Greedy Goblin

Friday, November 7, 2008

Business report

I have no new great business just the old ones:
  • People still buying Greater Planar Essence, though I more and more often find the shop in Halaa empty (Or ally controlled).
  • I flipped some Arcane dust. Bought on 30s, sold on 90s, done it with about 50 stacks.
  • I made some bargain like buying Kamaei's Cerulean Skirt for 90G on the trade channel and selling it on the AH for 400G
  • The leathers are a goldmine. I buy Knothide leather scraps and Knothide leather and sell them as Heavy Knothide leather for about double price.
  • Sold like 40 some Large prismatic shards, 200 to go
  • Bought some Cook- and First aid books, sold them for 2G higher
  • The copper business start looking really interesting, I bought copper and tin for 15-25 silver and expected to sell the bronze after WotLK for 50s. But I'm already selling it for 60! I have no idea who is buying it, but keep it up!
  • I sold a couple of old an unnecessary stuff
  • The remaining high level herbs selling really slowly.
Actually I did not spend too much time auctioning, I did not scanned the whole AH for bargains (I'm lazy), and did not participated it the "sell useless stuff needed for achievements" because I hate the achievements too much (non-goblin thinking). So I did not do much to get income.

Still I have 45800G (the picture was done yesterday), thats 3K increase in a week, without a second of farming and with no such activity that I would classify as work (as opposed to fun/hobby). I also have
  • 2000 on the alts
  • 800 on the herb-sellers
  • 5000G was invested into copper-business, half of it is still gold (not enough materials in AH)
This keeps riddling me. I saw a poll on Warcraft econ, telling only 10% of the voters are above 50K G. And the audience of that site are at least interested in making gold (I wish I could see into Blizzard's records, to see the results on the whole playerbase). What I cannot understand is how can people have so little? I mean even my girlfriend who does no even have auctioneer addon, and seem to me to sell and buy randomly has 25K+. Is it the pure fact that she does buy and sell?


Esdras said...

I think what is happening to the ore selling already is preperation,there are 2 guys in my guild who have all the ore/stone to go from 1-375 Blacksmithing.

One of them actually has enough to go 1-375 in both Blacksmithing and Engineering.

Anonymous said...

Regarding how much gold people have, I've been having fun comparing achievements with people. You can now see how much people make per day, their max total gold, and various other stats under achievements. I've been using it to investigate the other big sellers on my server and trying to muscule in on their businesses.

Larísa said...

You are amazing. You really are. And I feel ashamed reading about it. Why can't I follow your advice? Why can't I bother myself to spend some time playing the AH.
I seem to be stuck at 1 k g and never get passed it. That will leave me in a pretty bad situation in Northrend, I'm afraid. The thing is that I seem to lack the sense of timing that you have. I never learn to buy at the right moment and sell at the right. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Or have other priorities.

Anyway: I suck. You rock. Be proud.

Gevlon said...

@larísa: as long as you don't have problems because of money (can't repair, can't buy consumables, can't buy cold weather flying...) it's NOT a problem that you have 1000G. While I would find it very low, it may serve you. You don't have to change anything as long as you don't have problems because of your money.

Gaming Diva said...

What an excellent report. I have great success with the various recipes. I did well before the achievements were in existence but once they hit the scene my sales have tripled.

With the sales flowing in as they have been I decided to purchase my epic mount yesterday. I've made all but 1000 of that money back already and if all my auctions sell today well I'll have paid for my mount.