Greedy Goblin

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 35: 40

I've quested in Dustwallow for Theramore and Mudsprocket. It still make me smile when I see these little green fellows giving quests. The only good thing in the cursed 2.3 that nerfed leveling was the introduction of Mudsprocket.

Reached lvl 40 during these quests. I was lucky to meet a druid and a hunter, the kill X quests went like lightening. After that I spent most of my time with Thelnia, catalogizing her investment.

Account balance: 2099G, 120 auctions, 25 bids, about Thelnia: stay tuned!


Ryukyu said...

What was so bad about 2.3? I don't understand? Pallies got a buff from what I remember. Leveling became easier.... did I miss something?

Gevlon said...