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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 4: Slow day

Made lvl 16 and 38G.

38? It's less than yesterday. The reason is I spent a lot on bidding copper and tin. I either get my money back or I get the materials. I also have bronze on the AH, waiting to sell. Maybe I listed it too high (5G/stack). Maybe I was too greedy and in this case I deserve to sell nothing. The goblin wisdom says:
The invisible hands of the golden gods will pet the smart, slap the greedy and smash the dumb.
Will see. If it does not sell on 5. I will relist tomorrow for 4.50. or 4.30. Or 4.00 if competition undercuts me.

I also have to update the Auctioneer post. I wrote "It's still a solid 50-100G/day income (if you have the money to buy the cheap items) but not more." That was true a year ago, according to a certain horde druid who made business back then. Not today. I tried to bid on really good bargains but I was overbid in an hour. It seems the competition is higher, more people (and hordies) are aware of Auctioneer addon.

Am I sad about the fall of the days when one could make hundreds in minutes? Not at all. These days were maybe golden for a certain tauren but bad for others who were at his mercy. He could buy cheap and sell really high. I can't do the same. Competition - and not good heart - force me to buy less cheap and sell less high. Maybe I won't make it 5000G at lvl 58 like that certain tauren. But the workers who farmed the items get better payment and the raiding heroes who buys the products has to pay less. Bit harder for me, much easier for them. Fair trade.

I've also sold the herbalist bags. 1 G profit each. Will write an analysis on them later today.

I'm currently stacking linen cloth to my bank, preparing for another great enterprise. Stay tuned!

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