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Thursday, January 15, 2009

My daily

You most probably believed that I wouldn't waste my time with someone so cost-ineffective as a daily quest. Even fast ones take 10 minutes and pay like 20G. No thanks.

However I found a gem, the cooking dailies. They can be done in 5-10 minutes if you buy the meat and don't try to collect the carrots/mushrooms/mustards in prime time.

Of course it's not the sorry coppers the questgiver provides make me do it. The Kirin Tor rep is nice but the real reward is the Dalaran Cooking Award and the 4-6 Northern Spices. Of course I buy 10 more spices from the award, so 1 quest gives 15 spices. People buy these things for 4G each, so the quest gives around 70G for 5-10 mins. Really nice.

However I don't understand the reason for its success. I have absolutely no idea who and why buys these spices. The prices of meats also increases over time, what is a big surprise in the always deflating market. Fishing is also profitable for the very same reason. With the nerfed-to-the ground instances I can't find out who needs these food.

I'm not just talking about that the spiced version is only marginally better than the non-spiced, I'm talking about their terrible itemization:
So for a spirit/spellpower healer (priest or druid), the Fish sticks is about as good as either of the previous, for 1/5 price.

And above all what the hell does stamina does on a healer stuff? Oh, wait a minute... I can also ask why does my restodruid have 18K HP (22K raid buffed), although I'm not wearing any PvP gear? Do I need that HP? And do I need the double armor bonus from tree form? Am I to tank something while the protection warriors use bandages or what?


Unknown said...

while your argument for the super sized health in pve gear makes sense, the double armor bonus is for pvp so its more attractive to pvp. for pve, yeah, pointless. pvp, never hurts.

on a side note, i plan to level my cooking for this very reason and made the decision about a week ago. ive found i can buy meats (and to a lesser extent frostweave cloth) through out the week, and then sell it at a prime price on tuesdays. its simple realy, people picking up the food buffs for raid.

is it necessary for the raid? no, but people bring them any ways. the reason is simple realy, EPEEN. every one wants thier name at the top of the meters, regardless of if it is necessary to kill the boss. they want the acknowledgment, they want their spot safely secured.

so i cater to them, and can double my investment on a weekly baises. there is a limit to how much i can post at once, market can only bare so much, but it tends to work.

Anonymous said...

For shamans like me, I'd much rather stamina / spellpower as spirit does nothing for me and a bit of extra health is nice - even 80% Naxx geared I'm only just over 18k raid buffed.

Some fights, like Malygos, are so much easier if the whole raid is over 18k HP and not all classes can easily reach that yet - holy priests, mages and warlocks might want to eat some of that tasty salmon or cuttlesteak ;)

Nither is really 'necessary' - you might as well use the non-spice version for some things - but if you, say, have to go down to 5 healers on Raz because two holy priests must MC then every litle bit helps :)

I do agree, though, these dailies and the buffs you can create thereof are so nice for making some pocket gold.


Unknown said...

The reason for the spice prices I can explain. To learn the new recipe to be released in the next patch, Fish Feast, you need 450 cooking. This takes an extreme number of spices to reach. I know people who have gone through 30 spices and not gotten a single skillup.

The Fish Feast recipe is required for Northrend Gormet, which is part of the cooking meta achievement for the chef title. So of course people will spend their goldz on it.

The increased prices for meat/fish I assume is because once a person has finished leveling/questing their personal supply of such things has dwindled, and many people are too lazy to go and farm these things. Or they lack a fishing skill.

Anonymous said...

I make some gold on the side by buying and selling chilled meat (one of the cooking dailies needs 12 of them and a lot of raiders will do cooking dailies on several alts for the spices, and don't want to farm the stuff up, especially when we get that daily a few times in a row.)

Zach said...

I am one who actually does this daily on two toons per day... My main uses the awards to buy recipes... my alt buys spices...

I sell the spices I don't need - and use the others for raid food...

I buy the meat becuase of the opportunity cost involved - I'm not a high enough fisherman on my main... and spending the time fishing just isn't worth it to me anyways... I'll spend the gold I make on the AH so I can spend my time doing other things... gold is easy to come by... time on the other hand is not as much so

Cooking daily is amazing gold - I really think I want to level cooking on more alts - the quests are pretty easy to do - just involve buying the meat from the AH...

the spices are over 5g per on my server... easy money for an easy daily...

Tobold said...

Do I need that HP?

No, *you* don't, because you know how to stand not in the fire. But the less skilled raider, who is going to be hit occasionally by various area effects from various raid encounters and isn't as fast as you to move out, will find the extra health useful.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you now that people buy spices because people are too lazy to level their cooking, so the guild member who can cook needs more spices.

This is the case in my guild anyway, though i'm not sure about the healers, but the new food for tanks and melee DPS this stuff is gold, when your pushing for progress with some undergeared people who might also lack a bit of skill any buff is an advantage.

Remeber 1 person doesn't make a raid, think of the other possible noobs you may have.

Also, if you can find a blacksmith with reinforced cobalt breastplate plan, make the most fo it, 4 cobalt bars which dis-enchant into 2-5 dusts or 1-2 essences.

I've been kitting out our enchanters with this idea, made about 750g from what I have got off the AH in bar form to be put back in enchant mats.

Captain The First said...

The market for northrend cooked foods will remain fairly stable until most people have finished their cooking recipe collection.

Which in turn positively affects the northern spices for the moment upping the price a dab. It'll settle in a few months.

Buff foods will remain popular either to top the meters, to make up for itemization, for epeening or whatever reason people may have.

Cooking also has become a slightly bigger hassle since it's so dependant on the dailies so less people will do that.

Lower production and a consistent demand make for a favorable market... even I toss out a fishing line now while waiting for transport.

Carra said...

Also found out that I could make 14 x 5g + 10g in 10 minutes with this quest.

Can always ask someone in guild to make the food. And really no need to get any recipees but the +strength/ap food recipee.

But the food that needs spices only gives +10 strength for an extra price of 5g each food buff. No thanks, regular food will do.

As for the explanation. I can give two:
-People are hamstering. They like having a lot of spices in their banks.
-People want all the cooking rewards for the chef title.

Anonymous said...

@ Captain the first

I dont think that will happen mate, after speaking to people in TBC and now in wrath I can safely say they were lazy then and they are lazy now, people want things faster, here and now, and cooking is just too much of a chore to them (even though its easy and you can co-lvl it with fishing while chatting to friends on vent or guild chat while listening to music).

Buff food on my server are prices really high! for example the food i use (40 expertise and 40 stam) sells for 80g per stack and is in high demand, its a damn sight cheaper just buying the meat and useing the spices from the daily, even so no one will level their cooking.. some now removed from the guild people even used to complain that the economy was a rip off and end up paying the price after a massive daily grind.

Never overestimate lazy people, if you ask around enough its quite shocking.

Unknown said...

Do I need that HP?>

For some fights Yes. Malygos fight comes to mind. Everyone will take damage no matter what add the fall damage that everyone takes.

When doing Sartharion with drakes. Those adds will get to you(even as a healer) one way or another even if you avoid all the firewalls and void zones.

As a dps warrior I tend to have around 25k+ hp. I didn't think it was needed at the beginning but it comes handy.

Think of it as a buffer.

Not all fights will be Tank and Spank. I'm guessing there will be fights like Malygos in the future where everyone will consistently be taking spike damage.

Anonymous said...

The stamina is pretty nice for aoe damage fights like hex lord in bc or malygos.

In bc i used to get extremely annoyed with our priests that had huge healing stats but no stamina because they were always the first to die when anything went slightly wrong. I would think that with the coming aoe healing nerfs stamina will become slightly more important to non-tanks in 3.08.

Darraxus said...

Towards the very beginning of Wrath, I pounced on the market and sold my spice for 12 gold a piece. Now they go for 4-5. I usualyl go fish up some Dragonfin and make the Draginfin filet. I sell them for 43 gold for 5 and they always sell pretty quickly. Thanks all the DK, Ret pallys, and other tanks.

Chris said...

Of course stam is useful in raiding. For all the reasons listed in the comments and more.

On the topic of why people use consumables when they raid: Sure the raids are much easier now. However, if all raid members properly flask/food buff/elixir up, the raid will end sooner. The added dps, even though it might seem small, could shrink a 4 hour raid to 3.5 hours (or less). Or, for some guilds, avoid enrage on fights like malygos. It's not just epeen like some other commenter said...there are solid reasons.

Not necessary for OBS (no drakes) however. But in Naxx or Maly - if people don't use all available consumables - they are kicked from the raid. They can go join some other raid that will take 4+ hours to clear Naxx instead.

Just because you *can* do it without consumables doesn't mean you *should*.

BigFire said...

Regarding Stamina on food: you have done raid instance where everyone is sort of guarantee to take a whole tons of damage like Sapph & Maly? That's why you get the stamina.

Dorgol said...

The stamina on food buffs is basically free stats. In Vanilla WoW and TBC all food had a buff +spirit. In WotLK all food has a buff +stamina. It's just an exchange from one stat that is only useful to two classes (and not even all specs of those two classes) to a stat that is useful to ALL classes.

Keeva said...

While some of the spice purchases will definitely be people who are too lazy to level their own cooking (or simply don't know about the spice system), you have to realise that min/max raiders are going to want to use the best foods when attempting some of the harder content available (and later in Ulduar).

Just because you're tight and don't want to use the best stuff doesn't mean that other people aren't willing to use the absolute best consumables possible.

If I found someone in our raids using fish sticks on progression fights because they're "almost as good" I would not be impressed.

I love making money in this game, but you need to realise that while you spend the majority of your time making gold and finding ways to be thrifty, not everything has to revolve around ways you can save a buck.

Sometimes we spend money to do things we enjoy, like raiding, twinking a character out, or buying silly vanity items. In this case it might seem wasteful to you because other options are "almost as good", but for raiders, "almost as good" usually isn't good enough.

Anonymous said...

@Keeva: I think most of the people here being businessman are trying to find out the reason why. Sometimes I find something selling really well, and being over(or under) priced. I will usually try to figure out the reason behind it. If you can figure out the reason accurately, you can determine the demand and supply and hence explain for its price. From there, you will have a better understanding of your market and adapt faster, or in advance if something happens.

Northern spices are on a limited supply. And people use them mainly for progression. I know my raiding guild burns through them at a rate of 1 feast per attempt on boss. Sometimes we even feast on trash. Just count the amount of bosses. Assuming 1 shot full clear. It will be at least 10-15 feasts consumed for 1 instance like Naxx or Ulduar, in 1 night. During progression nights in which guilds wipe on content, alot more feast are consumed.