Greedy Goblin

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I started leveling my enchanting. Created armor vellum II-s, and enchanted them with Enchant Boots - Surefooted until greened out, slvl 385.

Have you seen the turtle-ship between the Tuskar villages? You can sail from Unu'pe to Mo'aki Harbour to Kamauka (marked with red circles). You might not noticed but flying is pretty expensive in Northrend, the same flight path costs 1.3G. The ships are just as fast as the taxi, so use them when you can! Flying from Coldarra and Amber Ledge icosts 47s if you pay for it, but 0 if you talk to Librarian Triare.

I fished some and cooked the fish, reaching slvl 388. I did not find any new cooking recipes, so I googled around and found that I have to create Feast. Pretty expensive stuff. I wait until the prices go down.

The glyphs of Plague Strike, Death Strike, Death's Embrace, Scourge Strike are selling like candy. My account balance is 48700G, exactly 1000 more than yesterday, although I bought lot of new recipes (glyphs and enchanting), and also 40 "cheap" primal lifes. Have plans with them.

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Anonymous said...

Nice story, my partner actually plays and she is a priest and i think i would have to consider following hr if she left.