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Saturday, October 9, 2010

We actually won?

While we are not Inglorious Gankers, we go WG pretty often, and despite the 3-8 tenacity, we often win. This screenshot memorizes the moment when bunch of allies recognize that we won, despite we have no graveyards and farmed by lolling hordies. Of course the trick was the "hide a demo at the west". It never gets old.

If you are interested in organized PvP, want a guild that will be very active on rated BGs and Tol Barad, join! Just don't forget the rules.

The "hide a demo at the west" trick explained:
1: with the first wave, destroy that wall. Leave your siege/demo and go back BT. The defenders will wipe out the attacking team anyway
2: following the green line, bring a demo to this position. It's behind a tree, they can't see it. Wait until they capture BT or simply get bored and go somewhere else.
3: following the line, bring the demo to the yard. Don't attack the inner wall, position your demo to shoot the door directly:


Falga said...

What is actually "hide a demo at the west" trick? Explain please.

Kenny said...

This is what wintergrasp was 'supposed' to be about: Battle tactics.

Wintergrasp actually becomes 'fun' when you get a group of people together, form a plan, execute it and achieve victory. I have had one such victory where all I did was ride between the southern GJ and (with 20 tenacity)and kill random horde trying to take them. I was part of a greater plan, and we achieved a very easy victory.

Grinding those '28th Orc feet' was 'fun' then, due to the greater plan. Interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

This wouldn't work if the opposing faction wasn't utterly retarded. There's usually a bunch of stragglers dueling in the middle that would stop you if they REALLY had to.

Aethryl said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

horde on my realm have 7-20 tenacity at any time and we usally win as allys whats the big deal

Gevlon said...

If the horde has tenacity, it means that the ally outnumber them badly. Of course they win. In our case the horde outnumber us badly.

Squishalot said...

I agree with the Anonymous. That would never work on our server, simply because there are generally enough organised Horde / Alliance to actually defend properly, on both sides, and at least one or two who can/will call out 'inc' when they see incoming siege/demos, especially if you've broken a wall down.

Our server's Alliance WG strategy is typically to have about a dozen people out on catapults taking down towers, 3-4 people will man East guns and scout for siege, and the rest will push out and defend around the ledges just outside the west and south sides of the keep.

Your strategy is a niche one at best, designed specifically for your poor server. It's certainly not viable in any competitive WG.

Kenny said...

@Squishalot "Your strategy is a niche one at best, designed specifically for your poor server. It's certainly not viable in any competitive WG."

This is actually a *Tactic*, as distinct from a *Strategy*.
The wikipedia page explains it relatively well:

The strategy Gevlon is using is to apply limited resources in the most effective way, while creating sufficient diversions/bluffs to draw away the much greater resources of the enemy. His tactic is "hide a demo at the west".

Clearly this tactic will not work within the conditions of every other WG. But this strategy, of applying battle resources effectively, and making the enemy misapply theirs, if executed well, with sufficient tactics WILL work on every sever, guaranteed.

John Newhouse said...

@Squishalot: Of course it would not. But on a balanced server, we would not have to do it too. We do what we must to survive.

Azryu said...

Yea... our server has a new horde guild that likes to fancy themselves hot-shots and brings their whole guild to WG. The intent is to lockout the Ally's from ever having wintergrasp. It starts with "Takeover Tuesdays" and goes from there.

Squishalot said...

@ Kenny - if the tactic in question will determine the success or failure of the overall strategy, it's fair enough to say that the particular tactic is core to the strategy. Hence, the strategy (to win using this trick by employing diversions) is not viable on other servers, where people aren't as easily distracted.

@ Wildhorn - I agree, and that's fair enough. But it's not generalisable, which is why I question the use of a post, even a Saturday post, on the topic. Two people in a raid were shocked. One person questioned the seriousness of the tactic. I hardly think it 'memorizes' [sic] a 'bunch of allies'.

John Newhouse said...

@Squishalot: Balanced servers are kinda rare. Most of servers have a faction more populous than the other one or a faction that care about PvP more than the other. So I think, even if not generalist, this strategy apply to the majority of servers.

Squishalot said...

@ Wildhorn - the server doesn't need to be balanced. It just needs enough people on each faction who can run a strategy and keep pushing for people to scout and defend properly. On my server, Alliance win more times than not. That doesn't mean that the Alliance side simply lets its guard down in defense.