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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Morons of the week, part 2

Brian met Suna who claims that Brian has no effect on him and also that he will undercut him 5x a day. Well, if he undercuts that means he accepted Brian's prices, and that's an effect without doubt. BTW why do I seek logic in a standard M&S whisper? Bonus track by Jimihendrix on /2!

Beesu also had his fair share of helpful education. BTW have you noticed that people use my site as a punishment for M&S. I'm totally flattered.

Spiralup, Malganis-US was kind enough to explain to this (quite impolite) M&S the main point of undercutting seriously. Let's all hope the teaching holds. Don't bet money on it though.

Cheri of Garrosh-US was informed that she doesn't let the creation of "profet" and was seriously threatened by Lanaice:

Ninjaturtlen of Stormscale learned the hard way that if you occupy a peaceful country, you won't get invited to any decent guild, even if you named your pets so intuitively:

A similar applicant somehow sneaked into Drdovetalk's guild. He asked about some loot and the officer told him to check in wowhead. The rest definitely deserved a screenshot:

Azshura of Bloodhoof EU wrote a very nice letter about the satisfaction when you finally have haters. Remember, envy and hate are the most honest display of respect for your achievements (though not for your person), since it lacks the "butkissing for later help" element: "While not a hardcore goblin myself, I picked up enough tricks to satisfy more than all my wow monetary needs (via alchemy, JC and tailoring), so thanks for that. Yesterday I felt like I've been promoted to rank1 goblin apprentice, when I recieved my 1st hate /w! It was funny and I was happy as a little girl. I know you have a collection of sorts, so maybe it will be of some use to you. The protagonist being pissed off with me for undercutting him by 50g on spellthreads (incidentally, I was getting 40g pure profit per 1 and sold about 20 that night - most of them bought by the very protagonist in question, who looks like ran out of cash or desire to keep buying them after awhile). Anyway, it was fun.". No doubt that making 40x20=800G on a single moron is fun:

Smithsonian, US-Darkspear Realm sent me a picture exceeding the 800pt width giving me 20 minutes extra work to photoshop his picture to fit into standard, but still did it since our little moron has a "very good" reason to ask Smithsonian to abandon his profitable market for some weeks:

Jesse has a good one. Not only he got whispered but also his alt got a letter to join into the cartel against his main.

This one told Runah of Khaz'goroth US how to sell glyphs, obviously using insults and foul language:

Baro is playing on Arathor, my old server with large Hungarian population. Let us all hope that the game masters cannot speak Hungarian. BTW this post is really good so got here as an exception. As a general rule, if you blank the name of the M&S, you won't get here:

Translation: "lvl80 UD rogue for sale with full toc10, toc25, u25 PvE gear + furious-deadly PvP gear. In an actively raiding guild, has chopper and 3000gold on the account, professions and repus on full, if you're interested /w me."

This one is simply sad. Pert paid 20G for signitures to make his guildbank. However, as the most primitive socials use to, one guy couldn't understand that "business deal" does not mean "eternal friendship" nor "obligation to buy your overpriced white dress":


Goth said...

Gevlon said...
@Cloaven: you don't seem to get it. The messages themselves are completely pointless

Exactly right. I either place them on ignore immediately or turn on DnD. Never give them the satisfaction of a response. So actually these topics contain 2 morons not one. Communication gives information = loose lips sink ships.

In other words you win until you open your mouth, if your explaining your losing.

Craig R said...

^ yes.
I only find these posts funny because watching people struggle to communicate with morons is like watching a dog try to juggle.

Wooly said...

That last one cracks me up :)

Stuff like that happens to me quite often. Especially when I'm selling enchants live somewhere. Every so often I get some weirdo for an enchant. When we're done he then still keeps whispering me forever, ending up wanting things for free (or pay back later.. how original) because they've put me in their friends list, or because I'm probably rich (well, they've figured that out). I try to stay friendly because it's still a customer and you never know if he tells my name to others. But my mousepointer is always on that ignore button, ready for action.

Yurez said...

Wow nice batch today :)

? for the glyph makers: What do you guys do with all your snowfall ink? I've only just started but it's beginning to build up quite a bit and I'm not sure what's the best option.

Akyra said...
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Akyra said...

to yurez, generally snowfall ink sells for a good bit as theyre for making those lovely trinks that sell for 4-5k so i would suggest posting these on the AH, stacks of 6 is best, at any rate, i discovered a different market where my profit region is 800% so i made 7k in just 2 evenings (spending roughly 1.2k on materials :) thanks to you Gevlon that i discovered how to be a goblin, im not sharing this incase another goblin may be hiding on my server :3
so with my glyph industry in business i have my other business, i make roughly 14k a week so Thank you Gevlon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Akyra, I'm on Aegwynn. You can tell me :).

Bitwise said...

Jesse's was amazing, but these were all better than normal. Thanks for that.

Anti said...

800% seems very nice....damn you.

i'd give you several 300%+

but as to why i'm posting...

morons sell glyphs.

i noticed a glyph seller undercutting some 90s glyph.

mats are 1x celestial ink. so min 1.5g each.

the guy he undercut might be leveling. but the undercutter had loads of sales all in batches of 5 glyph undercutting the guy above him by 1c.

so i'm thinking....put up a heap of 7s (so the < vendor price feature of auctioneer doesnt kick in) glyph auctions tomorrow. try and time it just before he lists / scans. then once he all his and cancel mine.

i'd have to worry about AH snipers. so the first day i might limit my exposure. to only a few glyphs.

Anonymous said...

SNowfall ink- you have 3 options i guess:
a) sell the raw ink on AH (pointless on my realm)
b) make cards on your own
c) make the epic offhands

check the AH which one will bring the most profit /sells and voila.

Anonymous said...

What do with Snowfall Ink:

The Epic items. The frozen orbs are super cheap and the snowfall ink are not even near the price that you can ask for the items right now.

Anonymous said...


Don't you see the irony in having a "Morons of the Week" weekly thread? You have a bunch of M&S that THINK they understand how to work the market that post here so they can receive social approval. It's pathetic, really. And if you actually read half of the conversations, 90% of the time, the person submitting their conversations/mail screenshots are just as stupid as the individuals they are trying to ridicule... (i.e. spending time undercutting, admitting to selling glyphs for 20+ gold as opposed to selling for 40+ even while admitting to being undercut but just "less", people proud that they repost glyphs 2-4 times a day as if that's the "goblin way") The best part is when 90% of the M&S that submit their screenshots to you try to explain to the other M&S what they "should" be doing, as if you haven't already established that attempting to teach the M&S anything is stupid, not to mention trying to teach others how to better compete against you in your market(s) is another M&S thing to do.

Siretu said...

I have to agree with the Anonymous guy above me. Although, I wish I got some hate mail/whispers, I have to undercut by a higher percentage than I do.

Anonymous said...

Moron whispers and coffee, aaah yes. Lovely start to the day, ha.

Anonymous said...

@ the anonymus addressing Gevlon

And that's the beauty of Morons of the Week.
Btw thanks for trying to talk to us M&S.

Rybosh said...

2 things I wanted to address you about, Gevlon.

1. With your mentoring program, instead of mentoring someone with half clue, why not try mentoring the next person who comes up and asks you for '10g plz'?

Turning a buffoon into a goblin could be a very interesting project.

2. Do you(or anyone else here for that matter) have any experience transferring gold between factions? I have about 20k to send from horde to alliance, and a production of about 10k/week.

As we can have characters on both factions on pvp servers now, its possible to nail both markets on the same server. I'd like to exploit that.

Anonymous said...

The thing that surprises me the most about inscription is that glyphs continue to sell. Perhaps it's because people don't spend the 1K gold for dual talents and just buy the optimal glyphs once. What's your take on why glyphs continue to sell?

Smeg said...

Rybosh - i like your style. In the true sense of it, money and wealth shows no allegiances.

Rybosh said...

@Smeg - Thanks. Thinking of starting an experiment with a new server on nailing the inscription market on both sides, and then expanding out to jc/enchant markets as well and tracking it via a blog ala Gevlon.

Main thing I need to do though is figure out the best way to transfer cross-faction, using my account and my fiancee's.

vekololol said...

rybosh, it's really quite simle.
make these toons:
account1: bank alt in main city of alliance
alliance bank alt in e.g. gadgetzan
account2: bank alt in main horde city + horde banker in gadgetzan

(i chose gadgetzan because via port to dalaran and from there to caverns of time you can get to a neutral AH quickly while only dying about 2 times on a lvl1 toon).

Then use arbitrage module of auctioneer to find out about price differences between the factions. afterwards, simply trade things through the neutral AH by putting things into it for e.g. 1 copper with account1 and buying it out instantly with account2.

Good items to trade:
Faction only pets
Titanium ore, epic gems
Frost lotus
Faction only items
Arctic fur
Titansteel bars
and basically all other things that stack well and are expensive.

Azzur said...

Interesting. Anyways, I don't really understand the obsession of laughing at supposedly 'M&S' behavior.

After all, if you're a goblin aren't u supposed to be immune from that kind of thinking??

Besides, one of these days one of those 'M&S' from the screenshots is going to come in here and see u ridiculing them.

They may learn and then defeat u. Who knows, they may one day be linking screenshots of u. So, why even give them the ammunition?

Anonymous said...

@the people who are thinking of moving goods between factions

I have 2 accounts, and with both alliance and horde toons on both accounts. Both accounts were recently suspended for 72 hours for "economy exploitation"

My suspicion is that they flagged me for suspension because I was moving goods between factions, particularly stuff like 500 stacks of bolts of netherweave and some 10 stacks of arctic fur, among other things.

You might wish to take note of this.

Rybosh said...

@ Anonymous 07 September, 2009 02:37

Glyphs continue to sell because:

People make new toons
People respec
People play around with glyphs to see what works best for them, like they play with talents
People use glyphs as consumables for certain fights, then switch back

This is why DK glyphs are so popular. DK is a very popular choice for althood.


Thanks for the advice! Will probably try stacks of titanium ore to minimise the risk of being sniped.

Will experiment and document it in the blog. Have decided to go ahead with it!

@ azzur

Spoken like a true M&S.

If Gevlon shames a M&S into learning goblinish ways, that is a victory for the goblin.

Gevlon doesn't want to be the only goblin out there. A vibrant, active economy is much more engaging than a dead one.

Gravity said...

some funny ones in there, hehe.

DarkKnight said...

@Anonymous 07 September, 2009 05:41

Hmm, I do the exact same thing on my server with my 2 accounts, but haven't seen any problems so far. And I also know I am not the only one doing it on my server (I know at least 5 others that do this in bulk).
I think it is a bit lame to suspend for trading in both factions. It's their own fault for allowing two accounts be owned by same person in the first place.
Why would you allow that and not trading between the accounts?
Also "Economic exploitation", wow. That one should be used in RL as well.

Anonymous said...


Agreed. I would say it's probably some scripted program on Blizzard's side that catches these events because this is primarily the way gold farmers move stuff around. I was extra careful to move goods around but I still got flagged for this ridiculous reason.

Inquisitor said...

Try the program 'mogrify' - it will reformat pictures per your specifications, in batches.

Think of it as AFK time for the blog, or something.

Tonus said...

That first one was pure gold. The guy goes through the trouble of whispering this person to complain and demand that he fall in line with the cartel's pricing, then insists that "you really don't have much impact on me and my friends."

The passive-aggressive approach is always the funniest from these guys. They want you to think that you are really hurting them, then they turn around and tell you that they don't even notice you! It's like M&S on steroids.

Guillaume said...

The reply to Teraph is kind of retarded. I'm not saying that his message was stupid, but you just kind of ruined the joke for yourself.

"Check out the site, it will be funny. Also what will be funny is that I took a screenshot of this mail. The screenshot is what is funny. It will be on the site."

The P.S. was totally unnecessary and ruined the joke. You might be good a making gold, but your writing has a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

suna makes more wow gold than jayz

Anonymous said...

Don't be a moron making gold in world of warcraft! Make gold while leveling in wow!