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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another great thinker of our time

[Redrougebd] whispers: need 10g
To [Redrougebd]: yes?
[Redrougebd]: Level 9 Undead Rouge (Angel Sanctuary) - Thunder Bluff
[Redrougebd] whispers: lol
[Redrougebd] whispers: kk where are you
To [Redrougebd]: you told you need 10g. How does this information affects me?
[Redrougebd] whispers: o i ment can i have 10g
To [Redrougebd]: of course you can. Everyone can have 10G, or even more
[Redrougebd] whispers: kk
[Redrougebd] whispers: where are you
To [Redrougebd]: In the TB inn. Why?
[Redrougebd] whispers: you said i could have 10g
To [Redrougebd] whispers: Yes. You, like everybody else is capable of having 10g
[Redrougebd] whispers: kk where are you
To [Redrougebd]: In the TB inn.
[Redrougebd] whispers: where thet
To [Redrougebd]: ask a guard
[Redrougebd] whispers: k
he opens trade window, and started jumping up and down, he kept doing it until the end of the conversation
To [Redrougebd]: yes?
[Redrougebd] whispers: you said 10
[Redrougebd] whispers: g
To [Redrougebd]: I said you can have 10G. But why do you want to trade?
[Redrougebd] whispers: noi dont
To [Redrougebd]: If you don't want to trade, why did you opened trade window?
[Redrougebd] whispers: !@#$ off

What can I say? I'm proud to belong to the human race that bred such shining examples of greatness as Redrougebd.


There was a second conversation here, but lot of people did not find it funny. So I removed it with all comments referring to it. Of course it does not disappear, just transformed into tomorrow's post.


Carra said...

I always hate the expression "kk" too.

Probably because it's not even an abbreviation. Saying "kk" instead of "ok" doesn't save you time, "k" would save you a letter. It makes no sense to use it.

I noticed that the chilled meat prices went through the roof today (cooking daily requires 12). I'll try to stock up on when it's not that daily.

Ceolwulf said...

Utter hilarity, love it. The first conversation is exactly the sort of thing I'd do ...

And yes "kk" is fairly standard on Greymane as well, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Despite my initial aversion to 'kk', I find myself using it more and more often when I mean 'ok' but feel 'ok' might come across as a little abrupt.

[Other]: I've sent it. enjoy!
To [Other]: kk, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

When Vent is not working, kk is an easy way to say I got the message.
Normally, I try to type "k", but I almost always double tap it.

Mind games on trolls? That's not only mean... it's really funny.

Poor bugger.

Zach said...

Couple of gems from my whispers:

(Random guy):"Can you give me 10g?"
Me: Sure - I store my gold on the quest givers, humanoid mobs and chests across azeroth - have at it"


(Random Lowbie paladin): "Can I have a shield - I just respecced prot"
Me: Sure - they drop from dungeons and random monsters, I hear you can also buy them from the AH... Happy Hunting!"

I love getting whispers like this - it's entertainment while I'm scanning the AH or crafting...

Anonymous said...

Incorrect. The proper course of action when encountering a beggar is as follows:
Beggar: "10 gold plz, ty"
You: "Sure".
You: Open Trade window with Beggar.
You: Put 6643 gold in the window, but DO NOT click OK yet.
You: Go away from the keyboard and make a sandwich, eat it, take a shower, go for a smoke and come back.
Beggar: after many expletives is probably still waiting for you to complete the trade.... :-)
You: "Sorry, my 'OK' button isn't working. Just a sec."
etc... etc...

Try it, its a lot of fun.

Captain The First said...

Human labour is the only type of labour that can be mass-produced cheaply and effectively.

No one ever said anything about quality.

Anonymous said...

Right there with Facegriller on this one.

I will put in a couple thousand gold,but not clikc ok. Then I just watch tv for a while while they finally give up.

Anonymous said...

The begging typically happens in org, so I immediately hearth to Dalaran and say "sure" they, when they cant find me, I ask if "Can I use mail", then CoD them some useless item for the amount of gold they asked me for. About half the time I get the item returned, sometimes accompanied by a nasty message, but the rest I get a nice chunk of cash. In a fit of eagerness to take advantage of other players, they think they are immune to the same. Some people just cant avoid the stupid tax...

Anonymous said...

Those are all dumb actions. Aren't any of you listening to GG?? Going AFK from whatever you are doing to teach a beggar a lesson?! That's just idiotic. Ignore them or put them to work, but spending time "teaching a lesson" is just as much a waste of time/money as giving them 10G!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy stories like this...I shared my own here:

It's always bugged me when people ask for handouts like this. Does anyone ever actually give them money? What keeps them going? I would imagine that the time spent on actually finding someone to give them gold would encourage them to rather mine some copper and sell that in /trade chat for below AH cost...the profit there would still be higher.

Wulfy said...


Ah ye of little foresight.

Even you GG, your rabid capitalism is clouding your long term profitability vision!11!!1!!

I sometimes do give them 1g, especially when they ask nicely (clearly hitting the right monkey brain swtiches). Espiecially if they are geared crappily (clearly a new player - less and less frequent).


Because the world needs shmucks to make profit!
That same player will be buying Crystallized fire at 3g each when s/he is 80!

Think of the profits, support teh stupid.