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Monday, December 8, 2008

Yet another investment

I've bought some infinite dust. They are around 9G on my server, so 20x20x9 = 3600G was spent in like 2 minutes. Why did I do this?

Arena season 5 will be out at December 17th, 9 days from today.

The arenas are very different from PvE in a way that you cannot nerf the other player. You can walk into Naxxramas in full greens-blues, or even in lvl 70 gear and you can win. Actually you can walk up to Heroic Malygos in 10 levels old gear and smash him, like Ensidia.

On the other hand the opponent in the arena is another player character, that cannot be "tuned" to be "casual friendly". If you aim high, you will need skills and also every point of stats that honor point and money can buy.

There will be three kind of gear, savage, hateful and deadly, the weaker ones will be available for honor, the stronger ones will have arena rating requirements. A serious arena player waits for the season start with 75000 honor and lot of battleground badges to turn in for 930 honor each set. This will mean 3-4 items to be purchased and enchanted of course ... if you have materials.

I remember when Season 4 came out. Greater Planar Essence jumped from 5G to 15G overnight. I expect the same now. I will sell these dusts with profit in two weaks. Oh, and look at this!

Safety: infinite dust is a basic enchanting material. It will be used. Even if I miscalculated something and these guys have stocked enough mats for their enchants, I can sell these dusts for some price. After all, enchanting materials have no deposit costs.


Anonymous said...

Note that that enchant pattern you quote is not actually in the game at present.

I do however agree with the premise of this post. I made a killing on both gems and enchant mats at the launch of S4.

Anonymous said...

Wow 9g is really expensive! These things are going for 115g a stack on my server! I made a killing 26k, as a matter of fact on gems when arena s4 started. Unfortunately I cannot do the same this time around as my low level JC can no longer obtain recipes.

Chris Rolling said...

Why no love for the greater essences?

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea.

Do you think there is potentially more money to be made as a level 400+ enchanter in buying up the dusts and essences and then turning them into the appropriate enchanting scrolls and then listing these at a high price when the new season kicks off?

I'm thinking that people will want the "instant gratification" effect of enchanting their shiney new gear right away and will be willing to pay a premium to not have to fiddle around with buying mats and finding enchanters.

Any thoughts?

Gevlon said...

Simon B: completely true. Too bad that I'm so not in PvP gear, that I have absolutely no idea what scrolls to create.

BTW the price of the vellum (or the flower if you make it yourself) increases your expenses.

Anonymous said...

Not entirely sure myself - I will have to research the current PVP enchants of choice.

I get the feeling there is hard cash to be made here anyway. Even flogging the introductory WOTK enchants on Moonglade-EU I have been getting ~150 gold for scrolls that require but a few dusts and essences (icewalker, savagery, that kind of stuff)

Assuming I can continue to pick up vellums for about the same price (30-40g for Weapon III and 10-20g for Armour III). I should be able to turn a reasonable profit buying up and disenchanting Lv70+ greens for no more than 9-10g a pop and dusts and essences for about the same price.

Obviously more if I could be bothered spamming trade and cutting out the vellums but realistically who can be bothered with that any more?

I think my tactic is going to be list high and aim for approx 30-50g profit on each scroll with the knowledge that there is no auction house deposit and with the new season starting they are likely to get bought high in a week or so if not before.

I have a fair gold stash so I may even attempt to control the market by buying up the cheaply listed scrolls in the enchants I decide to specialise in and relist higher.

Michael Johnson said...


How are you planning on pricing the items when you expect a sharp, but unknown, spike in the price?

I.e. do you list the item for a range of prices, see what sells, and react accordingly? Or do you simply estimate a flat % increase over the current market price and list everything that way?

In other words, how does one best take advantage of a predicted price-spike.

chewy said...

Haven't seen any increase in price yet. :-( If anything it's gone down slightly. I'm thinking players aren't loving the new arena season. I'll sit on it a while. Hopefully it'll go up.

Ronald said...

The prices on my server (both essences and dust) are slowly dropping. I have observed no price spikes/increase due to the launch of S4.

I agree with Simon B about the enchanting to vellum and selling the scrolls. There is a large (potential) profit in it. As a bonus, enchanters can make money on the AH and no longer have to market their product in major cities.

I am going to research the creation of vellum though. I might be better off to have them crafted by fellow businessmen, instead of buying them on AH.