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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Check your tradeskills

While the sure-profit CD-ed skills were covered, there is profit in your other craftings too.

This profit is counter-intuitive, since all you have to do is press a button and anyone can press that button who has the tradeskill (10% of the population). However most people ignore their tradeskills, or simply can't afford the materials. So you can make a killing with some items. Be aware that anyone can undercut you, so you can end up with unsold stuff. It happens, but with the following tip, you can avoid most of these incidents.

You can craft hundreds of items, so you need to know what to craft. Auctioneer helps! All you have to do is open your tradeskill window, select your recipes one by one and mouseover the item to be created. On the picture you can see my inscription tradeskill window open, Glyph of Shadow Word: Death selected and my mouse is above the glyph itself (you can't see it, because screenshot removes mouse).

The trick is that if auctioneer installed and configured, you can see a second tooltip window (bottom of the screen) with the market price of the item. If the number is big enough, the item worth checking in the AH, and if noot flooded, worth crafting and selling.

I just did this for my inscription recipes. It sounds lot of work, and it is. It took me an hour to check all my recipes. However I posted 230 auctions, glyphs for 15-25G. Since the materials cost 5-10G, I make 10-15G profit on each. That's 2300-3500G profit for an hour. Any farming provides such income?

Get auctioneer and check your recipes. There must be something you can craft that sells high.


Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your blog :) Love your posts and I agree with lots of them, it's always comforting to see that there is some intelligent life in the universe :)

I'm wondering why you don't seem to mention jewelcrafting in your money making schemes. Right now it can be extremely lucrative given that the dragon's eye sells for about 450g on my server, making the jewelcrafting daily the most profitable use of 10 mins every day by far.

Gevlon said...

I did:

However I'm just planning a JC based moneymaker just now, will post it this week.

Anonymous said...

I promise to use my trade skills more <3.

On another note as a Disc priest who like to PVP that glyph looks amazing, must get one for when i go on my pvp binge for gear.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but have you already started farming eggs yet? In your experience how much can you make and how long does it take before the AH is flooded?

AJ said...

Great tip, and it's not just for the people with capped professions. Everyone seems to get hung up on the highest end stuff, assuming you aren't going to make any cash while leveling the skills. There's heaps of gold to be made in the lower levels. Examples are recipes like Swiftness pots and Great Rage potions, both have made me a bundle of gold every time I've leveled Alchemy.

Most people are too lazy to do the research required, and it's those same people that aren't reading the great gold making blogs like this one, ironic really.

Siha said...

Mm, good tip. I'd abandoned inscription as a moneymaker when the AH was glutted with people selling off their skillups. I should check again.