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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday Night harvest

As I told yesterday, the harvest is slowing down. I'm still selling glyphs, but for less than 20G on average. The competition seems to run low, because during repost I see more and more glyphs that needs not to be touched. There are only 4K glyphs in the AH, it was a long time when I've seen that low. However it is also possible that the competition is waiting to make a killing later. Well, good luck, considering I'm still sitting on 6K glyphs + inks/3.

My harvest income is 62.5K, so 12K more than yesterday. Not terrible, but could be much better.


Breevok said...

May I invite you to visit CSAHFs? I'd love your input on my current direction. I've just broken 120k since patch day, following the advice you have given over the years.

Anti said...

i've started reducing my stocks. posting several teirs of sales.

3 @ 60g
3 @ 50g
3 @ 40g
3 @ 30g
3 @ 25g
rest @ 20g

at the moment the low end of the market is about 20-30g.

my idea is to reduce stocks of glyphs i have way too many of. these were crafted at 1 ink per glyph anyhow so i'm still making good profit on them.

if i can reduce my stocks to 6 to 9 of each glyph this week i'll be happy. then i'll once again return to my role of backstop of the market. taking high profit sales when competitors run out of stock.

Anonymous said...

I wish "my" server had that price on glyphs.

20-25g is the normal price. Nowadays no glyph is listed under 100g. Max is 300g.

Carl said...

This is the first weekend after patch day, so there is a massive influx of (real) casual players who only log in on the weekends. What you observe as a drop in supply may well be a spike in demand

Ruex said...

The Harvest is still High and active on my server, Eonar US. Glyphs still between 50g - 200g. Money still to be made.

Unknown said...

I have made close to 100k since patch day, the best day was Saturday, 50k, and still sitting on shed loads of glyphs and enough inks to make more. Prices are still pretty good, though some are posting for as little as 15g - they don't stay put for long though!

Anonymous said...

I made 100k since patch day from 1 ink glyphs out of 60s herbs. There are 5-6 active sellers on my server and the casual scribes post as low as 3g. Even 3 of those experienced sellers will post as low as 8g. So my thought is to stock up for cata and profiting from these pre 4.0.1 glyphs that are posted way under production value - not even counting the time invested on miling, ink and glyph making. So i did a test run on saturday and bought all glyphs that were up for 10 gold or less, took 17k to clear the AH. On sunday most glyphs stabilized around my arbitrary 10g threshold and it took only 7k.
It will take a while until bots will dump the price of those new cata herbs and since the old iots exchange goes away i feel pretty save assuming 80-90s per herb + time saved for making them.

Zifmia said...

How much time do all these 100k+ glyph sellers have to spend camping the AH? Despite some predictions, and stories of people opening their mailbox to 150k of overnight glyph sales, I only made about 8k off of glyphs since patch day. I was only able to log on once or sometimes twice a day since the patch, and while I sold a lot of glyphs at 40-50g, most times when I logged on I found I had been undercut, whether I had posted for 100g or 60g or 30g. The demand on my server clearly wasn't enough to drain the supply of glyphs, and I didn't find a price point where I had no competition, so I had hundreds of glyphs that went unsold despite multiple postings that were low AH prices when listed (not to mention the hundreds of glyphs I didn't even try to sell because they were listed for well under production cost).

Maybe I should have given in and just listed everything at 10-15g, recognizing that while the 50g sales were out there, they weren't going to be mine if I wasn't willing/able to invest the time watching the AH to re-re-repost.

Anti said...

litterally just finished a buyout of my AHs.

about 3k spent in each faction.
bought most glyphs listed under 9g. i get a bit wary holding more than 30 glyphs of sap or revenge though.

i have to tell myself i can long term storage them like my khorium i bought before epic BC gems expecting prospecting and only recently sold to engineers making choppers in the last few months of wrath.

my server herb prices pre 4.0 were 1g+ each adders, icethorn lichbloom. i'm assuming Cataclysm herbs will be upwards of 2g-3g each.

10g glyphs are below cost now and will only become better later.

Anonymous said...

Concerning those real crappy glyphs - i changed my strategy since i already got enough supply to never ever make them again. I put all glyphs that are learned from trainers on my black list and only buy the maybe bad, but rare glyphs.

I have a feeling that trainer recipes will flood the market and as long as the new scribes don't give up selling them they will outnumber their respective demand.