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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bakers of the week

Croissants are so last year!

If you want to run a successful bakery all you need are spiced bread and morons!

Alan sold them only for 1G, way below their Real ValueTM. I'm surprised he did not get whispers from other sellers!

Xandros of Bloodscalp EU also made a moderate (678471%) profit on this wonderful item:

Wulfstan sold spice bread for their Real ValueTM. Great job!

Kevan "spiced up" his bag business:

Khaas of Bloodscalp US (his blog) also did his fair share of selling bread:

Oops, Marcus wanted to sell Spiced Breads for 1G each, but mistyped for 10. So a stack cost 200G. Luckily for him, the demand for bread is inelastic if M&S is present:

Legal Desclaimer: Real ValueTM is the registered trademark of Moronic Glyphsellers Inc.


Darraxus said...

Holy crap. I cant believe someone spent 200 gold for a stack of bread that costs about 2 silver to make.

Townes said...

I'm obviously not ambitious enough to be a good goblin. My wife and I are having such a good laugh that I'm at the top of the post for not charging enough at 1g apiece. Kudos to those who had the nerve to charge more.

And no, no whispers from other sellers because there were no other sellers, at least on the days I checked.

Interesting that the link to Wowhead shows the buyout price for spice bread as 5g. I ought to have looked there first, but really didn't expect it to sell!

Pangoria Fallstar said...

@Townes: If you've read the Milk posts here, then you SHOULD have expected it to sell.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as how the bread can be made in every city makes this way better

Wooly said...

Noo.. I mean.. just... no way..

This goes beyond moron.. I can't even laugh about it..

Anonymous said...

Remember people.

Person buys gold from goldfarmers. he has 10k gold and these guys dont bother checking the prices.

Heywood Djiblomi said...

What little faith in the intelligence of humanity I still possessed has been utterly shredded.

Unknown said...

Forresttump said: ..."What little faith in the intelligence of humanity I still possessed has been utterly shredded."...


I mean, c'mon! How can these people be SO stupid?!

Training Cooking: 1 silver

Simple Flour: 25 copper

Mild spices: 10 copper

So they cost 0,1,35 to get by themselves but they'd rather pay from 1,0,0 to 200,0,0 for them in the AH.

Can people be that moron?

Oh, and look the average buyout price for Mild Spices in Wowhead:

2006 gold! WTF?

Ismaris said...

I need to list some spiced bread and fast!

Glyph, the Architect said...

"Oh, and look the average buyout price for Mild Spices in Wowhead:

2006 gold! WTF?"

Likely an item like Refreshing Spring Water that gold buyers put up for gold sellers to buy.

Anonymous said...

About these very "inflated" prices, how many are legitimate screenshots and how many are from people using two accounts to have a screenshot on Morons of the Week?

If you look at the screenshots of about the Day of the Dead, you see that the same person bought a lot of milk whereas you needed like one or two to accomplish the quest from this holiday.

I myself saw very stupid questions and comments on the trade channel during the Pilgrim holiday, but I am always asking myself, is it a legitimate question or is it from someone fishing for attention.

Wulfstan said...

To the poster above me, I can confirm that I genuinely sold Spiced Bread for 90g.

I just got in early before the other Spiced Bread goblins crashed the price down to 1g!

The ironic thing is that my level 1 AH character learnt cooking just to make and auction this item. :-)

Xandros said...

I can confirm too, the spice bread definitely sells for 5-10-15g (I tryed these prices, and sold 41-5-5).

The 200g/20 is possible, and the 90g/1 too, maybe a misclick...

Somehow my screenshotted buyer's armory bugged, but you can check on wowprogress, he exists...

Unknown said...

Hey Gevlon,
I've been reading ur blog for a while and took in some goblinism to discuss with my economics teacher. He started getting very very pissed about the methods I was talking about, he doesnt play wow but it brought up really intresting debates in class and I just wanted to pass by and say thank you for this blog :P its really nice being able to relate what I learn to what you say so keep it up!

About the arcticle:
haha wow great I only sold mine for 3-5g but being able to sell for 10g is just incredible!

Anonymous said...

This thread fits here. :)

Unknown said...

Maybe my goblin radar is busted.. i completely didn't even see this opportunity until it was too late to 'make headlines'. However I do want to point out that some people honestly would rather pay these prices than make it themselves. I talked to one guild member who told me they would rather buy the bread, even after explaining that it was the first recipe you get when you learn cooking. M&S for sure..

Anti said...

i know this is way off topic but i need to get a message to all the glyph sellers. a post on your blog itself would be appreciated.

i have just put a post in the suggestion forums.

it would be good if the glyph sellers could support the thread. it might get more consideration.

"Selling Glyphs i have a few hundred auctions end within a five minute period.
This results in a few hundred individual mails from the auction house.

Would it be possible to combine these mails? Stack identical items? put 12 stacks of items into a single mail as is done when posting from a player to another player?

Or if all this is impossible, make it possible to see more than 51 mails at a time in the mailbox? like perhaps 500 instead?"

Anonymous said...

These posts make me sad because I have not had any luck with this strategy on my server. I've been posting spice bread and similar items for over a month now and have only gotten AH posting fees for my trouble.

Townes said...

@Pangoria: I'm sure I was partially inspired by the milk posts here, but I was still flabbergasted. It's like, you know people do stuff like this, but it's still hard to believe.

@Anonymous: I guess there's no way to prove it to you, but I did sell spice bread at 1g/apiece to two different buyers, each of whom bought 5.

To the poster above me: Don't be sad that your server isn't full of morons. Or, if that makes you sad, take some consolation in my only selling 9 or 10 pieces of it to 2 buyers.

Anonymous said...

I sold 5 stacks of it on my server for 20g a stack. Most of it sold on the very first day. Only saw one other person selling for 3 or 4 days then a few others joined in. Even with the undercut war that ensued I think the price only went down to about 13g.

morningstar said...

The minute the pilgrims event started i had this stuff up at 5g each, eventually dropped to 2g as someone got into a under cut battle with me, which was fine. but he just gave up and i got the price back to 5g. I poped the flour and the mild spices up as well at 2g each, just in case someoen a little smarter :) wanted to cook their own to save money. think i sold more of the raw mats than the bread but what got me was the 10-20 I sold the day after the event finished. ?
Think I'll keep a few on the ah for another week see if I cant sell them too ;)