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Monday, September 21, 2009

Doubling ToC25 loot

Back at Windwalkers, we came up with some ideas how to speed up the gearing of the players. (meaning reaching the point when the $ signs are removed from their eyes and can focus on hard modes again). I don't know of it's implementation of course but the idea itself is still valid.

Normal ToC25 bosses give 3-4 ilvl245 and some tier badges. Altogether around 17 items and 3 badges. Each item is wanted by 2-3 people. This means 1-2 people cannot get the loot. Have you ever thought "I wish X wouldn't be online today to roll against me"?

I say why not? Let's send the other guy to another raid!


Let's say the guild have 30 people online. Form 2 raids, 15 in both. Raid 2 logs out and log to an alt. The alts are invited to the first raid, clean ToC25. All the loot go to mains, alts are out of luck (unless no one needed it). After that group 2 logs back, group 1 logs alt and clear ToC25 again.

It's too much fuss for normally progressing guilds I guess. But for competitive topguilds doubling the loot can bring that extra edge against the other guild. After all it's cheaper than server transfer every week.


Twim said...

I'm in a guild that is currently working on Anub Heroic 25.

The day the patch was released we had people online when the realm came up to check how hard it was.
We ran 3-4 10mans and then decided we could do 25man with a mix of alts and mains. Doubling the loot we got each week.

I'm actually quite surprised this is something you haven't done before. Especially since ToC25 is about as hard as naxx, assuming you raid did some Ulduar.
But i dare to say Malygos was harder at release than ToC25 is now.

Another good thing ofc is doing the 10man heroic with as many people as possible.
If things go well everyone has 2 chances of getting the 245 loot they want each week.

Apart from this you should be able to farm the first 3 bosses in heroic ToC with relative ease aswell. Twins can be a bit of a cockblock but we one shot it the second week and have been doing so since then.

Of course we also started doing the daily heroic everyday for the triumph tokens but i guess now everything is released it's not really that important anymore.

Good Luck :)

Jormundgard said...

It's a good idea. The only downside is that it requires alts (which not everyone has) and the time and/or patience to run ToC twice (which not everyone has).

Random dice rolls is not very good game design for the only form of progression left at level 80, and forces us into these awkward loot discussions. But it is a great way to artificially extend content lifetime and player subscriptions. Good play, Blizzard!

Anonymous said...

The chinese guild stars actually has enough 80s to run 4-5 25-man raids, which help explain their world class status.

Astmathic said...

Stars is kinda a special example, they brought 5 warlocks for their Yogg+0 kill and complained that they couldn't bring more because of human resources troubles. Then you check their anub kill and theres like 1-2 warlocks there but a lot of DKs and rogues.

No normal guild would have that rooster.

The only problem with this idea is that it means that nearly everyone must have an alt. If they do, well then it's a great idea if the officers have the time to set it up.

David said...

My guild does this. We run 4 ToC 10m's and 2 ToC 25m's, with one HM ToC 25m and two HM ToC 10m.

We're working on Anub hard mode(and having gotten Tribute to Insanity with both groups for 10m).

Anonymous said...

If you don't have a couple of alts, you are not that kind of guild he is talking about.

You whine "It can only be done with XX Alts, I don't have alts". Well, get some. It is not so hard, esp. with heirlooms (but the mammoth is soooo cute....)

It'S a smart idea. Downside are the people. One half gets equipped with their mains (the other half played some alts) and when they have to log on their alts to boost the other half, 50% have "something to do". Even in top guilds people tend to be selfish as hell...

bouncy gnome said...

It's a way to get geared quickly yes, but is this the "fun and excitement" people claim to have while being a raider?
Main chars getting bossted by alts...upside down word for a change :P
I rather do a full alt run to have the challenge in playing a different role and with me 24 others. But that's what you get if you aint that loot orientated I guess :)

arx said...

We've been doing this from the first reset to ensure double loot and maximum amount of emblems for all mains.

It really doesn't take that much time. We usually fit 2x ToC 25 and 3x ToC 10 hc on Wednesday back to back in about 4 hours, and then do 25 hc on Thursday leaving the rest of the week off. It doesn't feel like tedious boosting, since with a roster of ~30 it's mostly the same people on all runs, just on different characters.

The benefits are obviously very nice - pretty much everyone is decked in 4t9 and other 245 loot. Additionally you get double odds on the trinkets, which is absolutely huge by itself.

Tella said...

I love your blog! It's inspired me to go for the WOW gold cap and i'm writing a blog while doing it :) Check it out at:

Michael said...

Good idea as long as the raid is short enough timewise that you can run it twice each and easy enough you can use alts to get through it without heaps of wipes.

Definitely better than running the current tier and also the previous one.

Anonymous said...

Well, our guild is actually doing this already for some time. Since we all played a long time each of us have 2-3 80 geared up with ulduar gear alts.

We do this every week and the result is about 6 ToC 10s(3 main and 3 alt runs) and 3 ToC 25s. All with about 30-35 raiders in normal mode. It's a really nice way to boost up other people by farming it to get gear.

And it is so easy and takes so little time, we do consider it a whole lot better then Ulduar farming.(Although our guild leader insists doing ulduar hardmodes for practice)

The idea is completely valid and doable with any guild. You don't need to be STARS to do it. Our guild is even only rank 10 on our server(We failed badly at the patched Lord J) and we can still pull it out.

ZacharyPruckowski said...

And equipping those alts has never been easier, since most high-end raiders could 3-man the daily heroic, leaving oodles of room for alts to get gear and EoC and EoT. And 10 mains can give 15 alts a run through Naxx25 and OS25 (though probably not Koralon in VoA). See, there's an upside to the emblem changes for high-end raiders.