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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

PUBG point system

On the debriefing screen you see points for position, kills and damage done. It awards the credits that you can spend on cosmetic crates. While there is no actual proof that the rating system is using the same points, it's likely (if you consider something harder, you give more rewards and more ratings).

So, I played 72 games since rating reset, 18 of them crashed. I'm not sure it's all the game's fault as my computer was very hot in the 40oC summer in a room without air conditioner (the screen, keyboard, mouse, sound is in the other room with conditioner, the cables go trough a hole in the wall), but I still kept getting crashes after adding extra fan. Anyway the median position was 16 which is a clear improvement and I'm now #80K on kills, #2.3K on wins and #4.2K overall (top 1%) with constantly rising rating.

However the post today is that I've started recording the position points I got and here is the chart:

While the fit is good, I think the deviations are big enough to assume every position got a hand-picked point assigned. Update: #1 position gives 810 points. Anyway, these results mean that points barely increase until #25 where it starts to grow faster up to #5 while the top 4 positions reward disproportionately high points, so a few high positions are worth more than a big bunch of "OK"-s so making risky moves that can provide high positions should be taken.

Considering that my composite rating is much closer to my win rating than my kill rating, I assume that the cosmetic points given out for kills and hits (20 for each kill, 20 for enough damage to solo kill) are correct for rating calculation, so climbing to the top 10 without any enemy damage provides more points than 4 kills and dying before #30. A #2 position is worth 11 kills + average position. This verifies that my approach is correct and you should avoid contact with the enemy as long as it's possible and don't kill anybody unless forced to.


Hanura H'arasch said...

"I'm not sure it's all the game's fault as my computer was very hot in the 40oC summer in a room"

Maybe try installing HWMonitor or something to actually see what your CPU's temperatures are at? You really do seem to have a lot more crashes than most people I know.

Gevlon said...

I did. It was within boundaries, but at the top 66-68 oC
Also, most crashes aren't computer freezes (those disappeared with the extra fan), but game crash, installer uploads crash report.

Anonymous said...

Still the same setup? I could definitely see overheating because a cause of some of the crashes.

Anonymous said...

"...probably never will as it involves killing a non-retarded opponent which is probably out of my reach"

Someone else did that by killing you. So in the identical situation, you have a 50% shot. It's only a matter of time before you get the game where you are #2 and the other number 2 is essentially identical to you. You can't assume the sole survivor is some total bad ass.

Wait. The computer itself is in a different room, and you have cables going through a hole in the wall? What, you watched "Iron Man 2" and thought "Wow! This is a great idea!"

Gevlon said...

@Anon: similar setup, and I forgot the extra fan. It wasn't needed while the room was normal temp.

@Anon: The average winner is winning by killing. So I must expect the other #2 to be much better mechanically than me and will always be. That's the point. I'm working on an optimal STRATEGY, not "git gud"

Anonymous said...

you could try to move the computer in the other room for a while to see if there is improvement

Gevlon said...

The fan solved the machine hang problems. I still have game crashes where the computer and OS keeps running.

Hanura H'arasch said...

@Gevlon: "game crash, installer uploads crash report" crashes may still be caused by your CPU overheating, when game code isn't executed correctly.

But 68°C seems reasonable, I assume your GPU is running in spec as well?

Gevlon said...

Yes, and it's no longer 68, it was before the extra fan. It's now 55

Xmas said...

My guess at an optimal "avoid engaging until the end" strategy:

1) See the path of the transport plane coming in.
2) Jump out of the plane 3/4 of the way down the path.
3) glide to a small set of houses away from "good" zones (avoiding likely landing spots like the School or Prison)
a) perpendicular to the flight path
b) as far away from the flight path as possible.
c) Towards likely vehicle spawn points
4) look for vehicles as you come to a landing
5) loot the houses near where you land for equipment
6) Once you see where the first circle is, find a vehicle and drive it not too close to a hiding spot in the middle of the first circle (unless that was in the middle of the flight path, then aim for the part of the first circle that was farthest from the flight path).

I think rocks along the coastal cliffs are okay hiding spots. The cliffs on the upper rim of the Mine and the Prison too. You can always lock yourself in the closet or bathroom of an already looted house.

Chris Pyk said...

FWIW, a very safe early strategy is to get a vehicle, and loot densely populated areas in the Blue. If you focus on looting meds, you should be able to last until the top 10 most of the time, all well outside the playzone. That's a little extreme, unless you like looting by yourself all game, so the compromise strat I like to implement is to try to make it into the zone when the 4th circle appears. That's when the circle starts eating 1% chunks of your health every second, which is pretty rough to just med through.

But your graph has piqued my interest about how ranking is calculated. All I know for sure is that overall ranking is calculated with the following formula:

win rating + (kill rating * 0.2)

That's nice, but it raises more questions than it answers. For example:

How is Win Rating calculated?

How is Kill Rating calculated?

What position do I need to place to improve my Win Rating?

How many kills do I need to get to improve my Kill Rating?

I guess what I'm looking for is a formula that I can plug my placement/kills into and know what my new ranking will be immediately, instead of waiting for my profile to update. Is that possible?