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Thursday, June 30, 2011

4.2 guild info

This post is mostly for the guild, but some parts can be interesting to anyone.

We are already raiding, despite I did not organize raid, as "Patch day, no play" I believed. Others did, and tried on Betty. She is still up but the trash is down giving some BoEs, providing 30K pot. They also give Avengers of Hyjal rep, up to honored.

First and foremost: Occu'thar is unavailable. We will raid Ugly Betty!

Tol Barad: while we gave up on guarding TB all day, we will still attempt to win as many as possible. The reason: lot of honor points. Since 4.2 honor points give vicious gear. People are expected to be (near) full vicious when rated BG season starts. Also it give access to TB inner dailies, which are still needed for the resist trinket to those who don't yet have it.

Weekend raid time was dead time. I try to revive them by holding boost raids to old content there for new people.

The guild page is updated for 4.2.

The new quests: The "save Thrall" questline rewards 365 capes, but the Avengers give 378 at friendly.

The new dailies give access to vendors giving 365 loot. These are not necessary to do, as they are only marginal upgrades from 359 gear. Of course if you are new, you should do these quests as it is much better gear than greens. They also give recipes to very profitable BoEs and are very fast in group. Forming groups for these is highly recommended, due to increased speed and ganking survival (PvP server). Choose Shadow Wardens in P2, so we can all form groups. If you quest, you have to quest for both anyway.


Anonymous said...

"People are expected to be (near) full vicious when rated BG season starts."

sounds dangerously like a guild requirement

Anonymous said...

The Save Thrall capes are somewhat useless, as you get a 378 rep cloak really quickly (took me about 2hrs of raiding firelands). I'm sure a lot of guilds will be 7/7 by the end of this week already, hell some where 7/7 already before yesterday evening.

Anonymous said...

Just a thing, doesn't The Pug want people to make a good efford in gemming, enchanting etc, still you use a tbc (maybe wotlk?) meta gem that even got an upgraded version from Cataclysm.

Anonymous said...

It is not a requirement, merely a prediction of what will be necessary to win the competition for a spot in the queuing group.

I estimate one would be held to little consequence if asking to go to a rated battleground in lesser gear, but losing the spot to someone more prepared. (Complaining about that resolution of such an attempt would qualify you for being derided, though.)

Jokkl said...

@first anon

since when is the pug a pvpguild?!

Anonymous said...

"sounds dangerously like a guild requirement"

It isn't, it is a heads up to notify you about the competition.

The underlying message is that everyone is expected to have such gear standards (mainly for rBG). The competition will do the same: the rBG teams, the horde in TB, and other PuG members. Regarding the latter: if there are 11 rBG members and there is a choice to be made between a 3k resi tank and a 0,5k resi tank the choice is simple.

The previous "requirement" for resi was 2k for rBG. I am not sure, but I am fairly positive you get that with crafted, or half Bloodthirsty.

Anonymous said...

While waitintg for Occu'thar, you could do that :