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Monday, September 20, 2010

LFM PvP-er

The conversion factors for honor system has arrived giving the following conversion rates:
  • Old Honor * 0.024
  • Old Arena Points * 0.85
  • Battleground Mark of Honor * 2.976
  • Wintergrasp Mark of Honor * 19.08
  • Stone Keeper Shard * 1.6
  • Venture Coin * 3
  • Spirit Shard * 1
It means that 1 WG mark = 795 old honor. If we add that WG gives very good honor from kills also, we can say for sure that WG is the best way to get honor. While I cannot be sure, but it is not a long shot to assume that they extend the same system to Cataclysm, so Tol Barad will be the place for honor. Also, they removed rating requirements, so from Justice points you can get high-level PvP gear easily. Also, there is a faction assigned to Tol Barad, offering pretty nice trinkets at exalted.

That's the news I've been waiting since I had to shut down the Ganking project. WoW lacked any kind of progression or reward system for large-group PvP. You could be the master of WG, you could keep 20x more enemies out of VoA for weeks, you get nothing that would notify you of your progression or reward you. Now we have the justice point shower, the Tol Barad faction and rated BGs.

So here I call on PvP-ers of the European realms (theoretically Americans can join too, but PvP demands low lag)! Join The PuG if you plan serious Arena or rated BG PvP in Cataclysm. What do we offer?
  • Documented success in dominating WG. While many guilds can offer "join us we'll farm justice points together", they may suck. We won't. We already did it against very bad odds. Tol Barad seems to be much more strategic. WG could be won by a small organized team since the majority were ganking each other in the middle of the nowhere. In Tol Barad, you'll need a large, organized team.
  • Low-mid pop realm, so our team won't disappear among the 2x150 zerging M&S populating the higher pop realm. We will be the majority in Tol Barad, guaranteeing success. Also, we will all get in the field, no one will be left out (in high pop realms there is queue).
  • Low-mid pop realm again: no lag, no quest mob camping, no terrible anal spam shower on /trade.
  • PvP server, of course.
  • Blackout battlegroup, the most populated battlegroup with very low Ally side wait time. Just English language realms.
  • Alliance side: most PvP-ers are on the horde, so you can play against good players in normal BGs. Smashing morons is fun, but makes one lazy and teaches nothing. If you plan serious PvP, you'll need practice.
  • No-attendance raiding with gold bid in The PuG. You can join for BiS trinkets and other stuff coming from PvE without any kind of commitment, and you can get it with gold, you don't have to kiss butt, boost officer alt or farm raids for DKP
  • Already large PvP-er basis (remember, we were Inglorious Gankers), so no problem filling rated BGs, getting team for WG/Tol Barad, finding new members for Arenas
  • Clarification: this is not the IG, so we are not aimed to constantly dominate WG/Tol Barad. We just take it often for justice points. If we are not enough to reasonably win, we just pick a good spot for honorfarming.
  • No crap on the guild channel.
  • Living economy, there is crafter for everything
If you like it, join! You can transfer, or level a new char if you want to PvP with different class in Cataclysm. 100G start gold for rerollers and no GS requirement on raids (just brain requirement). Don't forget to read the rules or you can end up kicked very fast!

Jams of Twilight Hammer went to ICC with this fine specimen:


Anonymous said...

Also, they removed rating requirements, so from Justice points you can get high-level PvP gear easily.

Not really true, Justice Points is the lower kind of points to buy the second best items (like triumph now lets you buy Furious and Frost is higher for Relentless).

You will be able to buy Relentless with your Justice Points, but that's only usuable in the month between 4.0.1 and Cata release. You will only get the second best items with JP at lvl85.

Derrek said...

I'd gladly join your guild if you supported teamspeak. While I'm an asocial person myself and I agree with most of your principles, I think that you're being a bit too "radical".

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: and on 85 you prefer starting arenas in greens?

@Derrek: an example must be radical. I agree that a more player-friendly approach could be implemented, but that would not prove anything.

Anonymous said...

Those greens will be much much better than the current top set so it would be silly to try and continue using it.

Gevlon said...

I mean on lvl 85 there will be a blue or even epic starter set that you can buy from justice points.

Okrane S. said...

I'm sorry Gev, but PvP is the reason I transfered away from that realm.

Because the realm is so small and the battlegroup is horde favored any PvP on alliance side is doomed.

There simply arent enough players to form arena teams or to keep the pvp comunity alive (duels outside IF, premades, etc)

Serious PvP-ers play on large realms. Its no wonder large PvP centers have been created on realms like Stormscale for horde or Ravencrest and Outland for Alliance.

Gevlon said...

@Okrane S: Strange when we were on Magtheridon, we could PvP pretty well, until we got bored due to lack of progression options.

The horde-dominated battlegroup is a plus as it provides extra challenge (needed if you want to go pro) and also very fast queues.

What you are talking about is easy ganking for fun. That's what Stormscale (and Al'akir) horde does.

Okrane S. said...

Not exactly, the serious pvp-ers almost never gank: they do arenas.

The gankers are the fanboy kids who transfered to Stormscale because "it's pro realm lol".

What I am referring to is having enough people around to find serious arena partners (and easily replace them when they decide to quit) and also enough skilled people on the realm to be able to do enough duels and exchange ideas about the game.

If you want to see if your realm is good for PVP or not, just go outside IF or Org at a random moment and count the number of people dueling there. Anything less than 10 is bad imo.

Also PVE-wise the realm has to be advanced so that we can have easy access to key pve-gear without having to invest too much time into raiding. (for example if a realm is filled with geared people it will be much easier to blast through ICC and get those Heroic-DBW and whatnot)

Myt said...

How the fuck can no one do ok dps in a rep run???

On my paladin I have not killed a single ICC boss. My gear is crap with ilevel 200 and some pvp items (i prefer gems above offspec items). I join as ret dps because it allows for more slack during rep runs, even when having no experience as it besides 3 Naxx runs and 1 week of arena (I do have t1 weap), and I have no clue about the current theorycrafting. Still even I manage to do around 9000-12000 dps on the trash :|

Anonymous said...

Going into wintergrasp with tenacity and one shotting your enemies because you're in a coordinated group going up against pugs is not called skill... it's called ganking.

You want to pvp go hit arena and get gladiator because that's the pvp of cataclysm. You still have time to do it and if you have any pvp skill whatsoever you could make the cut with a good dps partner. Gladiator is easier to achieve now then it ever has been.

Grim said...

Unless Jams was tanking, he is really kind of the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind.

ardoRic said...

"Still even I manage to do around 9000-12000 dps on the trash :|"

In ilvl 200 and pvp gear? I call bullshit.

arthur said...

" * Old Honor * 0.024
* Old Arena Points * 0.85
* Battleground Mark of Honor * 2.976
* Wintergrasp Mark of Honor * 19.08
* Stone Keeper Shard * 1.6
* Venture Coin * 3
* Spirit Shard * 1"

Help me I seem to be missing a point here, am I correct that for each wintergrasp Mark of Honour you get 19 of the new honour, and so for each venture coin you get 3. The Venture bay dailies allow for 54 coins per day. The new softcap is 4,000 new honour points. Therefore 4,000 divided by 3 is 1,333.33 coins, divided by 54 is 24.7 days of dailies. Thats if you dont have a few coins already. So even without all the other bits and pieces (wg marks, stone keepers etc) you could top off each character to the 4,000 cap before cata on coin dailies?

Forreststump said...

So who is the bigger moron: "I ent rly worried about DPS in a rep run >_>" guy, or the moron who decided that a 4 DK, 3 Pally, and only one ranged DPS composition was acceptable.

Yes, I know it's JUST a rep run, but more available buffs/debuffs = more efficient rep grinding.

Anonymous said...

Re "you get nothing that would notify you of your progression" - as long as you don't recruit M&S socials, I can not see why they would care about external validation of their performance.

After you have done your WG weekly, isn't a quick heroic like Nexus (20 SS) better HK than WG, especially since you could run 4 Nexi in the time it takes for WG to respawn. I certainly don't see "very good honor from kills" but I am on the large majority side and only see a couple of Horde victories on Tuesdays.

We also don't know what the bonus honor is for the random BG queue do we? That may be the best hk/hour after the WG weekly which remains the overwhelming hk/hour leader.

I assume we don't yet know how profitable it will be to run a BG weekly with PvE and crafting toons - ie the price that hk sells for via gems. Or there may not be one; the WG weekly was in response to the design problems and lag issues and they wanted to discourage participation by paying out weekly not daily.

Derrek said...


"an example must be radical."
(1) It can be radical, and by being so it creates a strong impression, but it's not a necessary characteristic. However, a perfect example (of course, within limits) or as close to perfection as possible is sufficient. "an example must be perfect" - this holds more truth to a rational mind.

(2) WoW is entertainment, most people play it to have fun (though I suppose you know this already).

"I agree that a more player-friendly approach could be implemented, but that would not prove anything."

People can be 100% asocial and have (maybe the best) results. This is very stressful and unnecessary for them, and in contradiction with point (2). It means you're either using people or they freely volunteer to prove the first assertion of this paragraph.

Mick said...

"Yes, I know it's JUST a rep run, but more available buffs/debuffs = more efficient rep grinding."

What about the time lost trying to find said ranged/caster dps for raid buffs? Factor that into your equation champ?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should explain. When I emailed Gevlon, it was to show the DK didn't understand diseases. Not the DPS meter. Gevlon understood, and posted it.

The full story, and there was no need for Gevlon to post it, was it was when ICC10 first came out. We were all in ToC gear without any ICC buff, with 1 tank and just blitzing trash late at night before a reset with my alt.

The DPS is not the story, its the fact the DK is in ICC not knowing why to apply diseases.

That's why its "morons" of the week, not "slack dps" of the week.


Anonymous said...

Hi !

can you tell me why have you choose a realm like agamaggan :

poorly populated of ally , don't you think you 're going to be kicked at pvp free fight even if your team is prepared ?

Anonymous said...

If I was Jams I wouldn't talk. 4.9k in AOE or single target is still garbage DPS, even without the 30% buff. Come on.