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Friday, December 25, 2009

Morons of the week

I hope you survived the feasts, gathered less than 1 kg extra weight and found place for Aunt Marlene's 15th pair of red socks. To help you survive the holiday when we have to act like we love the people around us, here are some authentic morons:

Bluffkin of Tarren mill EU sold some holiday spices (for way too low I might add). He also sold ammunitions in stacks of 100 but that doesn't get here, along with the 54 letters I got about the same practice. Don't get me wrong: I'm happy for you guys and even happier for the morons who lost their gold but this is now "usual business" and not news:

Alden was extremely lucky: he encountered a moron who sent him gift with the hate mail! I only have cheap morons who just send the hate mail with no gold or items.

Gunchix of Daggerspine-EU found and his buddy Andris sent me a great businessman. Selling cheap is one thing. Selling below vendor cost is another:

Speaking of selling below vendor costs (by Torquex of Barthilas-US):

Robin sent us some sales that could not happen if the buyers would use their heads for other purposes than holding a hat:

Lepeck of Mannoroth got a hate tell. It's not so funny on its own, but the name of the customers is priceless. BTW have you noticed the pretty good JC advertisement?
Gordrek of Saurfang-US posted 20x100 arrows, I assume for 90-80% of the 1000 price. He soon got a tell. But not the kind you would expect:

Stubb˙of Grizzly hills-US found a very busy monopolist. He reached his aim, he is the only seller of epic bullets now and can keep the stack cost at 10G... regardless of stack size:


garret said...

It's interesting how all of you 'goblins' take advantage of your anonymity to screw these people and use it to make you feel smarter. If you were running a real life business and tried to pull these same sort of tricks you'd develop a terrible reputation. You'd be seen as an immoral businessperson if you sold 100 nails per package instead of the normal 1000. In WoW, however, you redirect all blame to the customer.

I wonder if other MMOs have tried to create some sort of reputation system for sellers and buyers in the virtual marketplace. Maybe it just doesn't matter since it's all play money anyway.

Armond said...

That JC advertisement is cool the first few times you read it, but when you see it every thirty seconds in trade chat...

Not exaggerating either, two or three people have copied it.

Nick S. said...

"Sorry I was AFK. Why am I a douchebag?"

Bahahaha. Awesome.

Micah said...

The proper response to Markofkaos is to convince him to buyout the auctions, repost, and "keep the profit."

Gordrek said...

Thanks Gevlon :)
Might I also add that the price of Iceblade Arrows has dropped to a mere 10g from the 40g that Markofkaos wanted.
Also, the moron in question is part of the most elite guild on server. Morons come from every part.

Thanks Gevlon!

terraxx said...

On the mechano-hog. While it does look like it's below vendor value, he could be still turning a profit due to farming Ulduar.

Or, he's a moron. Either or.

Anonymous said...

But... you guys _are_ trying to trick people into thinking they are 1000 stacks. Say that you don't care, fine, but saying that there is some other reason is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

The pistons used to make the mechano-hog are not exclusive to vendors. They can be scavenged from mechanical bosses in Ulduar. It might therefore be inaccurate to describe selling the mechano-hog at 12.5k as selling below vendor cost.

Anonymous said...

If it comes from ulduar and you sell below vendor cost that would fall into the "I farmed for free" mindset. Still a M&S.

Anonymous said...

"If it comes from ulduar and you sell below vendor cost that would fall into the "I farmed for free" mindset. Still a M&S."

This is not an 'i farmed it for free scenario' really.

The pistons cost 1k each and vendor will buy them for 10g each.

You can either try and find someone who needs the mats for the mechano-hog and try and pursuade them to buy the parts off you at vendor price or you can try and get rid at less than vendor sell price but much higher than vendor buy price or you can make the hog and try and sell for a profit above vendor mat price or sell at a discount.

You may sell at a discount for a number of reasons. A notable reason is that there is little demand - this would be the same for titansteel items that now go on my server for less than their material costs - i presume that they were crafted recently with no idea of sell price or crafted some time ago and not listed until now, either way the mats are worth more than the items.

Anyway, i digress. The point with the pistons is that some profit (even below 'real price') is better than not selling them.

This is Gevlon's prime goblin ground. An item that costs 1k from one seller (the vendor)that you can undercut by 40% (for example) and still make huge profit.

Gevlon said...

About mechano-hog: don't forget auction house cut. For 12500G it's 625.

So if someone gets a dropped piston, he is much better off selling it for 5-600G on the AH (1000G at vendor) than buying the other materials and pay AH cut for all of them.

Forreststump said...

My anecdotal response to the "you're trying to rip people off" (rather than Frito Lay example) is Coca-Cola.

20oz (~600ml) bottle costs roughly $1.39; a 2L bottle costs (using convenience store price) $1.59. Often they are comparable in price at a grocery store (often LESS when on sale). Is the Coca-Cola company trying to rip me off?


Anonymous said...

The thing is, with eternal earth/ shadow at about 7g each, the "cost price" of a stack of this ammo is in the range of 1.5g.

To me, deliberately selling stacks of 100 at the same price as you'd sell 1000 is more a mean-spirited prank and trying to squeeze more profits from what you have. I mean, selling 10 stacks of 100 arrows for instance, will earn you maybe 13g more than if you sold them in stacks of 1000?