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Friday, December 5, 2008


!!!Tree line, do not cross!!!
This is not a regular GreedyGoblin post, it has nothing to do with making money, so nothing to see here, move away (unless you are a tree druid). This post is not considered "real" and just like "fun" posts, do not count into the post counter. If you received it via a feeder, I'm sorry to interrupt your blogreading. The real post for today is the one below this one.

As most trees, I also faced with the problem, how to spend my time between refreshing lifeblooms, and rejuvenations. The possibilities:
  • /dance
  • melee autoattack the boss (/envy priest for wands)
  • spam starfire (danger, removes tree form)
The story start to get nastier, when you see that the tank's HP is falling despite all HoTs ticking and swiftmend on CD. Now you can choose between the following options:
  • Nourish
  • Healing Touch
  • Regrowth (only direct portion matters here, since HoT is already up)
To choose between them, let's see what elitist jerks and wotlkwiki says about spells.
  • Base values averaged, 20% HoT bonus for Nourish included
  • Coefficients with full talent
  • Heal bonuses like Tree of Life aura not included since affect them equally, Regrowth has 20% extra bonus from glyph. Living seed included into crits.
  • Mana costs are fully talented (aware of the fact that you can't fully talent all)
  • Cast times has no haste just Nature's grace, except Nourish which is limited by GCD
  • Spell power is 1900.

Regrowth Nourish Healing_Touch
Base 2364 2035 4089Coeff 0.781 0.977 2.439 Crit% 60
Heal 7249 4870 9883 Mana 738 615 1134 HPM 9.82 7.92 8.72 Time 1.70 1.50 2.43 HPS 4264 3247 4067

So I found that both in HPS and HPM, Regrowth beat the two direct spells. So no Nourish or HT (except for NS-HT) for me.

One more thing. There is a common belief among trees that crit rating is irrelevant for a druid, since regrowth already has 50% crit from talents. Can't be more wrong. The following chart shows HPS of regrowth vs crit % and the increase of this HP by 1% more crit (marginal value). The trick of course that throuh Nature's Grace, crit increases speed:

As you can see, the more crit you have, the more the next 1% will give. So I changed my mind and buy a Signet of Kirin Tor. Of course all tree comments are welcomed, and if I miscalculated something and you find it, I'll be extra grateful (what yields you nothing of course goblin-wise).

PS: I definitely learned one thing from this post: How to put a table into a Blogger-powered blog.


Unknown said...

Well how do you put a table? Did you just manually spaced it?

Gevlon said...

No, that cannot be done since several spaces are considered one in HTML. The code was:

(table width="600")(tbody)(tr)(td)Name
Regrowth Nourish Healing_Touch(/td)(td)Base 2364 2035 4089(/td)(td)Coeff 0.781 0.977 2.439 (/td)(td)Crit% 60
14(/td)(td) Heal 7249 4870 9883(/td)(td) Mana 738 615 1134(/td)
(td) HPM 9.82 7.92 8.72(/td)(td) Time 1.70 1.50 2.43(/td)(td) HPS 4264 3247 4067(/td)

Of course replace the parenthesises with "bigger than" and "smaller than" symbols.