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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A great idea

Rohan of Blessing of Kings came up with a great idea: create a wiki for beginners who don't know much about the game yet, but don't want to belong to M&S LTD (morons and slackers). So they could learn the basics of their class and would have a start.

Please contribute if you can and also spread the word on your blogs.


Anonymous said...

Shall go have a read through at dinner time and add my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

I was a beginner 1 year ago. And as a 45 year old, I was completely naive at the whole concept of online, independent help content or add-ons, and had never even read a blog before. Previously, I had played a couple of Xbox games and Neverwinter Nights (and D&D in College). I bought a WoW Manual (which I later discarded) at Walmart and poured over it, getting limited information but still getting extremely hooked on the game (and jeez, the print was so SMALL).

The best and most important information and help I got was from a person I work with who had been playing MMORPGs for years. Having a live human to answer stupid questions, explain things, and suggest Thottbot and Wowhead was critical to my continued mastery and enjoyment of the game.

People tend to forget what it's like not to know things that are now second nature. This game is unbelievably and fantastically complex to break into, and even harder to master. Perhaps some kind of mentoring program could work. Would you group w/ a new player for an hour for some tangible reward?

Hatch said...

Fun Fact: "M&S LTD " is the world's largest company :)