Greedy Goblin

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 6: Felsteel Bar

90G! Yes! Bronze bars currently selling like candy. It was just bad luck, not a market change or weekend issue. So I'm back in business.

I hit lvl 18 only, I had no luck finding others to quest with and alone it's slow.

I spent 15G on buying 15 stack Wool Cloth for the Donation of Wool quests. I return them tomorrow for cheap XP and rep.

Did some vendortrashing and also had a great luck on the AH: bought 10 Felsteel Bar for 5.4G each. Will list it for 13.50, expecting great profit here. Stocked some more linen cloth and tomorrow I'll use them all.

I also bought some new bags and the first 4 bag slots (0.1+1+10+25G). I also bought a Mining Sack in AH for 10G. Real bargain. I need bag space. The analysis of today will be about bag spaces.

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