Greedy Goblin

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Business report

As you can see I have no reason to complain. 18K increase in a week. Most of it, about 13K came from the Glyph industry. The other serious income sources were selling frozen orb, and eternal life. I didn't made any profit on the latter, I merely sell my stockpile for about the same price I gained. The orbs sell about 40G above their buy price.

But the surprise source is Mongoose and bags. Since the expected +75 stamina tank weapon enchant has not arrived, tanks started to buy up my Mongoose scrolls for 450G (production cost 180).

Most people seem to ignore the fact that in 3.0.8 the CD was removed from lvl70 cloth. I mass produce Primal mooncloth for the botanical bag and Shadowcloth for the Ebon Shadowbag. These are selling for 300/200G, production cost is around 50G. The simple 16 slot bags are selling like candy.


Mark said...

My glyphs are still selling like hotcakes which is good but I am having a really hard time offloading the frozen orbs and dream shards I bought up for the patch. When the patch first hit I was able to sell the orbs for about 130g and I paid on average 80 for them. Now I'm hard pressed to get 100g for them and have even found them as cheap as 80 again.

Dream shards I paid around 8g apiece for and they did jump to 20 after the patch for a day or 2 but are back to around 13 now. Should I just hold onto the orbs and shards a little while longer and see if the supply dries up or just try to dump them now? I was just curious what you thought on this.


Anonymous said...

my orbs are still 2.5x the price as i bought them and selling....but my dreamshards are doing the same thing on my server mark as yours. they jumped to maybe 20-25g then are back down to 10g now. im definately going to hold onto my dream shards cause i really dont see them being kept at 10g when say new content comes out and everybody's stockpiled dreamshards start running thin. people will stop doing heroics and should drive the price up again.

Anonymous said...

Before Wrath hit I was deciding on professions for my two main characters.

My Hunter was a skinner/herbalist and was my primary source of income. My Priest (my raiding character in TBC)was tailoring and enchanting.

With a bit of work on my part, and lots of paying attention to what I read, I now farm the auction house much more effeciently that I ever farmed for herbs.

I dropped tailoring in favor of inscription mostly to avoid grinding sons of hodir twice, since I hate daily quests.

By taking the time to research what trainer glyphs sell for the best prices I was able to nearly break even on leveling inscription by selling off what I crafted.

Since then I have been making a steady income from my glyph business. I don't make the thousands a week that you do, but I am pulling in perhaps 600g every two days after expenses, and that is plenty for me.

I no longer worry about getting up in the middle of the night to spend 4 or 5 hours farming herbs to support my raiding habit, I spend an hour every couple of days with a notebook and a pen taking notes on the prices of glyphs.

Thanks for taking the time to put these thought on the web. They have done more than just give me a "do this, then this, then profit" checklist of how to make money. They have changed the way I look at the economy, both in game and out.

Keep up the good work.