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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prizes updated

From last week, there is definitely improvement. On the progression front we killed Al'Akir.

I want to increase the PvP activity of the guild, but not much were done on this field. Are you not entertained? prize is 5000/G person, I'm hoping to lure some serious PvP-ers to the guild.

As I told, I found a toplist where we could get,'s guild achievement list. The limit to get to the world top 100 is 1560. We have 1515, so we are now only 45 points away. Getting to world top 100 would be "awesome" without doubt. Let's see what we could get:
  • Crittergeddon: 99%, was 88%, will be completed in days without any effort
  • Daily driver: 95%, was 90 no point motivating it, people are doing dailies on their own
  • City attacker: completed
  • Battleground and arena achievements: currently I'm focusing on PvE, PvP-ers must take the task on
  • Al'Akir guild run: done
  • Nefarian guild run: I want him down this week, maybe the next. I'll extend lockout.
  • Glory of the Cata raider: meta for Nefarian, (the rest are already done)
  • Glaives: 20000G offered for anyone who gets them on his own (or bring it to the guild), I also organize paid raids to BT. I'm in negotiation with a guild on the server who might sell us them.
  • Thori'dal, Shadowmourne: I found a contractor who is in progress of finishing the blade, has bow and selling them to us.
  • We are legendary: meta for the above ones for 25 points.
  • Profession achievements: They will be nerfed seriously in 4.1
  • United nations: bugged, will be fixed next patch.
Stolenlegacy wrote another very useful addon: setmynote. Officers of the guilds shall have it, and if a member whispers "!note xyz" then the addon changes their public note to xyz. Why don't they change them themselves? Because you can't allow the members to set notes, because (thanks to crappy programming by Blizzard) if you can set your own note, you can set anyone's which allow trolls to have fun. Members, alts, please set your notes using the "/w someinviter !note xyz" command.


Anonymous said...

Try not to rely on the profession achievements. When they're nerfed, they're nerfed for everyone, so the relative ranking might not change.

Gevlon said...

Obviously. But no point farming it if it gets nerfed.

Anonymous said...

You might like to know that for all the EU servers you are only 5 points away from breaking the top 100.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon I believe you'll appriciate the humor on this particular comic

RaduKing said...

I just want to say that it's strange that you have United Nations bugged when in our guild we have 52 reputations in that acheivement when no guild member has more than 48 exalted reputations...