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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Morons of the week

I got loads of screenshots where people sold holiday stuff like bracelet for nice income. However since these items must be farmed, they are not free. While I would never give a copper for these stuff, people have their priorities. Bad priorities can make them dumb, but they are not morons in the business sense. It's not like buying ice cold milk for 10G while the vendor 10 yards away sells it for 10c. That being said, some prices are high enough to call the buyers morons.
By Alex:

By Renas:

Mundy tried to be helpful (or mean maybe) but failed, because this M&S was at least honest, revealing why all the M&S are so bad:

Lot of people choose to just send the morons here rather than confronting them and send them to the "mean guys" column. I usually just ignore such posts, but Gwailin found a 0/71/0 mage and I can't let this abomination escape being ridiculed. I'm especially fond of his AoE selection, that fits his wonderful spec perfectly:

We know the trick when someone posts lot of items high or low to manipulate AH-addons like Auctioneer. But I'm afraid our friend is a bit confused about what manipulation he wants. (by Stealthish of Zenedar-EU)

Finally the unmissable arch-moron, this time by someone who forgot to sign his mail, and I don't want to publish his mail address:


No Spoon said...

'' well yer it was free but I put alot of time into getting mats ''

Gev, I have an idea for a page for you blog. Moron of the Month , with readers voting.

I hope you'll like the idea.

Anti said...

best line today

"[Guild] *sigh* now Grogar is going to whinge on about how much gold he has "

i litterally laughed out loud.

how many of us goblins get a similar reputation in our own guilds?

Ladron de la Noche said...

I am very entertained by how annoyed Grogar's guildmates are of him. Is nonstop bragging and being generally obnoxious to guildmates part of the goblin philosophy too?

Lee said...

@Anti: Yeah, I think most of us goblins have this reputation.

What I'd be interested in is an overview how wealthy all the goblins reading this blog are. Just to get a picture where I stand.

Anonymous said...

I think you are doing the bracelet a bit of an injustice: For my last two 7xs, with BOA chest and shoulders, each quest gives > 25XP. So just using bracelets you could essentially do almost all of level 79 (16 days @ 4*25k per diem ) For many levelers, that is worth more than 1c.

Hobart said...

Boasting about how much gold you have increases the chances of getting your account hacked and is NOT a smart or goblinish thing to do.

Unknown said...

The screen of Lovely Charm Bracelet is clearly a forgery, since the item is limited duration item and cannot be listed to AH or even mailed to alt.

They can only be traded hand to hand or transfered to an alt through a guild bank.

Unknown said...

Seems i was partly wrong about not being able to AH them.

You cant AH them on EU servers, but you can do it on US servers.

Anyway, places like Ulduar and similar for farming these have been nerfed.

Before that, it was indeed around 1.5k gold per hour by mindless farming. So it wasnt really moronish to farm these.

Denethal said...

Hobart: Actually.. No.
They'll need you to download a keylogger AND install it before they can "hack" you, as you put it.

Character name does not equal account name.

They'll also need your e-mail account to be able to do anything, so unless you use the same e-mail for everything, you'll be safe from scam mails and whatnot.

(And only M&S falls for the scam mails anyway.)

Anonymous said...


What? No, not true.

There is no targetted 'hacking' so put that crazy idea out of your head.

Do you realize how inefficient bruteforcing is in WoW?

Quick numbers. To bruteforce a 5-letter password , at an 1 second login attempt/second, a would be cracker would need 27 to 5-th power attempts, or over 14 million seconds, or 162 days.

With 6 letter passwords this increases to 4400 days, or .... 12 years.

This is assuming the would be 'cracker' knows that person's e-mail, has a machine that can operate constantly, the victim never logs in, the victim has a weak 5-letter 0 number password, the cracker KNOWS that and that Blizzard has no system in place to ring bells when over 10 failed attempts are spent.

This is ridiculous. no one is ever, EVER, 'hacked'. When an account is stolen, it's information is either socially engineering extracted from the victim (Goblins are hopefully immune to social engineering), or a keylogger is planted, but those are delivered by fire and forget payloads (no control of spread).

Anonymous said...

You know what's sad? The moron 0/71/0 mage? I've seen a LOT of pugs do worse than that.

I just did a heroic the other day on my resto druid and outdamaged everyone except for the tank. It makes me hurt a little inside.

Anonymous said...

Boasting about how much gold you have in guild chat won't increase your chances about getting hacked, but it certainly will increase your chances of guildies begging for gold off you.

Unknown said...

OH haiiiiiii i see im famous! well the Ah ammo thing was a drunken night with auctioneer on. you obviously didnt see the ones i listed @ 100g PER bullet / arrow.

you'd be suprised how much i made !!! :O

Anonymous said...

Moral of this story don't drink and AH.