Greedy Goblin

Monday, September 5, 2011

Following the steps of Al Bundy

I haven't posted a business idea since long time, but not because I quit making gold, but simply because I did not need to come up with anything new. Since I dropped inscription, I make gold from 3 sources:
  • Selling whatever odd crap I bump into during normal gameplay. It doesn't provide significant income besides the trash BoE epics from Firelands
  • Selling heavenly shards. I'm practically the sole supplier of these shards on horde side, and one of the top sellers on alliance. Producing them is easy: you buy elementium and obsidium, craft Stormforged shoulders, disenchant and sell. How can all the hordies not doing this is beyond me, the profit in a single shard is over 50G and they sell in hundreds.
  • Selling shoes, like the great founder of the most true political movement, the NO MA'AM. I buy 359 justice point boots from trade chat people and guildies for 700, selling them between 1000-1900G. Besides being puzzled by what other people are doing with their spare JP and honor, I also don't understand why the most useless boots are my best sellers. Rock furrow boots sell like candy, despite a 365 alternative is available for 150G after a single day of Molten Front dailies, while the second best seller is the hunter shoe, despite an equal shoe is available for 80G at Hyjal exalted and the Molten Front dailies give "old" Hyjal rep in large quantities.
Anyway, these obvious and simple activities work:

I'd try to put this sum into perspective: I got the 30K gold from quests achievement in this July, and the 25K gold looted achievement on August. So conventional play gathered me 55K. Since I had expenses, including 220K on the server first guild lvl 25, I earned 20-30x more gold via trading than via means that are used by the average player. Please note that the trading is a player-player transaction, so by definition the average player has 0 trading balance (actually -5% due to AH cut). So I managed to get 20-30x more gold than an average guy without farming, without forcing myself, just by following the business rules, the goblin way. I also hope that via this blog I could teach you the most important steps, so you are also having more than enough without farming.

PS: spare me from the "you can't use that gold, it's vanity" comments. I just figured out something really nasty what to do with it.


nightgerbil said...

Interesting. Still you of all people never had issues making gold. When you find a revenue stream how do you deal with competition coming to it? drive the price to the noise floor and wait to see who quits first?

Orosei said...

The best lesson learned from this: Never underestimate how much money is held by people dumber then you.
I still sell a Void Sphere every few days for 60G, at 2G mats. And every time I look up who it sold too? New Shaman/Paladin/Druid/DK that just picked up a Relic with a prismatic gem slot, and those obviously need a prismatic gem to fill that slot.

Gevlon said...

@Nightgerbil: I simply walk away and find another business. There are many-many niches and all need suppliers.

I usually just bump into the niche: I need something for myself or someone on /trade whines that he can't find it. If it's profitable, I start mass-crafting it.

Tuzvihar said...

Free gold doesn't exists? Selling Vanishing Powder for 7g average, is what I call free gold. A stack sells almost every day.

Bobbins said...

'So I managed to get 20-30x more gold than an average guy without farming'

However if you take your heavenly shard windfall then I would suggest your excessive profit is mainly funded by Bots. Farming in this way is probably more profitable then selling the shards.

Anonymous said...

Hiyas. Wondering what sort of profit margin you are making on the shards on your server. On mine the mats for one set of shoulders is around 68g, with shards selling for around 90g. I would think I'd need an large market for shards to be able to generate the thousands you have. What are the numbers like for you, and over what period did you do this?

Tzimisce said...

How about farming for expensive stuff? Does it count?
Okay, it does not give the expected 2000 gold/hour, but can give more than 500.
And good old netherweave bag is still selling in huge amounts. That was/is/will be my favourite.

Anonymous said...

GZ on your server, shards on my server are 40g a piece, mats are 20g. You can make money out of it but not that much. And your server has ridicolous prices on the boots, my server all the boots are 400-700g.