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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Weekend minipost: if you support multiculturalism, please raise your hands

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The picture actually shows people in the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris ordered by police to put their hands up as they searched the place for further terrorists after an attack at the entrance, by a jihadist who was an diversity hire Swedish-citizen journalist who won an EU antidiscrimination award for writing against islamophobia. You can't make this up. This is too much winning! (or rather, too much fail for Brussels)


Anonymous said...

rejoice it is ramadan, just 14 days left for us westerners to keep our eyes more tightly shut than usual.

S Riojas said...

Ah yes... nothing like multiculturalism. Just another ~ism for mankind to kill itself by. It is amazing how people do not learn from the past. The idea that being enlightened and intelligent means accepting any idea as true without critically thinking about the truth of the idea and that just because they want to kill you doesn't mean we should not treat them as a danger is pure sophistry.

Its like EVE miners in high sec thinking that if they peacefully mine no one will bother them, then acting shocked when CODE. ganks them, and then going back to peacefully mining in the same defenseless manner as before. They failed to learn the lesson that their thinking is fallacious.

Ðesolate said...

Would be easier, if discussing the intolerance of "discrimination targets" would be legit.
The last times I discussed discrimination issues with fellow muslim students 50% was like discussing with a nazi about discrimination against nazis in germany...
...the fun thing is, you are not even 'allowed' to get sarcastic.

Caldazar said...

There is a lot of citation needed in that post. Also, daily mail Gevlon, seriously? If you quote things, please don't use tabloids.
The journalism award he won 8 years ago was about an article about asylum seekers and medical care, not about islamophobia. If you read more reputable papers a somewhat different story emerges about a man who a couple years after the writing of the article lost his wife, became depressed and possible found solace in faith. Although he was not a practicing Muslim outside for not drinking (so no following Ramadam etc).

Personally, reading the articles, it seems as likely the guy committed bluicide as that he was an actual Isis supporter.

Caldazar said...

Also, fuck multiculturalism, and fuck political correctness.
But also fuck slanting news to fit political views. That is as bad as the above. Newssites like Daily Mail, The Guardian, Fox News, Breitbard, New York Times, they should all be shot for being unable to be even remotely objective.

Darkgold said...

You won't read Huffington Post but you'll link Daily Mail, who routinely pays out money for obviousl th false claims?

Anonymous said...

Well we know the problem, but I have yet to hear one realistic solution that doesn't involve a gross violation of civil rights.

Gevlon said...

@Anon: public cultural behavior rules. Those who refuse to live as Western people publicly (western clothing, food, appearance) can either leave or spend their time in jail.

99smite said...

What has writing an article in Sweden that received an award and attacking LEO's in Paris 8 years later to do with each other?


And your point is?

Anonymous said...

>Those who refuse to live as Western people publicly (western clothing, food, appearance) can either leave or spend their time in jail.

You really don't want to set that kind of precedent for governmental power. What happens when the left-wing party wins an election?

"Anyone who refuses to follow Western customs belongs in jail."
"We hereby declare that multiculturalism is a Western custom."
"Police have been dispatched to Gevlon's home. He will be imprisoned for his racist attitudes."
"Today is a victory for tolerance!"

Gevlon said...

@99smite: it means that leftists are ready to hire and award even the most extremist madman assuming he is "diverse". See also:

- "attitude" is not "clothing, food, appearance, manners, customs". I don't care if someone worship Allah at home, just like I don't care if he worships Jesus. I do care if he walks around with an "Allah/Jesus hates Jews/gays/atheists/sex" sign and blow up bars/abortion clinics
- "home" is not public. You can do whatever you please within your castle.

Anonymous said...

> "home" is not public. You can do whatever you please within your castle.

Let's say that a guy immigrates to your city. He spends all day in his basement, logged in to Facebook and various news sites. He constantly encourages refugees NOT to integrate with the sinful decadent Western culture. He writes negative reviews for every local restaurant which doesn't serve Halal food. He encourages young men to read extremist literature and join the struggle. He writes shaming messages to young women whenever they post pictures of themselves in which they're dressed immodestly. He complains constantly that government offices don't offer documents in his native language. He nags anyone who was absent from daily prayers.

But he never actually builds a bomb, threatens violence, or harasses anyone on the street.

Do the police drag him to jail?

If the answer is "yes", then why can't they drag YOU to jail for your internet activities?

Esteban said...

But that's exactly what multiculturalists are trying to impose. Only replace 'live as Western' with 'live as globalist', and include a prohibition on 'Allah hates Christians', 'Yahweh hates Muslims' and 'We hate [ethnicity/skin colour/sexual identity]'.

More importantly, in order to avoid Gevlon Jail: what constitutes Western food?

Because if you want to force us to ditch the shawarma and sushi and eat American fast food or what passes for English, Scandinavian or German cuisine, then I, for one, am prepared to take to the streets with a Molotov cocktail in hand.

Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism IS a western custom.

We have interspersed it historically with killing people who do not share our views, but, our cultures have always been diverse.

Gevlon said...

@Anon: no. He could do all that from Raqqa anyway and without actual idiots he is harmless. We must stop the idiots who are out on the streets harrassing women, throwing stones on the restaurants and protest front of the office.

@Esteban: for lawyers there could be a 1000 pages list of of Western stuff. For everyone else, there is common sense.

@Anon: no. The idea that multiple different people live in the same city is very new. The Western standard was the "ethnic melting pot", where people of different background became one type.

Smokeman said...

Esteban said...

"Because if you want to force us to ditch the shawarma and sushi and eat American fast food or what passes for English, Scandinavian or German cuisine, then I, for one, am prepared to take to the streets with a Molotov cocktail in hand."

So basically, you're proving my theory that leftists only want "multiculturalism" when it provides second class citizens to prepare food for them.

If there is a demand for Shawarma or whatever, the free market can provide it. But... since you won't have basically slave second class citizens to cook it... it will cost more.

Or, you could... I don't know... learn to prepare it yourself. And Ooo! Open a restaurant!

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing, there is an outbreak of rage in /r/eve presently concerning broken citadels, CCP forced to nerf a hyperinflating economy, and lack of content due to peaceful galaxy.

99smite said...

So, in retrospective, his article was a piece of extremist views? Where is the proof in that?

Do you know Fritz Haber? He was a German nationalist, noble prize winning chemist, of jewish origin. He was rewarded the noble prize for discovering a method to use nitrogen from air and transfer it into artificial fertilizer. Hes is basically responsible for the fact that earth's population can be fed.
He also invented chemical warfare and was so eager to use gas in trench warfare that his wife commited suicide out of shame.

What is it to be? Hero or mass-murderer? If mass murderer shouldn't we refrain from using his work in chemistry, condemning billions of people to die?

There are numerous examples of people who have done good things and bad things...

Are you telling us that EU politicians are so dumb as to award an extremist, muslimic article?

I know for sure that EU politicians are dumb as they let eas european countries in, including Poland, Hungary and Romania. Fuck! These countries do not belong in the EU! They have a different cutlure, have still strong links to Russia/authritarian systems and know shit about open diverse societies.
EU could have loecked these countries up in an eternal "joining negotiation process", just like they did with Turkey...

Seriously, the most fundamental and basic quality of a democracy are two things, the power to de-elect a current government, i.e. getting rid of the current leaders. And secondly, freedom of speech!

forcing uniformity on to a diverse society equals authoritarian dictatorship...

Esteban said...

Smokeman -

Are you suggesting I personally "farm" my fancy exotic food "for free?" A shame to see a right-winger play fast and loose with the concept of comparative advantage, so fundamental to free trade.

Besides, the Japanese-Levantine fusion restaurant you'd have me open might run afoul of Gevlon's cultural uniformity laws. I already tan suspiciously well in the summer.