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Sunday, February 22, 2009

BOE ilvl213

I've already wrote about BOE epics that can be bought for yourself or sold.

However there is a field of them that I completely missed but Warcraft Econ found it: you can "produce" ilvl 213 bracers by buying them for emblem of valor.

They can be sold for 3-5000G according to allakhazam. 60 tokens needed, so 5000/60 = 83G/token.

These bracers are also great for your alt.

Here is a full list of BOE ilvl213 items, except craftable frost resistance gear. You can seek them on the AH to buy for yourself or for resale.


Anonymous said...

if you are running 25 man raids weekly, then you'd be able to get those with no difficulty. the reason for that is that they cost 60 emblems of valor. you can reliably get 24 emblems a week IF you clear the entire 25man content (that includes VoA). if you are lucky and win a roll for Satchel of spoils on Sarth 25 - that's 5 extra emblems. in a perfect world (where you win the roll every week), it would take you 2 weeks and 2 bosses to purchase one pair of bracers.

personaly - I'm 5 bosses away from buying a pair of bracers for my resto shaman alt (after purchasing several BoP upgrades for myself - becasue I simply didn't wish to wait for drops anymore), but I'm concidering doing what other raiders have been doing lately - offering in trade to purchace a bracer of buyer's choice for a flat fee of 3k gold (they would of course have to pay me first and my guild as well as me personaly is reputable enough for a buyer not to doubt my following through)

another benefit to a good raiding guild is that content gets cleared, upgrades are easy to come by and becasue you don't wipe insessantly (unless you are going for harder achievements and are still in a learning stage) - you actualy come away from a raid with a bit of extra gold.

Anonymous said...

Might be realm dependant but I've bought 3 of these over last 2 months via Valors and I've managed to sell them for 5-6k gold each. We are Medium realm though with only 3 guilds that got Sarth+3D on farm Horde side, so I guess plenty of people still need Valors for uprages.

Some Naxx25 bosses give BoE loot too and at least in my guild it's free to roll on even over alts, they sell decently 2k+ per piece aswell. Covers raiding expenses.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, those go for around 2k on Magtheridon horde side. IMO, for the time it takes to get 60 emblems, it isn't a good investment!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be 11 gold/token for the frozen orb, since you need 10 emblems of Heroism that can be traded 1:1 against emblems of Valor?

Gevlon said...

@Karchon: you are absolutely right, fixed.

John said...

On my server these go for about 1800g, but move slowly. And it gets worse as more and more guilds are clearing all content, no longer need their valor badges, and compete with you for sales.

I recently bought the Sentinel Huntress bracers from someone for 1100g and resold for 1800g after a week of trying. I think I'll stop: these are among the most popular bracers (plate dps, so DKs want them), but sales are too slow now.