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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Morons of the week 2

I officially ended posting simple "I sold ammo at small stacks" pictures, only hatemail or guy rebuying his own or monopolist attempts fly. But this time I have to make an exception. I just have to (by Chinaflasks of Warsong-US):

Kupkakes of Uther got a pretty simple but complete hate mail. It contains all the love that a moronic competitor can give:

Sinntada of Sentinels US sold some rare and very expensive items (or at least that's what his buyers thought)

Shaedine of Jaedanar-EU didn't believe that someone can be so stupid to buy Ice cold milk. Luckily for her she gave it a chance:

Kureeji-Muradin(US) wasn't so optimistic about mankind and listed more:

Desdelyn of Shu'Halo US diversified her sales to several different vendor items:


Anonymous said...

Last two photos don't show up on blog.

Gevlon said...

Anyone else having these problems?

Jeanie said...

I can't see it either

Joe Lindsey said...

I see the photos just fine

Gevlon said...

Problem fixed. There were no more photos just empty tags (I copy and pasted too much html).

Repaxan said...

Buying 100-stacks are a bit understandable. Singles are just... wtf?

Hellbunny said...

Singles may seem ridiculous, but I can say from experience that they do sell. Not as quickly as 100 might, but it's way, WAY more profit.

It works on the same premise as buying 100 stacks -- morons don't pay attention. I list mine quite a bit under the standard 1k stack (for example, standard might be 10g, my single might be 6g). The morons don't look, they just see the "good deal" and try to scoop it up as quickly as possible.

Poor bastards.

Cozmo D said...

The forum post is classic. The guys name says it all!