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Friday, December 5, 2008

Success, sadness and crafted gear

I went to Old Stratholm as daily instance. Since I had not much XP left, I brought my crafted gear with me. It went pretty well, except the tank ate the heal like a mage, and the mage damaged like a tank but what you expect in a PuG? We killed Chrono Lord Whoever without deaths, than moved forward. I dinged on this Bile Golem. I put on the crafted gear on. What wrong can happen now? I have 300 rep missing from Kirin Tor honored, 50 from boss, 250 from daily instance quest. Perfect!

Except we left Arthas somewhere. He most probably stopped and we had to talk to him to continue. OK let's get Arthas. What is the perfect way to do it? The mage started running back, into the respawned Scourge. Died of course. The death knight, due to his better armor cut his way through and talked to Arthas. The tank in the meanwhile pushed forward, pulling another elite group. We somehow managed to kill half of them (tank, healer, 1 DPS), of course the DK died at the back. Arthas was under attack. What did the tank do? Rushed back with the other half of the elite pack, pulling another elite pack. Died of course. This exhibition of stupidity was way too much for me, I ressed at the GY. Moral of the story? (besides if Mylon want to join your group, say NO).

Dumb people are everywhere. And when I mean dumb, I don't mean a casual who is unaware of Amplify Magic or Last Stand, I mean someone who pulls another pack while half of the party is dead. You can't dodge them, you can't avoid meeting them, and due to the thing called privacy, you can't even warn others of them. Wait, I just did it!

But you can find not only /ignore class people but /friend class people too. People who make instancing a fun activity, not a constant challenge of "how to outheal 3 elites on a clothie?". You can find a guild of raiders where people actually capable of moving out of fire!

And above all, you can get gear (both in game an RL) without them, on your own, by crafting (working RL). On the picture you can see my stats 1 min after dinging 80. Of course it's not final. The gear that made it possible:
There will be 4 more purchases, I work on them:
I won't buy a Signet of Kirin Tor. Shame that Blizz only made melee and spell DPS rings, no tanking or healing ring.

PS: to cheer me up, my GF arranged a HC Violet Hold. Although we were not the best geared and I forgot to reglyph (talking about dumb people...) we killed not only Cynagosa with some strange achievement, but we killed the real endboss of VH: Zuramat the Obliterator. The key to him? Full Mother Sharaz gear.

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