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Monday, April 30, 2012

"Burn Jita"? Rather burn M&S!

So the "Burn Jita" event of the Goons has ended. Several freighters and other valuable ships were destroyed in Jita and the surroundings.

But surprisingly it had little effect on the market. I saw no price peaks. Also, I made 2.5x more profit in Jita on the first day, nicely pulling up my income, despite the prices did not rise on my field. It seems that some of the traders chickened out, and others who did not overestimate the Goon annoyance were taking their share of the profit too. On the second and third day everything went back to normal, probably even the most jumpy traders returned to their schedule. My transport interceptors were happily hauling in and out from Jita during the event, with the only complication of having one extra jump: from Perimiter to Niyabainen first and then Jita. The Goons only camped the Perimiter-Jita gate.

However the huge red ball on the "ships destroyed last hour" map shows that the Goons did not fail. They held probably the largest massacre in the history of EVE. 5K+ ships were destroyed every day in Jita and the neighboring systems. Still Jita did not burn, actually did not even blackened from the smoke. If you were sitting inside 4-4 watching the market and ignore the TiDi sign you couldn't figure out that anything was going on. It was a usual weekend business day in Jita.

How can the two both be true? Because the trade is mostly ran by professionals. Players who are informed, planning, finding ways. The massacre affected random idiots who were living under a rock and managed to not know about an event that was all over the news for a month.

My own extra profit shows that the trade system has large reserves. I guess if even half of the traders got scared of the Goons, there wouldn't be any signs on the outside, as the other half could pick up the slack. The total failure of the event to affect the trade proves how robust the player ran economy is. Of course the Goons will claim that all they wanted is to have fun, and even I wouldn't question that they had a lot. However this event was probably the last when the Goons or anyone will make claims of affecting the economy with anyone giving a damn. OTEC? Bullshit, Tc price is rising since months, The Mittani just noticed it and claimed it to be his doing. Well, the last peak on the end probably is, but not by doing any effect but by scaring some morons into a buying spree. I doubt that anyone will ever be scared of such claims once more.

The Goons and others are massacring morons and slackers. Players who can't be arsed to read up even the most obvious sources or dumb enough to make proper precautions. Of course everyone can be hunted down, but if you are not a moron or slacker, it takes incredible amount of time and resources, something that even the largest alliances don't have in the necessary amounts.

EVE is a safe and nice place. Anyone who claims differently is probably a moron or slacker who got ganked because of his own stupidity and laziness. I was ganked, but not because "EVE is evil" but because I went to lowsec with a T1 industrial. I'm capable of learning from my mistakes, the M&S cannot, since they never make any: they are just unlucky or victims or unfairness.

EVE Business report: Saturday morning 15.5B (2 PLEX behind for second account, 0.3B spent on Titan project)
Sunday morning 16.0B (2 PLEX behind for second account, 0.3B spent on Titan project)
Monday morning 16.7B (2 PLEX behind for second account, 0.3B spent on Titan project)
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It's being the last day of this month, I created a chart of my income. It's not my full asset count as I added the ISK spent on the titan/triage carrier pilot and the PLEX-es that make my main account free (as the normal way is to pay one subscription to the company). Obviously the PLEXes used for my trader alts are not included since that's operating cost. So it's rather a "how much money would I have if I'd make money and not spend on fun and convenience":
I managed to increase my assets from 3B to 16B in a month. That's 490M/day average income which is nice on its own. However what's really promising is the second order fit placed on it. It says "titan money in 4 months". But even if we go with the linear fit which is definitely an underestimation, I'll have money for a titan in 8 months. Or, if I go that way, a dozen deadspace fitted triage carriers. Are you convinced already to stop grinding and start trading?


Carson 63000 said...

Hilarious killmail(s) of the day:

Two corp-mates flying freighters in Jita. Two explosions. More than 35 billion ISK in losses. OOPS!

Energybomb said...

I would argue that you are wrong to an extend.

Yes, you are right that it did not affect the SHORT term economy, but arguably, it did affect the long term.

For starts, the 14k (it was that much iirc) ships the goons produced needed a supply. That supply is no longer needed, so there's that.

Also, as a direct effect of the "burn Jita" trillions, maybe 10's of trillion's, were lost. When a big amount of money is lost, even by the M&S, it will still hit inflation.

In addition, the M&S, as you mentioned before, do the grinding. They just lost their ships and they will have to fly with something less effective = lower supply for some time.

So yes, in the short term, stockpiles were enough but saying the economy was not affected is short sighted, at least.

Gevlon said...

@Energybomb: The M&S loss is irrelevant because they either do PvP and then they would have lost their ships anyway, or not, and then they played "laid back lol", and now they grind harder to get back where they were.

The Goon income did not change so their spending neither. They may not make Catalysts and Tornados but Tengus.

So the losses will be compensated by M&S having less lolpvp and grinding more.

Stabs said...

Pretty successful op for the Goons I'd imagine. They seemed to be having fun and got a lot of kills.

I think they also played the market. I had hoped Jita would sell out of Tornados and I'd be able to sell some gank-fit ones on contract but it never did. I guess Goon players with insider knowledge have been readying Tornado stocks for some time.

Energybomb said...


By that logic, even if they destroyed every single ship in the universe it shouldn't matter because "they will be lost anyway" (even yours! You are not god, you will be blown up eventually).

What matters is the amount and the time. They destroyed A LOT of M&S ships that would be destroyed in a far longer time space. That, by definition, means there will be a much bigger demand for a while.

I also contest the part where the slackers will suddenly stop being so to grab new shinies. Even the morons, who ARE morons after all, will do much better except being blown more often by pirates since they are...well...morons. Whenever there is an increased activity from one side, the other side responds too (because there is more profit obviously). Ultimately the more materials are digged, the more will be blown up effectively balancing the effect.

ariantes said...

While I agree the Goons couldn't stop the trade in Jita, I suspect the trade volume for the last weekend will abysmal. Most items except for small things and gank fits were moving really slow, and buy orders for minerals were filling slowly too (especially for a weekend).

In my opinion the Burn Jita event and the following Hulkageddon are just two tool to influence the mineral market, both for minerals and moon goo. And they chose the perfect time for it, with the prices already on the rise because of the changes of the most recent patch.

Anonymous said...

The mineral volume traded in jita over the weekend dropped dramatically.

The most interesting thing for me was it showed how stuck people are in their habits. People annoyed because they could not come into jita to sell etc.

Other hubs are available, and they were goon free.

There was a great deal of profit to be made on meta0, especially for the first 24 hours before people figured out that they could look at killmails, set up buy orders and resell.
There was also profit on manufacturing. Until Sunday, there were plenty of available slots in jita, and even without PEV, and using an NPC blueprint, the markups on meta0 made it very profitable.

Anonymous said...


Mittani never said that he rose the tech prices,he just announced OTEC as a joke on his twitter. He is now working to make it a reality or so he says, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.

And don't forget that p

Kristophr said...

Did you read about the latest hulkageddon gold mine?

Idiots using empty Orcas as giant Jetycans, and forgetting to lock them up as targets: i.e., anyone in a pod who can fly one can board and steal them.

Anonymous said...

I may have linked these before, but it's something I think you'd find quite interesting about manipulating the EVE market

Anonymous said...

So Greedy, did you pay Goons for that operation to increase your profit 2.5 times? Ok, it just a joke for now, but may be valuable business strategy in a future.