Greedy Goblin

Monday, October 20, 2008


It's a bit late for introduction, but better later than never. My original plan was to start a new paladin on a different server, alliance side to prove that one can make money from absolutely no external help, no daily quests, no lvl 70 to farm.

I thought that I will play with my main for my own ends and with Gevlon for this blog.

However I had to notice that my time is limited and I cannot play with two chars. So I abandoned Gevlon after 30 days, lvl 40 and 4000G. On this blog you can follow the business of my main and farmalts. So here I am, Ghostboci, restodruid, currently on WotLK leveling spec.

My current financial state:
18800G on main
16400G on Triara and sub-alts (flower business)
4300G on Glotan (copper business, 700 also spent)
2500G on two alts, a mostly abandoned arcane mage (who else have bankalt with 1100 spellpower?) and a leveling warlock who's job is to have some exclusive time with my special one, leveling together.

Follow my adventures into riches and raids! The second part will not be emphasized here, except when directly business-connected, otherwise only mentioned.


Dradis said...

Holy crap....... that is a lot of gold. Did you engineer a Goblin Gold Coin Minting Bot or something?

Larísa said...

OK... I know about your characters and about your blog focus and about your talent for gold making. But what about you then? You're pretty secret. Couldn't you give us a few hints about who you are and what brought you to this game?

I'm a little bit curious about you.

Btw I'm glad Ghosboci is back... :)
I like that name. One of my oldest commenters who's been with me almost al the way since I started blogging. A faithful guest of the inn with a seat of his own, always ready.

Gevlon said...

@dradis: just goblin knowledge, no machine

@larísa: Sorry my dear innkeeper. I'm Ghostboci, and Koltas and Gevlon in the game and on blogs.

My AFK life don't belong to the internet public. Please understand that while I met great people like you and even think of you as friends, not everyone on the internet are like you. Anyone can read an internet blog, including people of my AFK life, like my current and future employers, like my family who believe in traditional values instead of goblin ones.

I'm Ghostboci in the WoW and in the WoW-blogosphere and just Ghostboci.

Larísa said...

Ah well... I respect your secrecy. And I'm definitly not asking for details that would reveal you to employers and family and stuff. (BTW my own family doesn't know about my blog and I don't want them to so I know exactly what you're getting at)

But I think you can be personal without giving out private AFK details.

Anyway... I guess we get to know you little by little through your blog posts. That's how blogging works and it's amazing how it knits us together.