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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brittle profit

We all know the Brittle Revenants, except for the lucky inscribes. They belong to the first SoH daily quest. They drop snow with annoying droprate and you need 5 for the quest.

Yet there is a use of these annoyments, when they are dead form. Luckily the questing players generate tons of dead revenants.

So all you have to do is go east of Dun Niffelem and mine their useless corpses that litter the frozen lake in huge amounts. Every mined revenant gives a piece of vendortrash worth 0.225G. I managed to mine 30 in 5 minutes. That's 81G/hour just from the trash. Sometimes you mine crystallized earth. The major slowdown of the mining are the annoying elementals spawning over your head. I spent 40% of the time in combat instead of mining.

By the end of the 5 minutes I learned to stay close to the questing people, letting them kill the damn elementals. Another trick: fly up every 10 minutes and make a large circle around a lake to fill your bag with saronite.

I assume with some practice you can reach 120-150G/hour. Most of it is instant cash from the nearest vendor, the other part is saronite.

PS: while it is filed under "my business", I'd like to emphasize that I don't grind elementals, even when they are dead. I just got this random thought when questing there.


Anonymous said...

Actually I have been making decent money off them while doing my quest there since after this last patch I can sell the Relics of Ulduar for 4g each on the AH and with the other gray drops from them and mining them it turns into decent cash with a fairly fast respawn time.

Eternal earth though are only selling for 5g each on my server so it really limits the amount of money that can be made.

Once I am done questing in area I do not foresee me ever returning here since I estimate max to be around 250gph and that is with killing them and selling the relics. Plus if your reading this blog very much than most likely you have other ways of making much more money per hour.

Anonymous said...

Please, don't do that ever again! You scared the shit out of me. I thought the economy is going down and we might have to start working for our money...

Vads said...

There are always people farming those brittles so yeah, can easily run around for hours just mining them. I tried it for a bit, but to be frank it got dull rather fast, plus you miss out on the rep items and random vendorstuff the mobs themselves drop. Really isnt worth the effort in my opinion, you earn just as much killing them yourself.

Anonymous said...

They day you spend an hour mining people's leftovers in this fashion for 80g or whatever per hour is the day you have to seriously re-examine your life. I realize this was just a "thought", but Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I think it was more of a suggestion for those who are in the area questing anyway.

those sons of holdir dailies are kinda nessesary unless you are a scribe, might as well mine other people's corpses as well as your own, since you are already there.

I see it as an opportunity gained, getting the most of your time, etc.

you'd be amazed as to how much these little things ad up in the end (like for instance if you add in several days of casual body picking up - you'll have extra 80 gold per hour, that you make while rep questing)

Anonymous said...

I hear what you are saying, but mining for vendor trash?

Look, this is a fantasy game, where many marvelous things are possible. Mining for vendor trash has to be one of the lamest-sounding activities I can think of, and not just when compared to some real life activities. I am talking about in-game. It's like mopping floors for $5 an hour.

Geez, this is a fantasy game where many marvelous things are possible. What is wrong with you people that you think this is actually a reasonable thing to do?

Carl said...

Time spent waiting for res timer due to gankage would be a huge factor on my server.

Anonymous said...

@ Geoferry

I don't see it as mopping the floors. I see it as form of treasure hunting. one of the hobbies that I enjoy on occasion is going to the beach somewhat early in the morning when the sun is not yet harsh and instead of just laying there like a beached wale - combing the beach with a metal detector. most of the time - I don't find much beyond some loose change (vendor trash). sometimes I find generic pieces of jewelry (eternal earth) very rarely - I might find something truly interesting.

why do I do it? because I get my tan, i get a bit of light exercise, i enjoy the aspect of things not just going to waste and on a way back home - I might just buy me an icecream or something with that change I found.

I guess its the multitasker in me.

i mean why not? its already there, might as well get something more out of it. if you are a skinner and see a bunch of animal bodies, laying around that someone just killed - would you fly past them and let all that potential leather rot, or would you come down and spend a minute or so skinning it? if you see a 20 dollar bill laying on the street, under some bench - would you make a small effort it takes to lean down and pick it up, or would you just leave it there, just because you are making $80 an hour with your business, even though it only takes a few minutes to pick up that 20? its the same thing, really.

don't make it into your main source of income, but don't completely discount it either.

Doug said...

This is a great way for people who enjoy 0 risk investments to make some guaranteed cash, much the same way as the netherweave cloth/bandages was during BC. It obviously wont net the highest gph, but it is a 'sure thing' at least until Blizz decides they dont want people vendoring things for profit.