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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The new alt rule

The most criticized rule of the guild is the alt rule. I originally started with no alts at all, relaxed to one.

My reasoning is simple: if you spend time with alts, you spend less time with your main. The result is a bunch of useless lol-characters, motivated by the false sense of progression. I think it's still true in a sense that there is a strong correlation between number of characters and the strength of the main. However there is no point using correlation, when you have access to the data itself. Also, while I could surely not gear 3 characters ready to raid, others play more, or don't PvP, or don't make gold or do better than I and can. No point locking them out.

The new rule is that you can have as many alts as you want, but from those, only one can be incomplete. It would be managed with the following ranks:
  • Lowbie: technical rank for rerollers who did not get their 100g yet as they are below lvl 20/60
  • Member: everyone who keeps the chat rules can have a character in the guild, just like it was in the first version of the rules. No performance demands made to members.
  • RaiderRbg: these characters proved to be "ready". You can have as many characters in this rank as you want, as long as they are ready. Being in this rank is not necessary to come raid or rbg, but give priority, except on 4.0 boost raids which are called boost for a reason.
  • Alt: this will be an obsolete rank and will be removed after a month. In this month you can promote your main to RaiderRbg and your alt to member, or the alt to RaiderRbg. After a month the remaining alts will be kicked.
  • Inviter: same as RaiderRbg but also can invite. No other differences
To get promoted to RaiderRbg you must have:
  • All pieces gemmed and enchanted (top gem/enchant not needed)
  • All glyph slots filled
  • Gathering professions maxed for the bonus, crafting professions leveled to the point where they give the bonus, and use the bonus too
  • For raiders: 340 average ilvl with PvP pieces counting -1 average, for rBG players 3000 resilience. It's really not a high demand.
  • Killing Occu'thar or reaching 1200 rbg rating. It's really just to prove you are not inactive.
There would be no separate alt rank, as it doesn't really matter who sits behind the character, if the character itself has proven to be useful. The name of the "main" will be still written to the officer note, so when /guildinfo shows that the newly invited char is an alt, the main must validate the alt, to prevent socials to get several "members" invited.

I promoted some people who came into my mind, if you are not promoted and should be, contact me. Also, inviters please be extra careful when inviting a new member. Do a /guildinfo before and after inviting. If the "account" field did not increase, you invited an alt. If the guy did not mention that he is an alt, send me a mail and I kick the punk. If he did say he is an alt, ask him to log his main. Check if the main is Raider-rBG ranked and write the main's name into the officer note.


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering - after each content patch, you're going to need to increase the average iLvl/resilience score that shows an alt is ready. So, how long after each patch will people get to upgrade their alts?

Uranax said...

Reaching 1200 RBG rating takes way more time then killing Occu'thar. 1200 is 7 wins at 192 rating per win, that will take at least 5 hours. Killing Occu'thar takes 30 min max.

If you are going to have requierments (and I don't like them in the first place) at least make them equal.

Camo said...

I thought about alts, too.
While I can see the point of having only one incomplete alt in the guild, it won't make a difference whom the player wants to play.
If he wants to level another alt, he will and either join the guild and kick his other alt or in another guild/unguilded.
The downside is that he won't be available for groups and his crafting professions don't show up in the guild panel since you only need level 75 to max a profession.

Anonymous said...

Isn't having requirements like gearscore, set achievements, bonuses etc. sort of going against the spirit of the guild? If "RaiderRbg" is to be prioritized, then what you're doing here is essentially formalizing a GS rule: if you have less than 340 GS you cannot raid unless there are nobody else. I'm not playing and 340 means relatively little to me, but even if it is very easy to get there this seems like a slippery slope to go down. If the guild is for casual, but asocial raiding, wouldn't something like having gone to X successful raids/rbgs be a better criteria for the rank?

Anonymous said...

resilence is bit high, a casual player won't reach 3000 resil even with bought blue items to fill for nonpvp items in a month unless hes lucky with occu'thar drops

Eun said...

I spend more time overall, on my alt's than I do on my main characters. Since I only use my main characters for certain events. Because they aren't allowed to join the PuG, they are in other guilds. Your fear is that with more alts people wont spend as much time on their mains, but even with the rules as they are you can't prevent that happening. So your cutting off your nose to spite your face.

As for the 3000 resilience, get a crafted set made. Takes a week max to farm the mats for the most casual of casual gamers. Getting a set crafted by farming mats or farming gold is much faster than relying on random drops and doing BGS. The set alone gives 2.5k resi which means you only need 1 trinket and say the cloak and your at 3k already. Not a hard task.

NB: The set is ilvl 358 which also means newly 85s can get into all random dungeons. Theres also similar ilvl off-set pieces like neck and rings from JC.