, ones PR rating will peak and stall somewhere around the 5k range max if your a good common sense player. I dont think it's possible for a completely free player to get near or into the 6K range. The bottom line is the higher a players stats and PR rating is, has less to do with individual merit and skill and more to do with how much money a person spends. The more you spend,the better the game experience, the better the MM and the better vehicle performance. That is simply how money making MMO's work. Just do a little Google research on MMO design and the heavy use of psychology and manipulation of players that ALL MMO's engage in, not just WOT, to suck people in and along to keep them playing and ultimately to spend money or keep spending. Yes, everyone can play MMO's for free, but one will fairly quickly hit a "ceiling" on advancement and accumulation of stats and overall game enjoyment that no amount of actual real skill and practice can change or improve it. You can only raise the ceiling and improve your gaming experience by spending money and the more you spend the more the "illusion" of success a game will very carefully dole out to you. It's a completely vomit inducing game model.

Unknown said...

Probably has a lot to do with the fact that most of the players at that tier are inexperienced. If you are playing only that tank for a long time, meaning you have gained a lot of experience, then you will naturally do well against newbs.

Anonymous said...

arros65 hot the nail on the head. I play for free, and boy does it get frustrating seeing people who are simply bad players cut through the opposition like they are some kind of invincible chuck of metal. It's obvious they have paid a load of money and are being given their 'hit of success' by the game so that they will continue to shovel money into the bottomless pit.

And yet WoT is big in competitive gaming... this indicates that competitive gaming is also rigged to the high heavens.

Conrad The Crazed said...

I've been playing the PS4 version of WoT since its release. I can say with zero hesitation that the game is totally rigged. Whatever the reasons for this, whether it be management/capping of the overall win percentage of the player community, or to keep the premium account holders artificially successful, the simple fact of the matter is WoT is HEAVILY manipulated by in-game algorithm or logic scripts.

Personally, I tend to think it has to do with artificially rewarding premium account holders. I've been non-premium since day 1, and ever since breaking into Tier VI and VII territory, I'm losing 90% of matches. As others have noted, this is not a lack of skill issue. It is a visually obvious tampering of game mechanics to 'NERF' your tank, so that opposing players can more easily dispatch you. The list of obvious symptoms is legion; from disappearing tanks (dont give us that BS about spotting mechanics, tanks dont disappear only 25 yards away in the open grass, or disappear right before breaking cover INTO the open, only to reappear again once safely BEHIND cover again), to suddenly-ineffective shells despite the opposing tank retaining less than a pixel of health, to impossible misses from fully aimed/drawn down reticles, while the opponent fires on the move under full throttle and scores critically damaging hits.....EVERY TIME. I could go on, but those who've experienced this fully understand.

If you're going to play this game free....dont seriously try to advance beyond Tier V. Just play for fun, realizing you will be playing with one arm and both feet tied together.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that when WG altered some maps and changed the map selection, there was quicker battles, more attack routes, and more ammo fired per second?
And is it just me or on some maps does the terrian give 1 team an advantage?

Anonymous said...

TLDR: The game company has a patent on their matchmaker, and in a legal case the workings were disclosed to be as you thought.

Anonymous said...

I agree with crazed conrad, this game is rigged so bad, aside from the game patent stating that WG developers manipulate the game mechanics (MGM) (my terminoligy) to keep new players and poor skilled players involved in the game, It now seems after 18 months in the game that the frequency of MGM games has increased, this puts more players back in the player que faster, there are much less even games down to the last tank.
I recorded 200 games, broken down into 3 game types, 1. 15 kills 15 (with a 1 or 2 tank loss to winning team.) 2. 7-8 tanks kills 15, ( seem 1/2 of the winning team was crap and did no damage, died early, rest of the team seemed impenitrable) 3. Even game down to the last couple of tanks. The results were very close to even, 35% to each game type.
So if 70% of the games are rigged, to win and lose, 35% are win, 35% are lose. And while you have very little control over them, an OP purple player can surely influence thos stats. Average players who have won the 35% rigged game lottery, are left with about 35% even games, to win or lose as RNG dictates, and stupidity prevails. So when in these even games, team cooperation, your own bad plays or top tank played like a pro wins determin your final win rate. For me..... 48% win rate. -35% MGM wins = 13% of my even games being won.
The game types follow no predictable pattern, have had 4 x 15 v 15 total losses in a row, and up to 8 various game type wins in a row,
Yes all this is random speculative information, but when you start watching your game results with this in mind a patern becomes clear.

Unknown said...

I also think the game is rigged but I don't think it's rigged based on a player's skill level. I think it's rigged based on a player's win rate with a certain tank. In other words if you're winning a lot with a particular tank then that tank's in game stats (armor, penetration, etc.) are temporarily reduced which increases the chances the battle will be lost. WOT does this to limit the amount of XP and Credits earned from a battle, since you earn less when you lose. WOT wants to make sure people don't gain credits and XP too fast so they are more likely to spend money.

Anonymous said...

How is it also, that these very low tier tanks can all of the sudden pen 10's while some other heavies have problems penning the very same tanks ? It does not make sense, I am a 20 year vet in the military armor core and have never seen in my life a round bounce unless it was a dud. Tanks vanish in the wide open in front of your eyes ? I have also never seen any tank hide like these, and I gun a Leopard 2 A4m-A6m 60 tonne vehicles can't hide unless you are still and cam'd up to the teeth with overhead cover and the engine is off. Fume extractor does not mean your plum is completely hiding from flash it in fact makes sure all the fumes come out. The bore evacuator is a chamber that fits around the cannon. Holes are drilled into the bore to the evacuator.

When a projectile is fired, gasses enter the bore evacuator and pressurize it. After the round has passed, those gasses empty back into the cannon tube. The holes they reenter the tube through are angled toward the muzzle. By moving rapidly toward the muzzle, they create a vacuum behind the bore evacuator and that vacuum draws the fumes out of the turret toward the muzzle. Then there are these fantasy tanks made up claiming oh there were blue prints and so and so country never put them in production, this is also a lump of coal. Anyway good luck on your quest to make this a fair game.