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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 7: Enchanting

I sold all the Felsteel Bars, getting over 100G for them. Nice. I spent most of the gained money on the AH to buy stuff for resale. Also bought some copper and tin for my bronze business.

The wool cloths were distributed in all Alliance cities, providing 4600XP, helping me reach lvl 20. While doing this I went to Exodar. It's brilliant, but alien. Won't be my favorite city. The rest of the XP came from questing in Darkshore, and completing the WSG daily quest. Was easy. and inspired another analysis you will see soon. In Darkshore I also found lot of silver vein. Skillup and silver at the same time. Nice!

Most of the bids I made on the AH were overbid. The competition is not sleeping. This is the main problem with AH-sharking, you may end up with a huge loot, but you may end up with overbids.

But let's talk about the reason I was collecting linen cloth for days. I dropped herbalism and picked up tailoring. No, I'm not intended to wear self-made cloth armor. I just created 120 Brown Linen Robes. Why? Because after I finished with them, I dropped tailoring too and picked up enchanting. Enchanting is a great profession for businessmen:
  • It allows you to use your soulbound stuff to something instead of selling it to the vendors for low.
  • It allows you to buy cheap green and blue stuff in AH, disenchant and sell the materials for profit
  • It allows you to buy cheaper enchanting materials and change them into something more expensive. Funny but usually 3 Small Prismatic Shard is more expensive than 1 Large Prismatic shard.
I disenchanted all the robes, providing myself all the starting materials for enchanting. I gained 13 stacks of Strange Dust and Lesser Magic Essence, worth 45G. The linen cloths cost altogether 15G. 30G profit with enchanting on its first day, and on the top of it, skill lvl 59. I have to level enchanting high if I want to disenchant high value items. By using a cost effective method (which will be posted later, when skill level 300 reached). I managed to reach skill level 210. I have to be lvl40 to pass skill level 225, so I have time.

Still, although the materials for enchanting 210 were not cheap, I still have 65G. AH rocks!

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