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Thursday, June 29, 2017

How is you quitting going to specifically make the game better?

In EVE the "content creators" and the developers formed an unholy union against the players and the stockholders. One of their propagandists wrote:
Get over it [the outrage over the 260M tick supers, the 100+/person concord ships, the Ghost training]. Go choose your own adventure, find that next hilariously broken thing, and go make a crap load of money before it gets nerfed. Your alternative is to throw your toys out of the pram, rage quit and unsub. However I ask you this, How is you quitting going to specifically make the game better? How is it going to address those fighter mechanic changes?
Well, the answer is simple: quiting denies income and content to "them". The reason why corrupted devs and their "content creator" buddies are free to fill their pockets is that the CCP decision makers (who could fire the corrupted devs) don't see any problems. The money is coming in, thanks to the injectors, so they have no problem trusting the devs. They aren't devs themselves, they probably never played EVE, they just read quarterly reports. If enough players quit, they will demand changes. As the devs already fired both cheap bullets (pay-to-win item shop for income and free-to-play to boost player count) they can't provide any meaningful changes without cutting into their own income. So they resist as long as they can and then get fired. If their replacement is corrupt too, the game stays in freefall. Either someone with long-term goals arrive, or CCP sells the EVE title to another company who will handle it with proper audits. If Blizzard would take over EVE, I'd return in no time.

Contrary to appearance, this isn't an EVE post. It applies to all games that do not fit into your demands. Making forum noise can be countered by cat pictures. Literally. But losing money forces them to change. Also, by not playing a game, you open up to play another one, giving your money to more deserving devs. If your favorite chocolate brand would turn sour, you wouldn't protest but simply buy another, wouldn't you?! So why bother trying to save a game company from its own employees? They are either corrupted or stupid, neither one can be fixed with forum noise.

The only action you can make about a game is playing/not playing it. The "help save the game by improvements" white knights wants to talk you out of the only action that helps: denying money from those who deny you a good game. Don't listen to them! Don't throw good money after bad! If the game you play turn out to be boring, welfare-ridden or flat out rigged, just quit!


Phelps said...

Shorter answer -- I don't care if the game gets better or worse. It isn't MY game, I just quit it.

retsep said...

At first thought that maybe the advice to quit the game as soon as you found a ground-breaking flaw is a bit extreme, and maybe writing a suggestion to change it, and observing the reaction of the developers would be more appropriate but them realizes the following. There are two cases to consider: 1) before implementation of the flaw(for example, during public test), and 2) after the flaw is implemented.
In the 1-st case one can still hope that there will be actions taken due to their feedback. Maybe your experience with Albion shows otherwise but there were cases when something was changed due to bug reports.
On another hand, the longer the flaw is known, the more unlikely it will be fixed, and is an evidence for corruption.
Another issue are forum moderators. Repeated offense of not being neutral/derailing of thread, and no actions taken upon them also signify a crisis in game.

L Papay said...

About Blizzard taking EvE ..
On one hand you can count that user experience, NPE and beyond will probably address the "First six months of engineering skills" problem.

On the other hand, EvE's selling point was large-scale destruction, high-stakes pvp and "real" economy. Not exactly Blizzard's forte.

Then again, current Devs also seem to have not read memo about creative destruction being exactly opposite to total security and passive income funneling to selected Too Big To Fail groups.

It seem that CCP's own numbers guy cannot get his numbers straight. When he first said that "most of people playing eve use 1 account, and average is about 1.5" I just cringed. Ok, maybe higsec is skewing numbers, but most people I know run 2-10, 3 being considered bare minimum for serious play .. but then you just get more and more outlandish cherrypicked data culminating with 260 m ticks 2 weeks back.

If your numbers guy, the one person that should not have any emotional stakes in all that, pulls stunt like that in public, you have serious problem. Garbage in, garbage out, cannot make informed decisions when you are fed non-factuals or flat out lies.

Gevlon said...

@retsep: you can return after the game is fixed. Quit isn't final.

@L Papay: Blizzard's forte is polishing an idea. They wouldn't be stupid to turn EVE into Space WoW, because that would just compete with WoW.

The 1.5 average is probably right. See also:

Anonymous said...

If Blizzard would take over EVE, I'd return in no time.
well they wont take over. but gameforge would.

If the game you play turn out to be boring, welfare-ridden or flat out rigged, just quit!
^THIS. I loved Aion. I still love Aion. with GameForge change infrastructure and monetisation got crap in an instant, koreans saw they could do the same shit in EU like on korea or china market.
I quit.
Sure I look into patchnotes and the general direction of the game every now and then. but I will not login or even have it installed.

talking about general games. so wallstreet devs are corrupt. one insider after the other and they use legal teams to cover their asses. just quit! how? The designers are so greedy p2w shitlords that they have decided to patch the game into the ground, just to uphold the super ratting and to further open the gaping loophole to generate more currency out of thin air with interest to build a recursive infinite debt system.

Raziel Walker said...

Just as Phelps said: it's no longer my game so I no longer have an interest in making the game better.

My interest is in finding a game I enjoy playing. One where I don't get the feeling that the game is stacked against me.

99smite said...

I do not always agree 100% with GG, but I do sometimes. He finds good arguments from new and different perspectives.
His EVE posts changed my playstyle radically. I quit EVE some time before GG, but for the same reasons. I totally agree with GG that EVE needs a reboot with "clean" devs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I know you kinda quite Eve, but perhaps you can share your thoughts on this:

Regards, a Freelancer

PS: if you think it is not appropriate to ask for your opinion here, please remove my comment.