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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Breaking news

Verimonde, Blizzard Poster says: "This is [someone asked why a Naxx boss drops BoE] actually intended. We want there to be more trickle down items from raids and part of that decision was to give each boss one item that is BoE. It helps add excitement to raids and well as provide raiding guilds another way to help pay for the cost of raiding"

He also says: "There will not be a Stormherald type weapon "high level crafter only". There are however a fair number of epic crafted BoE weapons that smiths will be able to make in LK.

We didn't like the vast number of people who felt they were required to be Blacksmiths in order to get a good weapon. Players should choose their trade skills based on what they enjoy, not what they feel they must do."

I don't know enough about it, to have a real post, but one thing is for sure: more high level BoE items will come, which means if you have enough money, you can buy really good gear! WotLK seems to be more goblin than BC!

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Anonymous said...

Awsome, i think this is a fantastic thing and will allow guild banks to get a bit of gold behind them as well.