Greedy Goblin

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Business report

12K G increase since the last report. I'm not slacking, investing. Preparing for 3.0.8, I bought 4 stacks of Frozen orb, 5 stacks of eternal life, 5 stacks of shard, and 50 stacks of cobalt ore.

My main income source is the glyph industry. I've also sold some bags and mongoose.

I've liquidated my card business, getting 5500G back from the invested 6K + a trinket for Koltas. Seen better, but worse too.

Since the price of Ebonweave outgrew Moonshroud's, Koltas changed specialization to Ebonweave, and already sold some.

Next week hopefully the patch will arrive and I can begin the harvest.


Tobold said...

Since the price of Ebonweave outgrew Moonshroud's, Koltas changed specialization to Ebonweave, and already sold some.

Ebonweave prices will fall in patch 3.0.8., the patch changes the location at which it is made from somewhere where only level 77+ players can go to somewhere everyone can reach.

I get the prediction that prices for frozen orbs, eternal life, and dream shards will go up. But why cobalt ore?

Anonymous said...

And what is the point of having 100k+ golds? You can already buy everything in the game which is purchasable... Is this what is fun to you, getting that number bigger? I don't specifically mean that as an insult... Some people have the most fun questing or roleplaying... you have fun getting a number bigger, beyond even the point of being useful?

On another topic I disagree with what you said recently about professions, you said they should only be there to provide income... that assumes that other people's goals are the same as your own... when many people might choose a less profitable profession because it is fun.

Gevlon said...

@Tobold: Ebonweave will drop, but Moonshroud is already at the bottom. The Ebonweave set is the best +hit, while Moonshroud has many alternatives.

Blizzard stated that many BS recipes requiring cobalt will have metal needs increased.

@Anonymous: my money is made for this blog, as a proof that my suggestions actually working. You are right that itself it's pointless.

Anonymous said...

The patch changes the mats required for the "Reinforced Cobalt Chestpiece" from 4 to 8 Bars plus crystallized water. This receipe was used to create essences and dust and can no longer be used for that. This receipe was to sole reason why the cobalt prices did not collapse because people buy all the cobald they can get to create essences.

Nobody needs this chest but to disenchant.

I think, after the patch there will be no use for cobalt, cobalt prices will collapse. Noone will farm cobalt anymore but saronite, so saronite prics will drop too.

Anonymous said...

Ok Gevlon, thanks for answering about the point of all the money :)

@Another Anonymous guy above: There are also some weapons using cobalt that are highly valued, at least among hunters. It is true that they are due to be nerfed, but nobody knows how much. See: for an example

Warcraftecon said...

Any plans on spending that money on anything or just more investments? I know I burned my gold on a mammoth, ring, motorcycle, nobles deck, and everything I could possible want. I still have plenty left over with nothing to buy.

Anonymous said...

why are you stacking up on cobalt ore ? it seems to me that ore prices together with enchanting mats prices are doom to plunge the next patch. I for 1 have been purchasing cobalt bar at 2.5g each. since the increase in the next patch i find it pointless to stock up any more cobalt

Geoffrey said...

This may be obvious to people, but maybe it's worth noting. I have attempted to profit using AH tactics and basic crafting, and it is not too hard. In fact, it is surprisingly easy.

Why do such inefficiencies exist in the WoW AH market? Well, it's easy to call people stupid and what have you, but don't forget that this is a game, and many people simply don't care. This is not real life, where people care a lot more. Try doing the same thing on eBay, and you will have trouble.

I was having fun in the AH, and then I realized that based on the current value of WoW gold in the real world, my real world efforts would generate 100,000 WoW gold per day, and that made me pause a little bit and realize I was wasting my time.

So anyway, it's easy to get absorbed in the game world, but maybe those people who you call stupid are busy making 100,000 WoW gold per day in real world dollars and simply do not care about this monopoly money.

Anonymous said...

I have JC and BS all the way, but i intent to start leveling alchemy with an alt, so my question is: Alchemy could turn in a profitable profession? Why?