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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 5: Out of gold

1.8G! What happened? Am I bankrupt and doomed to farm peacebloom for the rest of my life?

Unlikely. All that happened is that the bronze did not sell as I expected. The bars are in my bank, they still have value, and could be sold for a low price to regain my investment but I still hope to get profit from them. The bronze sold above 5G at last weekend, so two thing could happen.
One way or another there will be an analysis of this at Sunday.
  • I either met a weekend issue and will sell my stuff in the weekends.
  • I ran into a market shift or sporadic change (10 guys randomly decided to level BS and sniffled all the bronze, elevating prices that day). In this case I can end up with no profit.
I spent my remaining money on bidding items that can be sold to a vendor for profit.

My bank is full of linen cloth too, will make the planned change (and publish the corresponding analysis) tomorrow.

In the meantime I made it to lvl17 by weeding out some Defias in Westfall, luckily didn't have to do it alone, a random warrior grouped with me. Also made my choice of talent: protection. There is a big need of tanks, especially on low levels. I will be able to tank instances, completing instance quests quickly (= fast leveling).

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