Greedy Goblin

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 30: 2000G!

The steel, the bronze, the books all sold like candy. I had to make an unscheduled flight to Booty Bay to relist wool cloth in the common AH, because the good hordies bought them all. Had to bought more in the ally AH.

I bought lot of mageweave cloth, so I can return them when hit 40 (which I don't know when will happen since I did not quest today either). I also bought some really cheap trade goods and more investment for Thelnia. And in this very moment the Arcane dusts (which were rotting in my bank like forever) finally sold.

With these sells, I passed 2000G in cash, although I still have bids outside and Thelnia is somewhere around 1800G in investment.


Gaming Diva said...

Congrats, buddy!

I've originally set a goal to hit 500G before the end of this month, but...I already reached that goal so I'm going to aim higher.

My banker now has a guild which means I can store a lot of items, buy things in bulk, hold them and easily sort through them, and sell when I know they'll make the most profit.

I bought a bunch of recipes early this morning and placed them up for auction.

It would be cool if you received achievements from working the Auction House.

Gevlon said...

You can keep items in large quantities in the mailbox. One mail can contain 12 items. Send it to your banker. The trick is that you don't have to open it! You can keep it in the box for 30 days.

Gaming Diva said...

Yep I know that and do that already but....I'm tired of going though all that mail! I send my bank toons a lot daily. I wasn't on that much yesterday but I was on long enough to sort through all the unopened and sell a bunch of items. When I logged on early this morning I noticed that most of it is selling I had several mails with the welcome words "auction sold" on them.