Greedy Goblin

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Harvest update

The Great Glyph Harvest is coming to its end on my server. Glyphs are selling for 10-25G, and the "work for food tip" messages appeared on the /trade.

My income on the harvest was 50K and still sitting on a large inventory.

Tip: auctioneer addon has a stable beta release.


Anonymous said...

I've done well in herbs over the past 6 hours, it looks like I'm up about 15k with minimal investment. I figured most good goblins have been stocking up for weeks on the cheap for glyphs, and that I'd wait for the weekend warriors to show up today, and they did. Many stacks that were just 10-15g last weekend are going almost instantly for 45-60g.

chewy said...

I was fascinated by your "business tip" yesterday, one can buy the faster flying for up to 1000g cheaper.

Flying at 280% is flying at 27yds/sec, flying at 310% is flying at @30yds/sec so on a 1000 yard journey you will save yourself approximately 3.5 secs.... and it's good business to spend 4000g on 3.5 seconds ?

It reminded me of the apocryphal story; Bill Gates sees a $50 bill on the pavement because of his earnings per hour it's not economically viable for him to stop and pick it up.

Anonymous said...


The question is how far you are going to travel on the toon you buy it on.

Obviously you wouldnt buy it on a bank alt.

People generally consider it as a investment that will last them forever.

Anonymous said...


the tip is not "buy the high speed flying", is "*if* you want to buy the high speed flying...". If you don't want/need it it's your business.

Also, it's wrong to say that you spend 4kG on 3.5 seconds, since the high speed flying is not going to wear off after 1000 yards. You will easily fly much more than that.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon I have to thank you for the tip with the powder. I'm surprised but morons realy buy it from AH rather than go to the vendor and buy it for 33s/5 the buy it for more than 1g/1 nearly 2g

Sedirex said...

@chewy Gold doesn't do anything in this game. Anyone that's decent with auctions has vastly more than 4k lying around. Why not spend that on a little luxury? It's better than throwing it away on a mechanohog with no advantages over your 50g wolf (unless you count that extra passenger, in which case it's quantifiably inferior to the Hodir mammoth).

Anonymous said...

If you look at the updated Azeroth maps you will see a large increase in flight points in virtually all zone.

I am not convinced you will get much use out of the 310% flight as a lot of time will be air taxis...

But that of course will be if the prices are like they are now in old world rather than Northrend flight prices

Anonymous said...

flying skill is currently mostly a luxury if you dont have gathering professions. (including 280% flight) the only place you need to fly is icecrown, and RS. you can insta-queue to anywhere else youd need to go. its only a 1m30s flight from dal->icecrown without 280% flying.

Shadowstep_US_Bloodhoof said...

Yeah my glyph boom is drawing to a close as well, Ended out with ~ 115k from the whole deal. My biggest advantage on opening day was when I had auctionator working and I could post quickly while zero auctions was still being put into working order, That first day was wave after wave of 45-150g auctions in the mail. 2 days later i was still pulling in vast sums of glyphs averaging around 35g, im back down to 15-20g average.

I think that in the next few weeks though when everything calms down will be the time to start preparing for cata. While this is and will likely always be one of the biggest glyph booms, im expecting a miniboom the week before and after cataclysm's release date, when everyone is returning to the game after a long leave, as well as though stingy players that only wanted their raiding glyphs that now want/need a more leveling focused setup.

Cheers Shadowstep_US_Bloodhoof

Anonymous said...

As a player who plays specifically to gank, that 30% can mean all the difference when you're chasing one of those 280%er's down.

That being said most aren't ganking like I am.

chewy said...

@the various anonymous

It's quite right to point out that it isn't only 3.5 secs, it is indeed reusable, I was merely highlighting the very limited benefit that it brings.

Look at it another way - If you can't make money whilst you're flying then the extra speed comes in handy but because it's such a small benefit then to recoup your investment will take a long time. Of course if you can make money while flying then the extra speed doesn't matter.

4000g isn't that much but even if it was 400g I'm not sure I would bother, it's a fairly pointless acquisition when you consider the true benefit it brings. But if you want to buy it just to have it, that's fine, enjoy.

Quixotic said...

@Anon I agree, I never got epic flying on what is now my main (level through instances/bgs from 68-80) but I'm definitely getting it before cata hits in December. Leveling without epic flying isn't worth the costs saved unless you're not going to quest at all.

Botter said...

I like scribes.. They are my best customers.
Although I have a scribe toon myself but I rather sell my herbs myself.
4 days before the patch I was running 4 bots gathering herbs.. 2 in Sholazar and 2 in Stormpeacks. Each "farmer" sending their herbs to their alt banker...

The bots were running non-stop until one day before the patch...

Can you imagine the huge amount of herbs I gathered. Each alt banker got all 7 bank tabs with 32 slot herb bags and 4 on itself... and they were all full with plenty of herbs still waiting in the mailbox.

I decided to risk it and post them ALL in the AH, although I might get detected by Blizz. I doubled the normal sell prices although I see some farmers triple them.

I logged in yesterday to gather my gold... It was an 120k with plenty of herbs returned.

Beancounter showed that 5 players that bought most of my herbs.. Armory showed that 4 are scribes and 1 Alchemist.

Well maybe I should've made glyphs... But I still got the expansion to look after.... Might produce huge amounts of glyphs since I'm 900% sure that a lot of players will start new toons in cataclysm and those new toons will need their glyphs... maybe not right away but a few days after the expansion there will be a huge demand.

I know that you Gevlon and most of your followers are against Botters... but we are still your main supplier of cheap herbs and ores... So our methods benefits your wow gold business