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Friday, April 27, 2012

Jita gank survival guide

While the Goons are busy ganking anything that moves in Jita, the business must go if we want income. So the hauling to Jita can't stop. Remember, your competitors are either docked or dead, so this is the time to make some good money. I'm having some really good sales today. How?

At first forget freighters and Jump freighters. They are capital ships, therefore can be rammed. The Goons don't have the manpower to blockade everything but they have bumpers on every gate. The bumper crashes with the capital ship, pushing it, preventing it from aligning while his buddies arrive. They can't do it with an industrial or a small-shiny transporting frigate. Use a standard industrial instead.

If you really have to carry a freighter-load of stuff to Jita, pay an orca to distract the Goons. It shall arrive in a far gate with full tank, while they rush and kill it, you can make your jump. Have a ganking tornado escort who can alpha any bumper. If you have to carry a freighter-load out of Jita, I'd suggest to use Jump freighter. Have a cyno ready in a safe low-sec system, undock and jump to it instantly, even if you have to freight to high-sec. But the general rule: don't! Use an industrial.

Open up the map and set the system view to statistics/ship kills in last hour. The interesting thing is not Jita, we know it's red. It's the neighboring systems. If Perimiter is red too, don't use that gate, right-click it and check "avoid Perimiter". The autopilot finds another way.

Have instant undock and dock bookmarks. Starting turning front of Jita 4-4 is a bad idea. Instant undock can be created by undocking in a shuttle or MWD-frigate and fly without turning to 150-200km. Bookmark this place, as you can instant-warp to it. The dock bookmark can be created by jumping away with your shuttle, warp to 10km, approach and keep flying until you are really close. Bookmark this place, if you jump here, you can instantly dock.

Scout your gate before jumping. Leave your stuff in the last safe system, jump in and if you arrive safely, return and pick up your stuff.

This site give you a time chart on kills so you can pick a safer time.

Good luck, and good profit!

While the freighters who got themselves killed are bad enough, they can't beat this moron! It's a tank fitted Abaddon carrying 1.5B loot. He had 109K EHP according to EFT. His rigs are bad enough, if he had just T1 versions of Trimark Pump instead, he'd have 145K. But the great is the low slot. He had an armor repairer which worth exactly zero against alpha Tornados. If he fitted some faction nano membranes, he'd have 135K (170 with proper T1!!! rigs). How could he get faction nano membranes? The damn failure had 25 in the cargohold, that was the 1.5B cargo!


Anonymous said...

Hf at distracting that many Goons there isn't like one fleet there are many.

Anonymous said...

Any ship can be bumped out of warp alignment.

Wolf said...

So you're aware, they also have instalock frigates with cargo scanners. Thrashers are there to gank normal industrials and smaller stuff. While the tornadoes are going to be used for freighters and other larger targets. The neutral frigates also don't have any issues bumping industrial ships either, but will probably be scanned you before you even jump into Jita. The goons aren't being a mindless blob like most people like to depict them as, they are picking their targets. For those of you with even basic combat skills (ie. you can do this in a noob ship), this is a great opportunity to get on a lot of easy killmails if you so desire.

Anonymous said...

TiDi is in many cases preventing instawarping. If people are foolhardy and try to go about their business as usual this weekend in Jita, they WILL incur losses. It's a fact.

Stay away is probably the best advice to give, cause we're running this all weekend long.

Don't be like this intrepid spacejew

sega said...

those are Faction modules, not Officer ones. You can recognize officer mods by their purple designation triangle.

Anonymous said...

Can you please be stricter on the commnent selection? I find the terms "jew" or "jeweing" for rich characters/ the activity to make huge amounts of ISK highly offensive and racist. It would be nice if you would refuse to publish comments containing those terms, no matter how established those phrases are in certain parts of the EVE community.

Anonymous said...

to the anon who didn't like the term "jew" or "Jeweing".

At no point did it mention anything about being anything neagtive about the religion itself. It is a commen term used for people who pride themselves on the amount of their earnings etc.

Don't allow yourself to be annoyed by terms like this as it just proves how small of a person you really are. And the fact that you understood what the term was supposed to mean and didn't disagree with the concept of it means to a degree that you understand why that phrase is used in the first place.

Do't be someone who is afraid of words, otherwise you'll end up chineese.

ps. i wasnt the person who made that comment.

Eaten by a Grue said...

To the anonymous defending the "jew" usage, you are an idiot. The term is not merely used to describe someone wealthy, but someone greedy. Greedy like a jew. See? Not so nice now.

But sadly, policing internet idiots is a thankless activity. The only comfort is they out themselves as such.

Anonymous said...

Jews got the negative connotation Eaten by a Grue explains because in medieval times they were the only able to offer moneylending services, as charging an interest was forbidden for christians and still is in Islam, and were harshly ostracized for that. Basically they were the only trying to do this kind of business against the will of the authority.

Although it's usually used in a derogatory term I find it somewhat appropriate in describing this case: one wanting to do business against a de-facto authority (as "might-is-right" is basically in charge).

Terms need to be taken into context to evaluate whether they are intended to be used in a derogatory way. A small example: "cougar" can be a derogatory term used to describe old women dating joung men, but it's not derogatory per se, no matter what they think in Utah.

Peter Petermann said...

about the usual business weekend:

not that much usual.