Greedy Goblin

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Business overview

I ended the Triara-flower-business, returning 18950G income. Over 11000G investment it's far from being great. There are still around 400 stacks of high level, mostly outland herbs in the stocks, I will slowly sell them. There will always be rerolling or new alchemists or inscribes, and no high levels will farm Outland, just like EPL and Silithus are deserted now. However that's a different business, and income is not yet predictable. The inscription-rush business ended and closed.

Since my last report, 4500G income was created by "farming" and selling voids, making altogether 42300G.

I still have the copper business, with 5000G invested, and still have 2600G on mid-level alts, totaling around 50K G. Not bad.

PS: last thoughts about the controversial Zombie Event. While the zombies made some trouble to my business, forced me to relocate 2 bankers from TB to UC (luckily the rest were already in Silvermoon), they definitely couldn't stop me from making money. There is always a way to defeat or evade the troubles and troublemakers we meet in our way.


Unknown said...

First of all. Thanks for all the wealthy information you have shared.

I'm still not sure what to do about my business model.

My main is a BS/Miner
I made my money primarily by selling ores and primal fires.

My druid who just hit 60 took Enchanting, mainly for disenchanting, and Mining.

I'm thinking of replacing mining from my druid and pick up engineering but then ... I need someone to mine me the stuff I need to power level it <_>. Maybe keep mining till I hit cap? or get enough mats for Engineering?

I guess I have to sit down and decide on a niche and then expand from there if it's a success ...

Also is it the Goblin way to post Mark of Illidari for 40g each ii AH on my alt right after I saw in guild chat people are looking for them b4 raid time? Or am I hearthless? I made 200ish gold in 5 min ... after spamming Trade channel

Gevlon said...

Selling stuff for money to your OWN GUILDMATES!!! Good job!

Unless you plan to make your druid your main don't get engineering. That's the most expensive job. Alts should only have mining, skinning, herbalism or enchanting. If you turn your druid to main, drop BS on your alt and get another money job.

However it's always just seed money, the big money comes from the AH!

Anonymous said...

I would keep mining at least untill your druid hit 80 too. Gathering profession will help you to face the inflation caused by wotlk if don't have a huge pool of money.

Anonymous said...

I would partly disagree about the fact that professions are only seed money.

I believe that controlling the market of any crafting profession is by far the way to make the most profit (excluding shifts in the economy caused by patches but there is only 3-4 of those per year)

I say I partly disagree since if you controll a market, there is no way you can gather all the mats needed. So in the end it also comes down to buying cheap mats on the ah, using your profession to make items and selling them for a huge profit.

I made about 10k profit selling herbs but my biggest surprise was how quickly people started buying enchants from the ah. There is currently only 2 of us trying to control the enchant market and I already made more selling them than I did with herbs. Controling a crafting market requiere a lot of time and also represent a greater risk but it's definitly more than just a source of seed money.

Gevlon said...

@evander: trading with tradeskill items does not require being a crafter. You make money by AH trading, not crafting, you could make almost the same money if you wouldn't be crafter yourself.