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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Morons of the week

I didn't have time to manage morons of the week. Don't worry they are not lost, will come next week.

Ouch. Repaxan Winterhoof-US found a real gem of M&S:

Dave from Barthilas-US met with a really dumb wannabe monopolist:

Resilient parchment is sold in every city for 50s without rep discount. Yet it sells on the AH for 10+G. Thanks M&S!

If an alt is in the guild "Phaye Enterprises", you would guess his main is Phaye. If you would care at all. Well, Survelliance cares because he wants to harass him because he was unable to take him out of the bag market:

This is just another goldbegger, found by Trilbin of Caelestrasz:

The goblins of Dethecus were warned in a very discrete way that they are undercutting inappropriately:

KneegrowJim on Alterac Mountains was happy buying Berserker enchant recipe for 11g. The seller was not so happy:

Varoth found a nice proof that morons exist in all nations. Translation:
can you explane why you sell glyphs for 3g, when the one above you sells at 20?
why not? I still make money.
but only 2g instead of 19
difference, is it?
Yes, but I sell more of them than you do.
you would have sold them for 20 too. People buy everything.


Armond said...

Every time I read the bit about "people buy everything" and realize they're not talking about e.g. Evony... I cry a little inside because people don't understand the basics of supply and demand...

Ben said...

Another good batch, although Trilbins wasn't particularly funny or clever, and he spelt your name wrong to boot.

Anonymous said...

Dethecus is a server, not a player's name. Vael was speaking to the whole server's goblins.

Tobold said...

I laughed about "Have you heard of Gervon, the Greedy Goblin?"

Daniel said...

A little offtopic but can anyone recognize the chat addon on 5th and last picture?

P.S. I began to ruin the glyph economy on my new server. Hope to be able to feed screenshots soon.

Kattea said...

The addon is called WIM - WoW Instant Messenger.

Densu said...

In the 5th pic, in lfg there is some1 offering 5g to sign a guild chart while that moron is begging for gold xD.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of this is that just below Killametres' request for 5g for his mount, you have:

"[2. Trade] [Ourn]: Paying 5g for guild signatures"

Iiene of Kul Tiras said...


This is why I can't compete in the glyph market! The parchments are so expensive on the AH!

This is like selling Ice cold Milk for 5 gold during the holidays.

And here I thought this was the 'Information Age' where every 5 year old knows how to research information on the internet.

Sid said...

@Iiene of Kul'Tiras

Kids are lazy. It's in their nature. Specially M&S kids.

I'll give you an example I found on a previous Morons of the Week post:

Goblin: - You can learn how to make money there (refering this blog)

M&S: - I dont like readin tho.

Kids* are stupid and lazy.

*Nota that I use "kids" as a generalization for immature people. There are many smart younglings out there, and many adult M&S retards too.

Steini said...

Gotta say, I love you undercutters, especially those who are in the glyph market. Having a fairly new character - and not really bothering with all these tactics and tricks to make a bunch of money (hey, my play time is limited by work and family, and I find it more exciting running around, killing and being killed, than spending time looking for good deals in the AH - and running around, just to gather ore and herbs isn't exactly a thriller, either) - being able to glyph (sometimes gear, e.g. potions and such) up my latest alt for a reasonable amount of cash is great.

I mean, really: a glyph for a level 15 character going for 20-30 gold? Sure, not a lot of money to someone who already has a level 80 character or three. But (to repeat) to someone new at the game (due to me working nightshifts, I have way more time to read about the game than playing it - kinda sad, I suppose), someone who doesn't have all the time in the world to gather stuff to sell - that actually is semi-serious pretend money. Having undercutters offer these things for 3-4 gold: Makes the game a little more fun. (Yeah, I know; I don't actually need the glyphs right there at level 15, but they're still nice to have.)

So yeah - thanks, Gevlon and the rest of you guys. May you play and prosper on as many servers as possible.

Raffel said...

Well, I am working nightshifts too and my playtime is very limited. @steini: But that does not stop me from making gold at the AH to fund my toons. Whenever I start on a new server, I make it part of of the challange to make a lot of gold, along with leveling my toons.

btw, I started a new (german) blog. Blogging about the start on a new server. lookie here ->

Vyr said...

@Steini: If you have issues with 15g for a glyph at lv 20. Maybe there is another option, do without the glyph. You don't need glyphs to level fast anyway. This game is easy enough.