Greedy Goblin

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Business report

As you can see, since the last report my money increased by almost 30K. Not bad in 10 days.

Actually it's just 23K increase, since I've liquidated my copper business. Of course I did not sell all the stuff in this week, it was slowly sold in the previous months, this liquidation was just an "official" issue, I sent 7.8K back to my main, Ghostboci.

13K was harvested from the glyph industry. There are around 1000-1200 glyph auctions on my server, 6-700 of them are mine. Practically I'm the main glyph supplier, therefore I get the nice 10-15G profit/glyph. Luckily the people who did not know the incoming changes on the ink market sell lot of Ink of the Sea cheap, so my production costs are low.

The remaining 10K came from Koltas, who reached lvl 77 by now. I quest together with my girlfriend, so most of our XP comes from quests, not monster kills. That's lot of quest reward, and also junk to sell (all the junk is mine since she never have an empty slot in her packs). So around 3K income from questing, 1 is used for cold weather flying.

Another 1K coming from arbitrage. 2K came from selling Titansteel bars every day, 1K from selling 2 Moonshrouds/4 days. The remaining 4K came from tailoring old world stuff. My little lock quests again, with my girlfriend's shaman of course, and leveled tailoring up. As soon as he reaches lvl 68, I'll have another moonshroud producer. His other job is currently herbalism, but that's only good during questing. After lvl68, he may find a more profitable job.

I stacked up a bit on Frozen orb for the next patch. I bought 20 for 60-80G, already selling them for 130. I'm trying to catch some cheap shards too.

Another card sold, thanks to the Darkmoon Faire in town. I have a Prisms card left, I try to sell it until tomorrow evening. If I can't, I suck up the loss and Koltas will use the trinket.


Zach said...

great info here,

I've been doing some stocking up for the patch as well, been picking Dream Shards, Milling tons of Tiger Lily for IotS and selling the snowfall ink, and picking up things like Frozen Orbs for under 20g... just wondering how big you think the spike on Frozen Orbs will be... I see it being pretty high - at least for a while... wondering what you're setting your top end price at for Orbs... I don't have quite as much gold to play with (sitting around 20k right now) But I'm willing to spend a good bit to make more (or at least not lose any :) )

Unknown said...

i decided to take up tailoring on my main (DK) they still get a good back chant, and ill be able to make the cloths every 4 days, as well as the old world stuff. his items crafted while leveling will fuel my 70 hunters (currently low level mine/engi)enchanting which will be mostly a disenchant operation, he will also take up tailoring for a 2nd cloth producer.

any suggestions though on what cloth you feel is best? i see you have moon shroud, but that may be because it was the choice you made back in BC.

Anonymous said...

Your glyph business is doing well- much better than mine. I took your advice and slammed the AH with glyphs. Making around 500 to 1000g/day. I'm still getting it up and running (i'm lacking some lesser inks, but stockpiling 2g IotS to cover that post patch).

I do have a coupla questions for you, though:
1. what do you do with the glyphs that hit 12g or less? i make 10 glyphs, but with a coupla days the price drops due to competition. do you pull the glyphs out? or do you just sell at a loss and let them go?
2. How do you figure out which glyphs you need to make? I make 10 - but then place them all on the AH. This means that my mods can't see them in the AH. I did load your mods, but they dont give me any more than the normal auctioneer/ctmods do.

thanks for the blog and good job...