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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 14: Ratchet

As a proud lvl 25 I decided to make a long journey to find my spiritual home, Ratchet. First I flied to Westfall, and from there walked down to the river, swimmed down to the Rebel camp of Stranglethorn Vale, to have the flight point there. I had to bubble some times since the lvl 31 crockolisks did not really liked me.

While I was doing that, I was outbid on lot of armor I bid for disenchanting to Vision dust. On the one hand, it's a loss of profit. On the other hand, it's a gain of a like-minded fellow. I don't know his race or class, all I know he wants to make business, like me. Good luck whoever you are!

After that flied all up to Menethil Harbor and took the boat to Theramore in Dustwallow marsh. From there I swimmed all the way up, evading lvl ?? murlocks and defias. After this long and dangerous journey, which I could complete with a single bubble, I reached Northwatch Hold. It was nice to see friendly faces again. From there it was just a pleasant walk up to Ratchet.

After chatting and trading with the long seen fellows there, I took the boat to Booty Bay. When I reached it, first I went to the flight master, just to find out that my perilious journey to the Rebel Camp was pointless, since the flight from Booty goes directly to Stormwind. Anyway, I have the flight point, so I can come here anytime I want to.

There were two more reasons of my visit. At first went to the neutral AH. Unfortunately, it was more or less deserted. Anyway I put some wool cloth in, hoping that the hordies still have wool shortage. If I'd have a partner on the horde side, I could be rich just by trading with him/her. But I don't. So I just hope, some random hordie find my auction. I also bought some cheap armor for disenchanting.

I also visited Xixil Makspocket. It was Gazlowe-s advice, he said "That cursed trick-teller fit to your damn questions lad". Was an advice worth taking. Soon you'll hear more.

I bought some mithril ore to level mining by smelting it. Reached slvl 200 and learned artisan. The mithril bar is just slightly cheaper than the ore, so I did not lost too much.

Later I spent too much time exploring wetlands while done some quest for half level. Another small amount of XP collected why I found Darkshire. Never been here before, collected lot of quests for tomorrow.

Sold lot of cheaply bought expensive metal and some steel which were bought as iron. The damn strange and soul dust still rots, if it does not sell tomorrow, I cut the price and sell it for whatever they give for it. I also bought some expensive soulcloth to resell higher. Currently I have 381G 248 auctions and 24 bids.

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