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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Pike at Aspect of the Hare came up with the great idea: "Post your bank". Here is Triara's:

I'm so sorry that I did not made a screenshot of the conversation and the trade window, but it was way before I had the idea to have a blog. I had only 1 char, no alts, no other plans than to heal in the endgame raiding (will write about it how did it go south). So I try to remake it from memories:
[cdxefs] whispers: Hello mate!
[cdxefs] Level 2 orc rouge - Orgrimmar
[me] whispers: Hi!
[cdxefs] whispers: We are a gold supplier company and we have 16K G on this server. Do you wish to buy some cheap WoW gold again? (again? I've never bought anything from you!)
[me] whispers: Whoa, that's more than 3 epic mount! (*evil grin*)
[cdxefs] whispers: We are a gold supplier company, our farmers work 24/7 to satisfy our valued customers. That's why we have so much gold.
[me] whispers: There is a little problem. (*evil grin*)
[cdxefs] whispers: What is it mate?
[me] whispers: That I don't need your cheated gold, since I have 18.9K (it was long ago, I was poor back then). And I did not even had to farm 24/7 with a bot army. Now piss off, before I contact a GM.

Finally, a Wintergrasp photo (the inner walls are fine)


Larísa said...

Wow, that's some botanist goblin!

I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to display the bank of Larísa. It's embarrassing. Just a mess. I got ArkInventory, but I guess I'm too lazy or disorganized to use it properly.

Just wanted to add that I like the way your blog is developping. I thought first it would just be about crafting and using AH, but goblin philosophy is so much more.

A very nice, personal and interesting addition to the Blogosphere!

Gaming Diva said...

Is someone is getting ready for Inscription? I have stocked up a lot of herbs too. ;-)

The conversation you had with the farmer is hilarious. I have had a few whisper me I just ignore them.