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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gevlon's report

As you can see, less than 2 weeks after starting Gevlon on Maghteridon-EU, I reached almost 2K. As a gift from luck, when I seeked the perfect location for the screenshot, I just got some items sold. Selling crystalized fire for 2x higher than creation cost (buying eternal fire and split) is never getting old.

My other businesses are buying alliance-only pets and selling them in the common AH and creating 16 slot bags by tailoring and selling them for 25G.

My income is around 1300-1500G/week. Is it spectacular? No. But it's enough. I spend around 5 mins/day and another 10 mins/day AFK time (mass-crafting, scanning AH, flying) for this money. If I would really play on this server, than the income coming from questing would add to this money, providing the ability to buy epic flyer + cold weather flying at lvl 77 and some cheaper BoE blues and maybe 1-2 epics to start.

This is Maghteridon-EU, ally side, the server my commenters suggested as hard for business. Maybe they were mistaken, maybe it's easy, due to lack of competitors. Maybe they are right, but I can make money even on this server. Time, and further challenges on further servers will tell.


Bloodshrike said...

Good job on 2k in 2 weeks!

Hey, quick question.
Why not sell the 12 Ally only cooking recipes that are sold by Kendor Kabonka in SW?
(He's right above the cooking trainer in Old Town)

I can buy the 12 set for about 1g (excluding the Curiously Tasty Omelet, since Horde can buy it on their side) and sell them for 10-20 g each on Horde side. You should be able to sell them for at least 5-6 gold on the neutral AH.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how Ally side is hard to make money on, maybe you should check out horde side. I bet it is WAY harder than the puny ally side in Magtheridon :). Btw, I am from Magtheridon server and reading your guides make me lose here than gain anything :) (Example: Mongoose, hardly can make a profit, Greens for DE, they are more expensive than the created mats...etc).
I would love to see how you do on this side :)
Oh, I also suggest starting from level 1 for added difficulty!

Anonymous said...

Moody: Because theres 0.5% Alliance and 95.5% Horde on Magtheridon. And only one raiding guild left on Alliance side...
2k gold a week for 10 minute daily effort isn't bad for dead realm, especially since Gevlon isn't 80 or trying his best.

Mark said...

Are you selling the crystallized fire in stacks of 10 or as stacks of 1?

Anonymous said...

I think I love you.

Started playing in 2004, on a crappy server in a crappy guild (hindsight is 20/20 lol!). In about 2 weeks I had 1000g. People soon figured out the buy low sell high on 15-29 blues.

Quit for awhile, but back in now. I am AMAZED at how people don't have any clue on making money or the joy it brings.

Now for my contribution. On one server there were ZERO level 24-49 shadow wrath cloth gear on the horde side server. I only play pvp servers so I used my nephews account to send Shadow Wrath and Eagle cloth gear to my Hordies via BB auction house. MADEE A MINT!

Anonymous said...

One more...

I made a 29 hunter twink on Shattered Halls from scratch.

That was an achievement I think.

1. Mine and skin sell sell sell.

2. Used capital to buy and resell blues. Also stockpiled useful blues I paid little for.

3. Used gold to pay higher levels for specific boss and quest runs...Senior Hunters Rifle for example.

4. Destroyed the competition. This is beautiful. I noticed certain names in the AH were the same as names on 3 or 4 other servers I played on. They were selling 10-29 Monkey Leather and Eagle Cloth gear for highly inflated prices. I wrote the GMs that I thought they were gold farmer accounts. Lo and behold 3 days later those names were gone from the AH on all the servers I knew they were on.

Anonymous said...

hmm... so far no luck with the crystallized fire... invested 600g for cheap eternal fires and then converted them to crystallized fire... posted 4 up... nothing sold after 24hrs... =/