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Monday, October 6, 2008

Leveling leatherworking

I took my own advice from yesterday and my main leveled leatherworking. Of course I tried to make it as cheap as possible. Since LW was already the main candidate to replace herbalism, I stocked 2 bags of leather into my bank, bought them when cheap. So here is the cheap recipe list, using (but not explicitly following) Wowwiki and also the allakhazam recipe list. Don't forget to find an enchanter buddy and mail him the stuff you make for disenchanting.

Read the list and make yours before starting leveling, if you plan to drop a profitable profession. It's quite annoying to be stucked at 297 or 345 because there is not a single Frostsaber leather (10s each) or Fel scales (1G each) in the AH.

Another thing I noticed during leveling: combining leather scraps into leather is a very profitable profession. I can't understand how. Leather is 90% bought by leatherworkers, so they could buy the much cheaper scraps to combine them. But they don't. If you do, you can make 50-100G/day with 10 minutes of unattended work. Don't forget that creating heavy knothide leather also profitable.
  • Light leather from scraps all the way up. This is usually profitable, if you end up with useless light leather, you can sell it
  • Depending on price, either light armor kit and some Light Leather Quiver, but for me Cured light hide was cheaper (and most probably same for you). Reach at least slvl 55!
  • From slvl 55, Embossed Leather Gloves. Don't forget to buy Journeyman before slvl 70. Run this recipe up to slvl 100!
  • If you can buy cheap medium hide, cure them now. It worth to have at least 30 cured medium hide, though you don't have to cure them yourself. If not enough for sale, wait a day.
  • Fine leather belt, up to slvl 125. Don't sell the belts.
  • Dark leather belt, it needs fine leather belt and cured medium hide. Ususally sellable for profit. Use this recipe until you run out of materials.
  • Herbalist's Gloves. Needs a recipe and kingsblood flower. It's a useful item, since herbalists can use it to increase skill. It sells! Except if you are a hordie since the recipe is sold by and alliance vendor. Run it up to 170 if you are ally.
  • At 150 don't forget to buy Expert. Make at least 20 cured heavy hide. Will push you beyond 160.
  • Hillman's Cloak, up to 175.
  • Raptor hide is very cheap! Raptor Hide Belt and Raptor Hide Harness uses them with very little leather.
  • Barbaric Shoulders, up to 200
  • Thick armor kit, up to 220. Sellable in stacks of 4
  • Learn Artisan leatherworker!
  • Nightscape headbands, up to 235
  • Thick Leather Ammo Pouch, up to slvl 25
  • Rugged Armor kit up to slvl 255
  • Heavy Scorpid Bracers up until green. Need recipe, sold in Silithus in limited suply, camping is possible. Heavy Scorpid scale is maybe in limited supply. If this is the case, push Rugged Armor kit a bit higher.
  • Wicked Leather Gauntlets. Recipe sold on Bulwark, usable up to 285
  • Don't forget the specialization recipes! While you can specialize into only one of tribal, elemental or dragonscale leatherworker, you can use all of their pre-BC recipes, and these can also be used to leveling. For example I leveled up to 295 with Living Shoulders.
  • Also don't forget to announce between your friends who have medium level leather (or mail) wearer alts that you are leveling LW. Offer them items for lower-than-market price. They get a cheap item, you get a levelup. I created the whole dragonscale set for a low level restoshaman.
  • After 295 I used Heavy Scorpid Helm and Frostsaber leggings to reach slvl 300
  • On 300 go to Thrallmar/Honor hold and get Master LW
  • Combine all the Knothide Leather Scraps into leather. You supposed to have around 50-60 stacks of scraps, they are cheaper than leather and also bring you to slvl 310
  • Knothide armor kit, up to slvl 325. It will take around 20 kits to reach it. They are sellable 1 by 1.
  • 5 Knothide leathers can be combined to 1 heavy knothide leather. Recipe sold in Shattrah and Silvermoon/Exodar. Create them until you reach slvl 335. The Heavy is usually more expensive in AH than 5 normal knothide leather.
  • Thick Draeneic west until 340.
  • At 340 Drums of battle looks tempting, since it's yellow and you going to use it, so why not? Because it's expensive, and others already made them. You can buy them much cheaper than create.
  • If you can buy fel scales, than Scaled Draeneic boots, if not, Thick Draeneic west, until 350. Yes, they are just yellow. And yes, they don't give level 100%. But they cost much less, than any slvl 340 recipe.
  • At 350 you get Heavy Knothide Armor Kit and Glove Reinforcement. The kit is cheaper to make, but sells much lower. So I'd suggest the reinforcement and sell it for profit! Up to slvl 360!
Since in the expansion you can start making leather items from slvl 350, there is no point to reach slvl 375.

As soon as my items sell, I will post the approximated value of leveling.

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Unknown said...

The people who buy, say Heavy Borean Leather instead of Borean Leather are most likely non-leatherworkers who want to have things crafted, but don't realize that leatherworkers can upgrade regular leather to the heavy types (they probably think it has to be skinned from something). Their loss is your gain though.