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Monday, November 10, 2008

Changing to inscription

Although I leveled leatherworking a month ago, I dropped it to have inscription. The reason why I picked it up was to create BoP leather items for myself. Since the professions were changed to create BoE items instead, the only difference between the tradeskills will be the special bonuses.

For leatherworking, it's the bracer armor kit, it's 37 spell power stronger than the normal enchant. The inscription bonus is shoulder enchant, 36 spell power over normal. However, to have the "normal", you have to be Sons of Hodir exalted. Since they have no other reward for me, by being inscriptor, I can skip this faction completely. The inscribe-only off-hand item is also nice, and the inscription is good auxilary skill for enchanting. I can create my own enchant-holding vellums. Bonus: I can use up the endless amount of herbs rotting in my bank and make some money by selling death-knight glyphs.

I spent 1065G for leveling this tradeskill, much less than the powerleveling guides said (price of my own herbs included). I used the wowhead spellist (danger, several items have bad slvl here), and the guide of WoW economist, but did not follow it by word. Leveling inscription is simple. All recipes are trainer-trained, and have very narrow range. If it's available at slvl 160, it's yellow at slvl 165, green at slvl 170, so you have to use another recipe every 5 levels. Tricks to decrease leveling price:
  • check the AH for not only herbs but inks and pigments. Sometimes you can find cheap ones or green quality (uncommon) inks/pigments you can use.
  • if recipe X needs 1 ink, and the next recipe needs 2 inks, use X until green
  • always create inks while green.
  • armor and weapon vellums are orange/yellow for more than 5 slvls
  • check prices. Some glyphs are cheap, others are expensive
  • death knight glyphs will sell high soon

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